The Vicar's Daughter Review

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

In Josi Kilpack's latest novel, The Vicar's Daughter, the youngest Wilton daughter of the Vicar, Cassie, wants to come out into society. There's just one problem - the Vicar declared that only one of his daughters can be out at a time. Cassie's older sister, Lenora is on her third season and can barely attend society events due to her extreme shyness. When Cassie hears of Lenora's chance meeting with Evan Glenside, an heir to his Great Uncle's estate, she decides to "help" Lenora find love by writing letters to Evan on her behalf. Cassie's help turns into disaster when she realizes that she's fallen in love with Evan Glenside and he shows interest in courting Lenora. Will Cassie, Evan and Lenora find a way out of this messy love triangle?

The Vicar's Daughter had many more dynamics to it than a simple love story. Many of the major and minor characters are tried, tested, evolve and show their true natures through their experiences throughout the novel. I can easily see this novel being debated or discussed in a book club. There are many different themes in the book: propriety vs. personal claim in what's right, hypocrisy vs. true Christian behavior, love vs. society, sisterly love vs. own wants, etc. Evan Glenside, was by far my favorite male protagonist among all of Kilpack's books. He showed true concern over his family and was hard-working, ethical, and compassionate. Cassie annoyed me at first through her selfishness, but as she changed and evolved into a compassionate, caring person I grew to like her character. The Vicar's Daughter is an interesting read and if you enjoy proper romances I suggest you add it to your must read list. To find out more about The Vicar's Daughter, click here.

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