Coupon Extremes

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Some might say I am a coupon extremist, but others would say I am not. I do clip coupons (that I get from online), but I only use them if it's something I would normally get or a really good deal. I would not qualify for the coupon extreme reality t.v. show series, but I don't mind getting things for free. If Kohls wants to send me a five dollar coupon good for any purchase then I am going to purchase earrings on clearance and get them for around five dollars. My mom, friends and fiance always wonders why I get some of these coupons and deals. I sign-up for mailing list and email lists of stores that I like. Sure, I might get a lot of junk mail, but I am also saving a ton. I also follow a blog called, Hip 2 Save, which points awesome deals online, free samples and coupons. It also tells you how to shop in case you want to start becoming a coupon extraordinaire.

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