Romancing Daphne Review

Monday, May 22, 2017

Romancing Daphne, by Sarah Eden, shares the story of Daphne Lancaster's first season in London. Daphne despairs at the thought of attending social events in London. She believes she doesn't have her sisters' beauty, talents, or the ability to converse easily. When an unexpected visitor, James Tilburn, comes to her door for a social call, Daphne becomes excited at the prospect of getting to know him. Is James what he seems? Daphne and James quickly become caught in others' greed, a tangle web of lies, and misunderstandings. James and Daphne will have to determine how to free themselves and find freedom in happiness.

Romancing Daphne is the third installment of the Lancaster books by Sarah M. Eden. Each of the Lancaster books can stand alone, but I've learned its better to read the books in order. When you read them in order, you can understand the references to characters and events. The other books in the installment are Seeking Peresphone and Courting Miss Lancaster. Romancing Daphne shared Daphne's fears and hopes. She seemed to exhibit common fears of finding ground in social settings, feelings of doubt and self esteem. Daphne's character also had many talents that are more known to the reader as she gets to know James Tilburn. The portrayal of Daphne was relateable. The hero, James Tilburn, had many flaws: believing lies without checking into them, snooping on a terrace like a peeping tom, allowing himself to be overrun by his father. Daphne and James throughout the story discover who they are and what they should and should not believe about themselves. The story is filled with drama, romance, and more. It was interesting to see the characters develop and see their reaction to adversity. To learn more about Romancing Daphne, click here.

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