Toddler Fun: Elephant Toothpaste

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

My toddler and I enjoy doing fun science experiments. We made elephant toothpaste, an exothermic reaction cause by the rapid decomposition of hydrogen peroxide. My toddler loved watching the foam come up over the bottle and playing with it using a spoon. This was an easy activity and fun.

To make Elephant Toothpaste:

1/2 cup Hydrogen Peroxide (most
Elephant Toothpaste recipes want a 20-volume, 6% solution - for ideal results, I just used the 3% common in most homes)

1- Tablespoon of Yeast

3 - Tablespoons of WARM Water

Liquid Dish Washing Soap

Food Coloring



Place a tray down on a table where you want to perform your experiment. The tray contains the foam run-off and eliminates mess. Place the empty bottle on the middle of the tray. Add the dish soap (a squirt or two), food coloring and hydrogen peroxide to the bottle. In a separate container mix the yeast and water well. Let sit for a minute. Pour the yeast mixture into the bottle. When you pour the yeast mixture into the bottle it serves as a catalyst for the exothermic reaction.

Made With Love By The Dutch Lady Designs