The Lady of the Lakes Review

Monday, February 6, 2017

The Lady of the Lakes by Josi S. Kilpack tells the story of Sir Walter Scott's first love and his best love. Walter Scott has three passions: poetry, Scotland and Mina Stuart.  For years he is encouraged by her and feels that his love with her is destined to be, but is it? Is his love with Mina Stuart, his first love, to be his best and truest love?

I really enjoyed reading The Lady of the Lakes. I remember sitting in a literature class in college and discussing Sir Walter Scott, his relationships and poetry. He is one of my favorite poets. It was interesting to read about Sir Walter's Scott's romances even if it was fictionalized. The only thing that bothered me a little is that he seemed easily carried away in his romance with Williamina and that seemed similar to Kilpack's portrayal of Henry Longfellow when he was overly interested in Fanny. I am not sure if the similarities were apparent in the research that Kilpack did, if it was just her perception or just that the poetic man usually pines for someone who is not as interested. I really liked Kilpack's portrayal of Charlotte and some of the other characters. Overall, it was a fun, interesting read. It's a book I would want to read again. Click here for more information.

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