Toddler Sorting, Counting and Comparing with Blocks

Thursday, February 18, 2016

I try and have learning time with my toddler every day. Sometimes we use my toddler's toys to help him learn. The other day, we sorted his blocks by color. The blocks have two colors per block, so we sorted by the color that was facing up. After sorting the blocks, I asked him which color had the most blocks. When he finished telling me his answer, we lined up that color into a row and counted that color. Then we counted the next color and compared the number of blocks. We continued on until we had counted each set of colors and determined which color had the most blocks and the least. My toddler loved this "game" so much that he wanted to do this the next day and the day after that! What toys have you used to help your toddler learn? To get the same set of blocks that we have click here, Maxim 45mm Wooden ABC Blocks, 40 Pieces.

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