Grocery Learning Time

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

My kids (ages 2 and 4) enjoy doing a "learning time" or home-school preschool activities. We did a learning time where we did activities related to groceries. Here are some of the activities that we did:

  •  Grocery Shopping Long Path Game: Based off of the Grocery Shopping Math Suitcase Activity in More Than Counting, I created the long path version of the grocery game. My kids worked on their counting skills, relating 1:1 with numbers and taking turns. We ended up playing this game four times in one day! My kids loved it so much. We will probably use this game again and again. The games in More Than Counting make math fun, enjoyable and interesting.

  • Grocery Patterns: I created a simple worksheet where we worked on figuring out what goes next in a grocery themed pattern.

  • G is for Groceries Coloring Sheet: I created a simple coloring sheet in Word with the letter G and clip art with a grocery bag. We talked about how groceries started with "G" and the sound that "G" makes. For my four year old, we worked on practicing coloring in the lines.

  • Grocery Sorting: I put all of my kids' play food in a basket and we took turns sorting the food by color. Most of our play food is a mix from the dollar store and Melissa & Doug. We made predictions as we sorted as to which color would have the most food and which would have the least. After we sorted everything by color, we checked to see if our predictions were right. My kids enjoyed interacting with their toys in a new way.

Our "learning times" are usually short and fun. My kids enjoy learning and will ask often to do learning time. Since my kids are young, I want learning to be enjoyable and something that they will want to do again and again.

What ways do you encourage learning in your home?

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