Giveaways to Enter

Sunday, April 6, 2014

There are thousands of blogs on the internet. The more popular blogs have giveaways sponsored by companies and marketers. The giveaways that you want to look for to win are the less popular giveaways with less entries or with a decent ratio between amount of entries that can be obtained and the total number of entries. If there is an option to go back the next day to submit an additional entry by tweet, you will want to do this for every day the giveaway is open.  This will help increase your odds. Here are some giveaways that I have found that you might want to consider entering.

$50 Kohl's Gift Card Giveaway (ends 4/6)
$50 Kohl's Gift Card Giveaway (ends 4/7)
$50 Kohl's Gift Card Giveaway (ends 4/7)
Steak Sampler (ends 4/7) 
$30 Jcrew Gift Card (ends 4/8)
$25 Target Gift Card and Milk Splash Product (ends 4/8)
Gorton's Swag Bag (ends 4/8)
$50 Costco Gift Card and Fisher's Nuts (ends 4/11)
Bakery on Main Instant Variety Oatmeal (ends 4/11)
Shabby Apple Dress (ends 4/11)
$50 Kohl's Gift Card Giveaway (ends 4/12) 
Freshly Picked Moccasins (ends 4/15)
Newman's Own Organic Sampler (ends 4/16)
Roman Meal Bread Giveaway (ends 4/19) 
$25 Modcloth Giveaway (ends 4/22)
3 Bread Mixes (ends 4/25)
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