Thursday, September 18, 2014

Things to Do in Boise: Idaho Ice World

For date night, my husband and I went to Idaho Ice World. Idaho Ice World has two ice skating rinks, an arcade and food court. We went on a Friday night during the public skating times, and were surprise at that there were only about ten or so other people on the ice. It was nice to skate without a huge crowd and we had a good time. I am not an expert ice skater like my husband, nor am I even remotely comfortable on the ice, but we rented a plastic walker to help me learn to skate and get comfortable on the ice. My husband gave me tips and showed me how to skate. Gradually, I became more accustomed to ice skating and had a lot of fun. The walker was well worth the price.  Idaho Ice World can be fun for date night or even as a family activity. I encourage you to check it out and have some fun!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Things to Do in Boise: Boise State Capitol

On Labor Day, we were able to visit Boise State Capitol. It was a fun and free activity. We walked in and grabbed a self-tour guide. The capitol was welcoming to visitors and fairly empty. The capitol is small compared to others, but has some interesting features and highlights. Highlights of the capitol include a carved wooden statue of George Washington painted in gold by Charles Ostner, the rotunda, replica of the Winged Victory of Samothrace, the senate wing, the house wing and a replica of the Liberty Bell in front of the capitol. We did a short walk through since I had my little one with me, but I would say you could tour the capitol on your own within an hour or two. The capitol grounds also have picnic tables so that you can enjoy a picnic on the grounds before or after your tour. To learn more about the capital, go here.