Old Navy Sample and Share

Monday, December 10, 2012

Some options...
CrowdTap, a social marketing platform, allows brands to ask questions about their brands and products. Old Navy recently had a sample and share for their sweaters - a friend and I got a free sweater for sharing our experience. I ended up sending one of the coupons for the free sweater to my friend in Ohio. She picked a cute sweater that looked great on her.

My experience was a little on the rough side. Old Navy didn't have as many sweater options in the store as they did online. I had to scour the store in order to find a few sweaters to try on. There wasn't any one to greet me and besides a few cashiers there wasn't an employee on the floor to respond to any questions. There also was no one back by the fitting room when I initially went to try a few things on. I ended up choosing a black boyfriend cardigan. The sweater was soft and comfortable. I am not sure it was the best choice for someone that's short, but I figured I could make it work.

After I made my decision, I headed toward the line. A woman two spots in front of me offered a woman with two small children to go in front of her, which was nice. We waited in line for about fifteen minutes and the two small children were getting anxious so they started pulling product down from the display. The woman who let the other woman cut was getting frustrated that the line was taking two long and we weren't moving. The line also started to fill up behind me. After another ten minutes, the people behind me also started complaining. A manager finally came out and opened another line, which started the line moving, but the damage was already done since several customers were very unhappy about their experience.  I couldn't complain much since I was getting a free sweater, but if I wasn't I wouldn't have stayed in that line.

It might have just been that particular store since I have been to other Old Navy's and had a better experience. I also tend to like buying things online through them since you can use coupon codes and get a percentage back via ebates on your purchase. If you're interested in doing a sample and share, sign up for crowdtap (you can also earn points for amazon gift certificates).
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