Havencross Review

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

In Julie Daines' Havencross - When a scandal surfaces around her father, Elaine Cardinham and her parents escape the busy London scene and head back to their country home, Havencross. Elaine hasn't been back to Havencross since the mysterious disappearance of her brother and since she rejected the marriage proposal of Gareth Kemp. As Elaine meets a mysterious ghost, she starts unraveling pieces of her past and venturing into dangerous truths.

Havencross is the second book, I've read by Julie Daines and you can tell that the author is growing and becoming better. It was interesting to cross so many different elements in one book: ghosts, legends, smugglers, murder, romance, and surprises. Another unique thing about the book is that the heroine doesn't  attach herself to the main hero and isn't free for pursuit. Most romances the heroine stays single until the very end or is thrown  into a marriage in the beginning. The heroine and hero have to work through many surprises and obstacles. This book seemed like it was well planned and I am amazed that the author was able to keep so many different elements organized. There were also many different themes and lessons woven through the story: allowing for trust and love, trusting the person you are married too, love can conquer obstacles, and appearances can be deceiving. Havencross is a great book to read for fun and/or discuss in a book club. This book is also highly rated on Amazon. To learn more about Havencross, click here.
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