Alternatives to Grocery Shopping

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Taking two kids in the grocery store is not fun. The last time I went both kids were crying and cranky. A couple that knew me offered to help, but they ended up giving up. Both kids were tired, cranky and wanted their mom to carry them throughout the store. I ended up getting the immediate items on my list and then tried to get out of there as quick as I could. A lady behind me helped me with my groceries in the checkout line. In Boise and throughout other states, some grocery stores are trying to find solutions to help parents.

  • Walmart: Walmart offers a grocery pick up service. You order your groceries online and select a time to pick them up. Once you are in the parking lot to pick them up, you call the pick up service and they bring the groceries to your car. This service is super, easy and convenient. When I tried the service, I was nervous about having someone else select my produce, but the produce looked great. Walmart even gave me a little bag as a first time customer filled with samples. There wasn't a charge or fee for the service and it saved me some time. As a first time customer, you can also get $10 off of your grocery bill, click here for more details. The only downside of this service is you can't use paper coupons for anything, but if you're picking up items that don't require coupons or store brand items - it's great.
  • Albertsons: Albertsons offers a grocery delivery service. There is normally a delivery charge unless you purchase certain items or reach a certain amount. First time customers can try it out free using the code EASY7 or try it free and receive $10 off your order with the code TENOFF. You can save money also by checking out their online savings for what's on sale, promo code deals and buy one get one free. If you're not shopping the online savings section, the prices can be a little high. You can't use paper coupons, but the promo code deals and sale sections are worth checking out. You can also save more money by having a large window for the delivery service. I've only used this service once, but by using their promo deals, promo code for first order, and allowing for a large delivery window; I was able to get $60 worth of groceries for $16. I was limited in what I got since I was trying to shop according to the sale. This service is great for stocking up on items or if you want to avoid the grocery store.
These service might not replace all traditional grocery store shopping especially if you like using coupons, but they are a great alternatives.


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