How do you get FREE Food?

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

I have often heard the saying, "Nothing in life ever comes free." Although that may be true to some degree, finding free food does take time and effort. I find it worth my time to get free things throughout the year either from a company wanting to promote a product or companies trying to drive business into their stores. Here are some ways to find free food or other items:

1. Blogs will often post when free samples/free items of food are available. My favorites are:

2. Every Friday Kroger posts a Friday Freebie to load to your Kroger (or Kroger owned store) card. You must have a store card and register it online. You must load it to your card on Friday and then you can redeem it anytime  before it expires. I have gotten free yogurt, TV dinners, granola bars, and candy. The link is here.
If that link doesn’t work, you can also Google Kroger Friday Freebie. I load it onto my card Friday Morning. I think they have a limit to how many they give out so I try and load it as soon as possible. I once tried to load the freebie on to my card in the afternoon or evening and they said it was gone. This coming Friday, February 20, 2015, Kroger is offering a free Russell Stover Easter Egg to load onto your card. Click here for more details.

3. Rebates: I have gotten free dish detergent, food and medicine through rebate programs. Often couponing blogs will post about them on their site. Right now there is a rebate offered for free Advil. Click here for more details. I reviewed that same Advil here. Usually, you need to send them an original receipt and proof of purchase.

4. Check the junk mail that comes in your mailbox. I always peruse the junk mail coupons before tossing/recycling them. We have gotten free personal sized pizzas and free McDonald smoothies just for checking our mail.

5. Blogs will also tell you how to use coupons to your advantage to get free items. Since January of 2015, I have gotten 4 free Glade Candles and Hot Sauce just from using coupons.

6. Sign up for Restaurants emails. Restaurants like IHOP and Del Taco will offer free food just for signing up for enewsletters. How crazy is that!

Be on alert and learn how to be a smart consumer. As an added note, Panda Express is offering a free "gold bar" to their customers tomorrow who have a coupon. To get the coupon, click here.

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