Tips and Tricks for Online Shopping

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Most everyone does online's fast, convenient and saves gas and time. Here are a couple of tips and tricks to shopping online so that you can also save some extra money:

1. If you find something at an online retailer that you like, check to see if there's a similar item somewhere else for cheaper. I will often see something that I like on one website and then enter the item in google search. Google will pull-up other online retailer prices and shipping costs. Sometimes the shipping costs can make an item more expensive than another store that offers free shipping.

2. USE EBATES! Everyone who does any kind of shopping online should use Ebates. I've talked to so many people who have never heard of it and never used it, but once they started using it they love it. Since opening an account in 2010, I've gotten over $224 dollars back from online purchases through using Ebates. Ebates is easy to use - log-in to their site, find the retailer you want to purchase from, click the link and start shopping. Sometimes, Ebates will also list promo codes to use on your order. Ebates gives you a percentage back on your purchase. They use affiliate links and give you a portion of it back. To sign-up, click here.

3. Retail Me Not lists promo codes to use on online orders. Sometimes the promo codes don't work, but oftentimes they do and can save you additional money off your order. For example, I was buying going to purchase some items on Amazon for Christmas. I went to Retail Me Not and found a code for $10 off my order.

4. If you're shopping online and the retailer that you are going to purchase from has a rewards program, join it. You never know if your purchase may have reached some sort-of incentive or if you will get coupons for your next order.

5. If your online purchase doesn't offer free shipping, check to see if the item can be shipped to a store. Picking up an item at the store may not be the most convenient, but it could be more cost friendly.

What are some of your ideas?
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