How to Catch a Catfish

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

One day, my fiance and I went fishing with a canoe and we weren't catching much, which was a little disappointing after we had caught fish after fish a couple of days before. So we decided that we were done and started heading back. As we were headed back, we noticed some fins poking out of the water like a shark. We decided to investigate and found an enormous catfish swimming on the surface even though catfish normally swim on the bottom. We threw our lines in expecting the catfish to take our bait. The catfish didn't like shrimp or worms. Then we tried to reach in and grab it, but it slid out of our hands and swam away. We then started chasing after it in the canoe. We finally got close to it, stuck a bucket in the water and the catfish swam right in to the bucket. We pulled it out of the water and were so proud of ourselves. We took it home to clean it but after cleaning it we decided were never going to catch catfish again. They are really hard to clean. You have to nail their head to the board and remove their skin with pliers. You also have to avoid getting stung by their antennas. So that's one way to catch a catfish.

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