How to Make a Holiday Chair Backer

Monday, May 15, 2017

Pottery Barn has some cute chair backers that you can put on the back of chairs for holidays. I didn't want to spend the money on an expensive chair backer so I looked online for a DIY Chair Backer Tutorial. I found a tutorial I liked on One Little Project, click here to see the tutorial. I decided to adjust the tutorial to fit my needs. I wanted to make a basic chair backer for each member of my family and make it generic so I can use it for multiple holidays like: Easter, Birthdays, Christmas, Halloween and Valentine's Day. We get a lot of cards from grandparents and relatives and I thought that the chair backer would be a nice place to put them.

Here's how I made my backer:

1.5 sheets of white felt
White Ribbon
White Thread

1. Cut one of the sheets of white felt in half. These will make up the body of your envelope. Cut a little bit from the top on one of the pieces to make it easier to slide cards in and out. I sewed a fancy-looking white stitch along all of the edges of the two halves and then sewed it together, but you could also just sew it together.

2.  Cut out a triangle for the envelope flap using the remaining felt piece. I sewed along the edges using a fancy-looking white stitch.

3. Cut out two equal sized pieces of white ribbon. The length will vary according to your chair and how far you want the envelope to hang down.

4. Bend the ribbon in half  and place it on the top part of the envelope. Pin the flap over the ribbon.

5. Sew the top flap and ribbons on to the envelope. (I liked the tied ribbon look better than the Velcro look, but you can do whatever your preference.)

It's a very simple and easy project and helps keeps your cards organized for the holidays. If you wanted to add an additional touch, you could stitch the names of your family members on each envelope you make.

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