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Friday, May 17, 2019

We used our GetOutPass to go to Planet Kid at the Wing Center. Planet Kid is a huge indoor
playground located off of Cole Rd in Boise. The indoor playground has several slides, climbing areas, ball pits, big balls, tunnels, cargo nets and more. Planet Kid also had a "baby/toddler" area with a little ball pit, slides and gliding horses. We went on a weekday and it was really fun. It wasn't crowded at first, but then slowly more and more kids and moms/dads trickled in.

I think it would have been better if we had invited friends to join us. My son (age 5) is more adventurous then my daughter (age 3), so he ventured most of the time in the playground by himself. My daughter stuck to a smaller section of the playground that she felt comfortable exploring. There was an area for kids 2 and under that I stayed at, most of the time, with my baby (8 months). With friends, I think my kids would have been more enthusiastic about playing and I would have had someone to chat with in the baby area besides my baby.

It was easy to watch kids as they played. Most parts of the playground are pretty visible. My son (age 5) and daughter (age 3) said that they had a lot of fun and asked when they could go again. We stayed for an hour. As we were leaving, it started to rain and I was glad that we were able to get some energy out before going home.

I am really enjoying the GetOutPass for Idaho. It gives us a chance to get out of the house without feeling like we are wasting money and we get the chance to do something different. I also don't feel guilty for only spending an hour there. We can easily go again next quarter. This was our first time going to Planet Kid. I've heard about it from other moms, but it always seemed too expensive to go for just an hour or two. I don't really like spending the whole day out with kids. It makes it hard to juggle naps, household chores and meals. I think my kids would get bored if we did the same activities and outings all the time and this gives us a chance to branch out and experience different things. (Check out our post a few weeks ago on going to JumpTime Boise, by clicking here.)

With the GetOutPass Idaho, we can go to Planet Kid quarterly. The prices without the pass for Plant Kid are $9 for kids 4-12 and $6 for kids 1-3 years old. If we were to go without the pass four times for a year, it would cost $60. The GetOutPass is normally $99.95 per person. By using the special discount code,“IDAHO40," you can get $40 off the cost per person making the passes $59.95. With access to the following venues this pass can result in great savings and allows you to get out and do fun things at a low cost especially when compared to the normal admission prices. If you want to go out more and save more, check out the GetOutPass for Idaho!

GetOutPass Idaho is a paid membership to get access to multiple venues multiple times per year. Venues include:
  • Miracle & Banbury Hot Springs (Quarterly) 
  • Asana Climbing Gym (Bi-Annual) 
  • Aquarium of Boise (Bi-Annual 
  • Jump Time Meridian (Monthly) 
  • Elevate Mind and Body Studios (Quarterly and Yearly) 
  • Idaho River Sports (Monthly) 
  • Urban Adventure Air Park (Monthly) 
  • Independence Indoor Shooting (Yearly) 
  • Gemstone Climbing Center (Monthly and Yearly) 
  • Jump Time Twinfalls (Monthly) 
  • Treasure Valley Skate (Monthly) 
  • Emerald Lanes (Monthly) 
  • Pyrrhic Paintball (Daily) 
  • Twin Falls Escape Room (Yearly) 
  • Planet Kid (Quarterly) 
  • Jump Time Boise (Monthly) 
  • Puzzling Adventures (Yearly)
  • VR Tech Lounge (Quarterly) 
  • Play Deep Academy (Bi-Annual) 
  • Ceramica (Quarterly) 
  • 8-Bit Gaming (Quarterly) 
  • Hands On (Yearly and Monthly) 
  • Myth Parkour (Quarterly and Monthly) 
  • Fastlane Indoor Kart Racing and Pit Pass 
  • Ice Ribbon at Indian Creek Plaza (2x Yearly)
  • Orpheum Theater (Quarterly)
To learn more about GetOutPass Idaho, click here.

(Disclaimer: I received free passes for my family to help facilitate my review and to share this exciting offer.)

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