The Earl's Betrothal Review

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

In The Earl's Betrothal by Karen Tuft, Captain Lord Anthony Hargreaves returns from war wounded both mentally and physically from the Pennisular War in 1812. Hargreaves discovers his older brother died placing him the next in line to inherit the estate. He's hesitant to accept those responsibilities until his dying Father pleads with him to marry and produce a heir to preserve their legacy. Hargreaves begins to find himself captivated with his mother's companion, Amelia Clarke and when he puts her in a compromising situation, he vows to protect her.

It was hard to like the characters in beginning of The Earl's Betrothal. The hero seemed very condescending to the heroine, Amelia and selfishly compromised her situation. The Earl grew on me the more he protected her standing and reputation despite that he was the one who brought it into question. Amelia also grew on me the more she stood strong during adverse trials. The characters in The Earl's Betrothal have depth and aren't afraid to show their flaws or to change for the better. I also enjoyed the twists in the story. There were several surprises that I wasn't expecting. Overall, the book was enjoyable read. To learn more about The Earl's Betrothal, click here.

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