Miss Burton Unmasks a Prince Review

Monday, June 13, 2016

In Jennifer Moore's Miss Burton Unmasks a Prince, The Burtons send their daughter, Meg, to England in the hopes that she will marry well and save the family from financial ruin. Bookish Meg Burton dreams of romance and wants nothing to do with the English aristocracy. She finds friendship in a stable hand, Carlo, who helps her to find her self. Carlo lies about his identity and is actually a Spanish prince. Will Meg discover Carlo's true identity? 

The character of Meg reminds me of Jane Austin's character Catherine from Northanger Abbey, but with much more common sense and down-to-earth rational. Meg wants to be swept off her feet and is fascinated with the sensational, but realizes reality. Like all of Jennifer Moore's romance, Miss Burton Unmasks a Prince contains some adventure. It's not necessary to read Jennifer Moore's books in order, but I would suggest reading Becoming Lady Lockwood and Emma's Campaign before reading Miss Burton Unmasks a Prince. A few of the characters in Miss Burton Unmasks a Prince are developed further in previous books. I enjoyed reading this book and found it to be a fun read. Find Miss Burton Unmasks a Prince at your local library or on Amazon.

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