Tips to Shopping at Fred Meyer

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

I love saving money and each store has their own promotions and different ways to help customers save. Here are some tips and tricks to shopping at Fred Meyer:

1. Kroger Promotions: Fred Meyer is owned by Kroger and often participates in Kroger's promotions. If you go here, you can see all of Kroger's current promotions.
  • Almost every Friday, Kroger offers a promotion called Kroger Friday Freebie. You download the coupon to your Fred Meyer/Kroger account/rewards card. The item must be downloaded that Friday, but you usually have a few weeks to use it.
  • Kroger also runs promotions, several times a year, with an instant win game. The instant win game usually can be once per day during the life of the promotion and has a high-rate of winners. The instant win prizes our usually digital coupons for free products. Currently, Kroger's Instant Win allows for the chance to win one of 42,000 prizes and you can win up to 17 times per person/household/account. To learn more, click here.
2. Fred Meyer Digital Coupons:  Before going to Fred Meyer, I always look at their digital coupons. Sometimes there are coupons for produce, store brand items, freebies, meat, and more. The coupons are worth checking out. I once downloaded a coupon for $1.50 off Grapefruit Juice and got a container of Grapefruit Juice for .50 out of pocket.

3. Use the Reward Card: I am always shocked at people who don't use or want a reward card. Why not? Give the store your address and email address. Stores will sometimes send you coupons! Coupons save money. The Fred Meyer reward card can help you earn fuel perks and if you earn up to 500 points in a quarter, Fred Meyer will send you a rewards rebate that you can use like cash!

4. Free Snack for Kids: By the produce section, Fred Meyer has a basket of fruit that kids can snack on for free. This helps keeps kids calm while you shop.

5. Stack Store Coupons and Manufacturer Coupons: You can stack store coupons in Fred Meyers ad or near the product on the shelf (usually yellow coupons) with manufacturer's coupons. I stacked a store coupon with a manufacturer's coupon and got a box of microwave popcorn for only a $1.

What are some of your tips for shopping at Fred Meyer?
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