Always Radiant Pads Review

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Always has a new product - Always Radiant Pads. The packaging is colorful, bright, and fun. I also
love that this product protects against leaks and has wings. Always Radiant Pads are also easy to carry around discretely. To learn more about Always Radiant Pads, click here or to buy them on Amazon, click here.

Disclaimer: I received my sample from Crowdtap for free for testing and review purposes in exchange of my opinion, which is reflected in this entry. Please note that this post contains affiliate links.

More Toddler Fun: Easy Crown Craft

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

One day my little ones were bored, so we decided to make crowns. I grabbed some copy paper cut the paper in half with some zig-zags and we decorated the crowns with markers. I then stapled the ends together based on the size of my kids' heads. They enjoyed making the craft and wearing the crowns. Crafts with kids don't need to be super elaborate, just fun. What crafts do you like to do with your little ones?

Fun Toddler Activity: Baking Soda Reaction

Monday, July 18, 2016

For a fun toddler activity, we like to see how baking soda reacts with vinegar. I mix some baking soda with a few drops of food coloring and put it on a tray. My toddler uses an eye dropper to put vinegar on the baking soda. He loves watching the reaction.  What fun things do you like to do?

Lady Helen Finds Her Song Review

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Lady Helen Poulter journeys to India with her stepfather and mother. While other British find the culture barbaric, Lady Helen finds the culture, smells and sights of India fascinating and amazing. Lady Helen finds a friend in Captain Michael Rhodes who also shares a similar passion for the culture of India. Even though she finds comfort in Captain Rhodes, Helen is also interested in British Lieutenant Arthur Bancroft, who is everything she envisioned for a husband. Amidst a growing conflict between the natives and the British, will Helen figure out her heart?

Lady Helen Finds Her Song by Jennifer Moore is filled with adventure and the sights, smells, colors, dangers of India. Moore's descriptions of India remind me of the descriptions of the dangers and wildlife used by Kipling in the Jungle Book. She also weaves in beautiful colors, sounds and great descriptions of the religious culture. I love how the main character shows a deep respect for another culture and finds the beauty of it. Moore also describes the similarities between the British and Indian cultures. The main characters are very likeable and enjoyable. I greatly enjoyed this book and was amazed at the descriptive quality of the author to describe the scenes in her story. If you love clean regency romance and adventure, I highly suggest checking out Lady Helen Finds Her Song at your local library or buying it on Amazon.

Please note that this post contains affiliate links.

More Toddler Fun: Learning to Pour

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

My toddler loves going outside and practicing pouring water into a cup outside. I usually fill a water pitcher with water and get a disposable cup or something I don't mind getting too dirty. It's nice to do this on a warm day. This activity keeps my toddler pretty entertained and its a practical learning skill. I usually have to refill the water pitcher several times. What fun things does your toddler like to learn?

Fun Letter Activity for Toddlers

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Toddlers like to engage in learning through fun, creative and game-like ways. My toddler and I like to create letter pages by cutting out all things to do with a letter in a magazine (I do the cutting) and gluing it on to construction paper (my toddler does the gluing with a glue stick). We find the letter in different fonts and pictures that represent the letter. Seeing the letter in different fonts will help with letter recognition. This is a fun, easy and cheap activity. What activities do you like to do to help toddlers learn their letters?
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