Cleaning with a Toddler

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

As a mom its easy to be tempted in doing all of the housework chores on your own: it's easier, quicker and less of a hassle. I've noticed my son gravitate towards wanting to do chores and he even likes to pretend to do chores. Instead of discouraging him, I try to encourage him to help. I am hoping that cleaning will encourage good  habits. There are several chores toddlers can help with: dusting, picking up toys, putting clothes in a hamper, wiping up spills and scrubbing the floor. We use equal parts water and vinegar for the floor and he has his own scrub brush. He's not perfect at chores and sometimes makes a mess, but I practice patience and praise him for his effort. We also try to make it fun! What chores does your toddler help with?

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