King Benjamin and the Tower - Lehi, Lehi, What Do You See? Preschool Activities

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

I teach homeschool preschool to my daughter. It's fun to see her learn and develop. I read to her from my book, Lehi, Lehi, What Do You See?. After we read the story, we went back to the pages on King Benjamin and the tower. We talked about how King Benjamin taught his people to follow Christ and how the people were so excited to change and be more Christ-like. We also did these preschool activities:

We talked about how K is for King. My daughter practiced tracing the letter K and colored a picture of King Benjamin.

We also played a fun math game. I used craft sticks, picture of King Benjamin, and a die. My daughter rolled the die and collected the number of craft sticks based on what was on the die. She used the craft sticks to create a tower for King Benjamin. We kept rolling the die until all the sticks were gone.

We also played a number identification game. I placed down numbered tent cards down and hid a listener of King Benjamin underneath one of the tents. My daughter named the number before flipping it over to see if the listener was underneath.

You can download the learning pack for King Benjamin and the Tower by clicking here. Look for more activities by clicking here.

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