Author to Read: Il Sung Na

Thursday, August 31, 2017

We recently started checking out books by Il Sung Na from the library. His books are easy for young kids to understand, have fun illustrations and teach a lesson. Na's stories aren't pressed down with facts or figures, but subtly help children learn something new.

In Il Sung Na's Welcome Home, Bear, bear decides to find a new home and explores different habitats. Bear ultimately decides his own habitat is the best. Kids are subtly introduced to homes, habitats and that animals have certain needs. To learn more about, Welcome Home, Bear, click here.

A Book of Babies explores the different types of babies, where they live, how they interact with their parents.  I loved how the story was entertaining for young kids and introduced them to the variety of babies that there are in the world. It was easy to read and kept my young kids' attention. To learn more about, A Book of Babies, click here.

Bird, Balloon, Bear is a cute tale where a bear and a bird want to find a friend. Bird wants to be a friend to bear, but discovers he is too late. Bear has made friends with a balloon. The lesson in this book is subtle - bird shouldn't have been afraid to make a new friend and should have done it immediately and bear should have realized he can have more than one friend, look all around for a friend (it might come in unexpected places) and inanimate objects aren't lasting friends (toys can't take the place of true friendship).  To learn more about Bird, Balloon, Bear, click here.

What books are your favorites by Il Sung Na?

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