How to Increase Your Metabolism

Thursday, August 29, 2013

As you get older it becomes easier to gain weight and harder to get rid of it.
Increasing your metabolism is one way that can help you lose weight. Here are several ways to increase your metabolism:

1. Build up muscles: With resistance training, you can increase your average metabolic rate.

2. Increase your aerobic activity: With more intense aerobic activity, you can have a bigger increase in your metabolism then slow or moderate workouts.

3. Drink more water: Dehydration can slow down your metabolism.

4. Smaller meals more frequently: Eating smaller meals every three to four hours can help your metabolism.

5. More protein: Your body burns more calories digesting protein than other foods.

6. More vitamin D: Vitamin D can help your muscle tissue to get the nutrients it needs to burn more calories.

7. Drink milk: Calcium deficiency can slow down your metabolism.

Increasing your metabolism may help you have better health, more energy and lose any necessary weight.


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Please note that I am not a doctor and to please make any medical decisions with the guidance of a medical practitioner.
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