Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Privacy vs. Blogging

I've noticed that a bloggers share a lot of intimate details about their lives, their marriages and their families. Although, a lot of the stories are touching and you can learn from their choices and trials. I wonder is it too much sharing? Family relationships and some trials are a little too personal for me to share online or even much less talk to with friends and family. With all the new technology, it seems like the world is all about sharing and exposing. I think it's important to have some privacy with your family and spouse. The privacy helps eliminate anyone stepping in to private conflicts, relationships or thoughts. I also think that privacy helps you to grow and develop more on your own, you're not dependent on others opinions or thoughts. Sharing can be great, but I think it's important to carefully evaluate what you share by asking yourself these questions:

1. Can my post effect my career or someone else's?
2. Can my post hurt a family member or cause them embarrassment?
3. Can my post hurt my relationship with my spouse, strain it, or cause them embarrassment?
4. Will my post cause contention in any way?
5. If someone was to ask me a question about my post, would I be comfortable answering it?
5. If someone was to ask someone mentioned in the post a quesiton about my post, would it make them uncomfortable or embarrassed?

I am sure there are many more questions that you can ask yourself, but I would suggest to be wary of posting anything that you wouldn't want a response too.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Easter Dress/Skirt Ideas for Women

Easter is coming around the corner. It's always nice to have a nice spring outfit for Easter - something feminine and flattering. I have been browsing a couple of different sites looking for ideas. Here are a couple of ideas:

The Angel's Whisper Skirt $36.99

Sandy Beach Dress $19.99
Rosalie Chevron Pencil Skirt $28.99
Crochet Midi Skirt $40
Tulle Ballet Skirt $58

Gina $59.99

Nicole $63.99

RYU Polka Dot Lace Skirt $45

Monday, April 7, 2014

Financial Security

We all want financial security. It's something we should work to and strive to have. It will give you peace and help you to feel more secure. Here are some ways to gain financial security:

  •  Spend less money than you make with the exception of getting in debt for an education, modest home or other vital needs. An expensive Coach purse or the latest trend in fashion is not a vital need. If you are in debt, pay it off as quickly as possible.
  • Budgeting can help you reduce non-essential spending, plan for the future and help discipline your family on how to use finances wisely.
  • Gradually build a financial reserve to use for emergencies only. This will help prevent you from going into debt and you will be surprised how quickly you can save money.
  •  Teach your children about the importance of financial management, the importance of obtaining an education or employable skills, frugality, hard work and saving.

BYU has a FREE online course on Personal Finance. To take the free course, go to also offers financial calculators available at