Visiting Houston NASA Johnson Space Museum

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

This summer we were able to visit Houston. We stayed at a Motel 8 near NASA and went to the NASA Johnson Space Museum. We went early in the morning. I highly recommend going on the TRAM tours early in the morning and not going during a holiday weekend or in the middle of the summer. We went in early June so it was hot (but not as hot as it would be in July or August). The TRAM tour was very interesting we saw mission control for the Apollo Missions, where the astronauts train and a Saturn V. At the Saturn V complex, a rocket engineer was there to answer any questions. We fully utilized this opportunity and asked him a ton of questions. A lot of the other tourists did not realize his background so they kind of just ignored him, but he was very insightful and helped clear up any questions that we had. After the TRAM tour, I recommend exploring the exhibits. The exhibits are fun, science-orientated, hands-on and great for kids. I was also impressed with the souvenirs available. The souvenirs seemed reasonably priced compared to any beach location, theme park or even Disneyland. Some items that you might want to bring with you include: a camera, sunscreen water bottle, wear seasonally appropriate clothes, snacks for tots, walking shoes and money for souvenirs. NASA Johnson Space Museum also offers special tours for adults, but they need to be booked months in advance. My husband would have loved to do one of those tours, but having an eight month old makes that kind of difficult. Overall, it was a great experience and  more fun than I thought it would be.

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