The Duke's Second Chance Blog Tour, Review and Giveaway

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

The Duke's Second Chance
Second chances often come from surprising places. Will the Duke find another chance at love when everything seems to be combining against him? Gerald feels as though he’s lost everything when his wife takes her last breath. Amelia’s world turns upside down when the Duke of Granbury steps into her tea shop and leaves with her heart. But when a secret from Amelia’s past unveils possibilities, will the duke get a second chance at love from an unexpected source? Buy this first book in a Regency romance series for a taste of deep loyal friendship, beautiful second chances, and the path to heal a heart. Look for the other books in the series: The Earl's Winning Wager Her Lady's Whims and Fancies Suitors for the Proper Miss Pining for Lord Lockhart The Foibles and Follies of Miss Grace

About the Author

jen johnson headshot
An award winning author, including the GOLD in Foreword INDIES Book of the Year Awards, Jen Geigle Johnson discovered her passion for England while kayaking on the Thames near London as a young teenager. She once greeted an ancient turtle under the water by grabbing her fin. She knows all about the sound a water-ski makes on glassy water and how to fall down steep moguls with grace. During a study break date in college, she sat on top of a jeep's roll bars up in the mountains and fell in love. Now, she loves to share bits of history that might otherwise be forgotten. Whether in Regency England, the French Revolution, or Colonial America, her romance novels are much like life is supposed to be: full of adventure.


The Duke's Second Chance was a fun romance after the initial upheavals in the Duke's life. The beginning was a little hard to read. I knew what was going to happen from reading the book blurb, but I didn't want it to happen. The novel had a few other expected and unexpected twists and turns. It was interesting to see how the Duke responded to the unexpected entanglement that he found himself in. The end of the story felt a little rushed to me. I wanted to see more development with Amelia and some of the other side characters and to see her interact with society more. To learn more about The Duke's Second Chance, click here.


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Please note that I received a free copy to review, however, this is my honest opinion. This post contains affiliate links.

Shape Activities for Preschoolers

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

I wanted to work on different shapes with my preschoolers. We did several interactive activities to help my preschoolers familiarize themselves with different shapes: ovals, squares, rectangles and triangles. Here are some of the activities that we did:

We dipped geometric solid shapes in washable paint and made a print on paper. This help familiarize kids with shapes. Washable paint is great for kids. It's easy to clean-up and I don't have to worry about my kids staining clothes or furniture.


    We used a shape sorting activity from Totschooling. We sorted pictures according to the shape. I laminated it so we can use it several times over. This activity helps kids identify shapes and work on sorting skills. Click here to check out this activity. 

    We used shape templates from My Merry Messy Life and recreated the shapes using popsicle sticks. I think this helps kids familiarize themselves with shapes and how to recreate them. Click here to check out this activity.

    I created a worksheet called "Shapes at Home" I gave my kids some play food and we identified their shape. We made a tally of the shapes and then searched our home for more shapes. We then counted our tally marks and compared them - which was most, least, same. Click here for the worksheet.

    I created another sheet with a triangle and rectangle. We worked on cutting skills and my kids practiced cutting out the shapes. Click here to get the printable.

    What activities do you like to do to help your kids learn about shapes?

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    Promise for Tomorrow Cover Reveal

    Monday, October 21, 2019

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    Welcome to the Cover Reveal for
    Promise for Tomorrow
    By Michelle De Bruin

    Coming November 19, 2019...

    Living a life of faith isn’t going the way Logan and Karen hoped until some special visitors arrive and offer them their future back.

    Karen Millerson dreamed of teaching high school but now finds herself boarding with a farm family and teaching country school. She is engaged to marry Logan De Witt and is getting prepared to share in ministry with him. But when she gets blamed for the tragic fire at the school, Karen’s future grows uncertain.

    Logan De Witt is working to clear his family’s name with the bank. But when he breaks his leg, hindering his ability to work the farm, Logan is faced with life-changing decisions. When his best friend can’t offer the help he requested, can Logan find a way to care for his family and court Karen at the same time before his love for her destroys all of them?

    (Affiliate link included.)
    Pre-order: Amazon

    Other Books in the Series

    Hope for Tomorrow
    By Michelle De Bruin
    Christian Historical Romance
    Paperback & ebook, 294 Pages
    October 23rd 2018 by Mantle Rock Publishing LLC

    When Logan De Witt learns of his father’s sudden death, he returns home to the family’s dairy farm. During his stay, he discovers his mother’s struggle with finances and his younger sister’s struggle with grief. Concern for his family presses Logan to make the difficult decision to leave his career as a pastor and stay on the farm. As a way to make some extra money, he agrees to board the teacher for their local school.

    Karen Millerson arrives from Chicago ready to teach high school but her position is eliminated so she accepts the role of country school teacher. Eager to put her family’s ugly past behind her, Karen begins a new career to replace the trust she lost in her own father who had been in ministry when she was a child.

    Logan and Karen both sense a call from the Lord to serve him, but neither of them expected that one day they would do it together.

    Can Karen learn to trust again? Will Logan lay aside his grief in exchange for God’s purpose for his life?

    (Affiliate links included.)

    About the Author

    Michelle De Bruin is a worship leader and spiritual services provider. She lives in Iowa with her husband and two teenage sons. She writes stories about people who live in rural communities at the turn of the 20th century. Characters that bring to life the delights of farm and small town living, whispers of Dutch heritage, and Christian faith make her stories distinct.

    Cover Reveal Giveaway

    One winner will receive copies of Hope for Tomorrow and Promise for Tomorrow and a $20 Amazon eGift Card
    US only
    Ends October 25, 2019

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    As The Light Fades Book Tour Grand Finale and Giveaway

    Saturday, October 19, 2019

    On Tour with Prism Book Tours

    Book Tour Grand Finale for
    As the Light Fades
    By Catherine West

    We hope you enjoyed the tour! If you missed any of the stops
    you'll find snippets, as well as the link to each full post, below:

    Launch - Author Interview

    What was your motivation behind AS THE LIGHT FADES? Why did you want to write it?

    I wrote As the Light Fades as a spin-off to my 2016 novel, The Things We Knew. Readers were asking for more books about the Carlisle family. I chose to tell Liz’s story, because I think she may have been the least popular Carlisle sibling. I’m always intrigued by the underlying stories of what causes people to act the way they do – what events from the past have shaped their future? What is their wound? I knew Liz’s story would be a fascinating one! And the addition of Drake, Matthew, and Mia Stone’s voices to the novel made it even more appealing for me. And of course, I love the setting of Nantucket, and I was eager to get back to it.

    Eyes the color of dark toffee, flecked with gold, a hint of green on a good day. Eyes that have seen the passage of time, held laughter and tears, watched over loved ones, and reluctantly let them go. Eyes that still twinkle with mischief and a resolute determination that says this is not the end.

    The man gives a sudden smile, and recognition flips a switch.

    I think it might be me.

    Jorie Loves A Story - Spotlight

    Bookworm Lisa - Guest Post

    Why I Decided to write General Market Fiction

    Some of you may know that my previous books are considered “Christian Fiction.” For those who may not know what that is, it’s basically a story written from a Christian worldview. The faith message can be subtle or not, the characters all believers or not, but the theme of redemption is (usually) always present. Some books will be successful in both the Christian market and the general market, many will not. . . .

    ". . . I absolutely loved it. . . . This story is one where these broken people are brought together by fate and end up healing each other in more ways than they could ever imagine. Families finally find ways to make amends for past misunderstandings. Friends learn the importance of friendship and just being there for each other. Individuals are finally able to reach deep inside and finally find their inner strength. And romances are a more realistic slow burn of caution and the creation of a solid foundation. . . . It was well done and I loved soaking up every word of it."

    Paulette's Papers - Guest Post

    Fun Facts About Catherine West

    I thought it might be fun to share a little about me, since some of you might not know me and my books! I also asked readers what they’d like to know, and here are some of the questions they sent me! . . .

    Pause for Tales - Review

    "As the Light Fades is a story that deals with a lot of family issues, sickness, and abuse. However it is written in such a way that is not depressing or heavy with the topics but instead is full of hope and healing. . . . I enjoyed the message of this story. . ."


    This is a question I’m asked a lot. When people hear that I’m from Bermuda, that I was actually born and raised here, and still make it my home, their eyes widen, and they blink a little, and then usually the question comes, “So what’s that like?” . . .

    "This book kept my attention. I got involved in the story. I admired Matt, the way he cared about Mia. One of the best books I have read for a while."

    Splashes of Joy - Excerpt

    Liz Carlisle never imagined she’d be back in this place. Certainly never dreamed she’d actually enjoy the simple act of walking the dogs around the Nantucket neighborhood she’d grown up in. Yet here she was.

    Everything was different now. Renovations at Wyldewood, the rambling estate that Liz and her four siblings called home, were well underway. Her brother David and his wife Josslyn were overseeing the work on the house as well as running after their toddler twins, and her sister Lynette was still in Africa, so the task of trekking out with the family’s two labs had fallen to her. Truthfully, any excuse to get away from the noisy house, now more of a construction zone than anything, was most welcome.

    "I thought the novel was a nice cozy read about forgiveness, friendship, and trust. The novel was told from a few different viewpoints such as Mia, Drake, Liz, and Matt. I like that it helped us get a well-rounded image of each character."

    The cold she could handle. She’d grown up with it. But the dreary, dull days, nowhere to go, no city lights, no nightlife . . . well, maybe she wouldn’t miss that so much. She did miss her daily routine though. Rising at dawn to get in an hour at the gym before heading to work, being pulled along on the crowded sidewalks of the Financial District, the smell of smog and coffee and fresh bagels in the early morning air. The pinch of pride as she entered the shining glass building on Slate Street, riding the elevator up to the twenty-second floor to her corner office with a view of New York Harbor. Not that she’d ever really appreciated the view.

    Hallie Reads - Review

    "I have loved everything I have read by Catherine West, and As the Light Fades is no exception. It is a contemporary story, full of hard topics, authentic growth and relationships, and a sweet romance. It’s an entirely enjoyable read; I loved it and recommend it."

    "Not only am I impressed by the story, but also by the author’s writing abilities. . . . As The Light Fades is a touching story of hope and redemption, of learning when to forgive, and let go. It was a refreshing and uplifting read. This was my first foray into contemporary women’s fiction, but it was definitely worth it."

    Wishful Endings - Guest Post

    Discovering Nantucket

    As an island girl, having grown up in Bermuda, the thought of writing a book set on an island held great appeal. At the time of writing my 2016 novel, The Things We Knew, I was told stories set in the US would sell better than stories set on foreign soil, so I chose to set my story on Nantucket, a charming, tiny island off Cape Cod. . . .

    "As the Light Fades is moving, meaningful, and memorable. It centers on mature subjects, such as family dynamics, self-injurious behavior, the aftermath of abuse, trust, and faith. But even with these serious themes, the story isn’t heavy or depressing. It’s rather uplifting and edifying."

    "If I were to explain the storyline of As The Light Fades in a single sentence it would be, life is messy and family relationships are not always easy. . . . It's a good story about the messiness of life, of trying to put the pieces back together, and most importantly the need for family to stick together through thick and thin..."

    Colorimetry - Excerpt

    “What in heaven’s name happened here?” Evy quickstepped it toward them in high heels, sequins on her teal blouse sparkling, a bright pink silk scarf flapping behind her.

    “Elizabeth?” “Hi, Evy.” Liz pulled her cell phone from the pocket of her jeans. “I was walking the dogs and this . . . happened. We should call the police. She doesn’t have a license and the vehicle might be stolen.”

    “No, please, no cops!” The girl’s eyes flared. “And it’s not stolen.”

    "This is another incredibly heartwarming and thought provoking story.

    One of those at which Catherine West is so good at writing. (Every time I read a book by Ms. West, I am amazed. I think they can’t possibly get better, and yet, they do!) . . . This author has once again given us a look at some hard things in life, and shown us a picture of how someone can face those things and deal with them. . . . I highly recommend this one!"

    A striped cat suddenly scooted out from under the wild rose hedge to her left, and Liz held her breath. “Seriously?”

    Sure enough, the small animal raced for the road, straight across the Jeep’s path. Tires squealed and skidded, sending sand, crushed shells, and small stones every which way as the vehicle lurched off the road onto the nearest lawn, finally coming to a crunching stop at the base of an old black oak.

    Why I write Family Drama

    “All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” – Leo Tolstoy

    When asked what type of fiction I write, I often respond with “Family Drama!” As most of us can attest to, families of all sizes will experience drama from time to time. In some cases, drama is the MO. I’ve always found family dynamics fascinating. Maybe that’s due in part to growing up an only child and always wishing for a brother or sister. As I got older, friends with siblings told me how lucky I was to not have to share anything or have anyone to fight with. I figured maybe there was some truth in that. But I think somewhere deep down, I still dreamed of that big family. . . .

    The door on the driver’s side opened with a slow creak. Liz stopped a few feet away and watched a pair of skinny legs clad in tight jeans and clunky black boots emerge. And then a young girl stood before her.

    A kid. Barely sixteen, if that.


    Liz swallowed her first response and stepped closer. She gave the vehicle a cursory inspection and saw the airbag hadn’t released. No blood on the kid. No bruises that she could see. “Are you all right?”

    Heidi Reads... - Review

    "I loved the sense of hope and healing that kept the story from feeling too heavy as it dealt with themes of abuse, aging, and dysfunctional families in a very realistic way. . . . This book is more than a story, it is an exploration of life and the hardships that are heartbreaking but through grace can make us stronger and more resilient."

    Don't forget to enter the giveaway at the end of this post...

    As the Light Fades
    By Catherine West
    Women's Fiction
    Paperback & ebook, 362 Pages
    September 10th 2019 by KDP

    Sometimes we’re placed in the strangest of circumstances for the most important reasons.

    After her carefully constructed life crumbles, Liz Carlisle finds herself back on Nantucket, picking up the pieces. With the family estate under renovations, the solitude she craves seems out of reach.

    Matthew Stone intends to steer clear of his new tenant. She’s carrying a load of baggage, but as long as she pays the rent, he’ll let her be. He’s got enough to deal with caring for his wayward niece, Mia.

    Liz doesn’t have time for teenagers and her track record with men is abysmal, but an unlikely friendship forms between the three.

    When her former boyfriend is charged with assault, Liz is called to testify against him. But he knows the darkest secrets of her life—secrets she’d hoped to keep buried forever, and he’s ready to reveal them. Telling the truth is the right thing to do, but it may cost her everything she’s worked so hard for, and all she’s come to love.

    (Affiliate links included.)
    GoodreadsAmazonBook Depository
    FREE on KindleUnlimited

    About the Author

    Catherine West is an award-winning author of contemporary women’s fiction. When she’s not at the computer working on her next story, you can find her taking her Border Collie for long walks or reading books by her favorite authors. She and her husband reside in Bermuda, and have two adult children and one beautiful granddaughter. Catherine is the winner of the 2015 Grace Award (Bridge of Faith) and the Romance Writers of America’s Faith, Hope & Love Reader’s Choice Award (The Things We Knew). Where Hope Begins released May 2018, and her latest novel, As the Light Fades, releases September 2019.

    Tour Giveaway

    One winner will receive a $75 Amazon Gift Card and a copy of The Things We Knew by Catherine West (print to US/CAN, ebook to INT)
    Ends October 23, 2019

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    Mistaken Reality Blog Tour, Review and Giveaway

    Tuesday, October 15, 2019

    Hadley Baker can't believe her boyfriend finally invited her on a fancy hotel dinner date only to break up with her in public. Even more unbelievable is the moment FBI Agent JD Byers finds her crying in the women's restroom and demands she evacuate. Seconds after JD ushers Hadley outside, an explosion shatters the building. Could her life be any more disastrous?

    JD didn't anticipate seeing Hadley, the beautiful schoolteacher, again after he saved her from the hotel attack. But soon after her ex-boyfriend became a lead suspect in the hotel bombing case, the man turned up dead—and now it seems that Hadley herself is a target. Determined to keep her safe, JD shelters Hadley as they join forces to put together the pieces of the perplexing case. When they discover the horrifying truth behind her ex-boyfriend's nefarious work, Hadley realizes her life is far from the only one being threatened. Countless others are in danger, and she and JD might hold the key to saving them.

    Review - I discovered Traci Hunter Abramson last year and I enjoy her action suspense novels. Mistaken Reality is a stand-alone story although it mentions characters from her Saints series and Guardian series. It's also a spin-off of Deep Cover. I haven't read Deep Cover yet. I requested it from the library, but it hasn't come in yet. If you haven't read Abramson, I think you could quickly catch on to who the established characters are and what their roles are. It was interesting to read about Hadley and how quickly her life became endanger. It was interesting to see the danger escalate and the case go from a bombing to something more. The romance and character development added deeper layers and complexity to the story. The more I got involved in reading the story the more invested I became in discovering what was going on within the pages. It was quite the page turner! The action is intense, but it's not graphic. I enjoyed reading this story and I am sure you will too! To learn more about Mistaken Reality, click here.

    a Rafflecopter giveaway

    The publisher is managing the giveaway. I received a free copy of this book, however, this is my honest opinion. This post contains affiliate links.  

    Secrets and Suitors Blog Tour, Review and Giveaway

    Wednesday, October 9, 2019

    Reluctantly returning to London for yet another Season, shy Nora Hamilton has nearly given up hope that she will ever find the love match she longs for. After all, the one man she does harbor feelings for—her closest friend, James—has made it perfectly clear he views her as just that: a friend. With James traveling half a world away and Nora's father pressuring her to marry for wealth and status, Nora is forced to set aside her desire for love and accept the future she has always dreaded.

    Until James returns unexpectedly and Nora's feelings once again rush unbearably close to the surface. Determined to save what is left of their friendship, Nora ignores her own heart and allows herself to be swept up in the London Season, soon finding herself the object of two very different gentlemen's affections. Though she should be thrilled, both men come with a glaring fault: neither is the one man who holds her heart.

    But there is much more at stake than heartbreak. When long-kept secrets are laid bare, Nora must face the fears that have plagued her all her life and decide what true love is worth. 

    About the Author

    Joanna Barker was born and raised in northern California. She discovered her love for historical fiction after visiting England as an eleven-year-old, and subsequently read every Jane Austen book she could get her hands on. After graduating Brigham Young University with a degree in English, she worked as an acquisitions editor before devoting herself full-time to writing. She enjoys music, chocolate, and reading everything from romance to science fiction. She lives in Utah and is just a little crazy about her husband and two wild-but-loveable boys.


    Life Is What It's Called - Will you use any of the characters in Secrets & Suitors for another book?
    Joanna Barker - I would love to one day! I feel like Harriett and Ralph need their own happy endings, and I would love to revisit Nora and James. 

    Life Is What It's Called - What do you hope readers will gain from this novel? 
    Joanna Barker - I hope readers will be able to relate to Nora’s struggles. Of all my heroines, she is probably the one I relate to the most, and I loved being able to create a story where she learned and grew from her experiences. A lot of Regency romances feature fiery, sharp, independent heroines (which I LOVE), but I wanted to write a character that spoke to readers in a different way. She has a quiet strength, and I hope you will love her.


    Secrets and Suitors was an entertaining read. I started reading it with the intention to read just a little and ended up reading the entire book in one day. It is by the far the best story by Joanna Barker. There were twists and turns. The drama was just right and I enjoyed reading between the lines of Nora's perspective with the actions surrounding her and her conversation with others. The characters were well-developed and likeable. This is a great story! I hope that some of the minor characters get their own stories as well. To learn more Suits and Suitors, click here.

    a Rafflecopter giveaway

    The publisher is managing the giveaway. I received a free copy of this book, however, this is my honest opinion. This post contains affiliate links. 

    Carole P. Roman's Halloween Prize Pack

    Monday, October 7, 2019

    Carole P. Roman is the award winning author of the nonfiction series of children's books, If You Were Me and Lived in...The first title in the collection, If You Were Me and Lived in...Mexico, won the Pinnacle Award for Best in Children's Nonfiction in 2012. If You Were Me and Lived in...Russia and If You Were Me and Lived in...France were finalists in the Indie Fab Foreword Review Book of the Year. Norway and South Korea have also been named as Book of the Year with Rebecca's Reads and Children's Reader's View Book of the Year. Roman has also found success with her Captain No Beard children's books. Her debut, Captain No Beard: An Imaginary Tale of a Pirate's Life, was named a Kirkus Best of 2012, received a Star of Exceptional Merit, and won the Pinnacle Award in 2012. Roman lives on Long Island with her husband and very near her children.


    Can a Princess Be a Firefighter? by Carole P. Roman
    Two little girls pepper their father with questions about whether or not they can be a profession and still be a princess. Motivated by her granddaughter's fascination with all things "princess," Carole P. Roman penned this adorable poem celebrating all the wonderful possibilities waiting ahead for them. Learn more here.

    Oh Susannah: Things That Go Bump by Carole P. Roman
    Susannah Maya Logan is not having a good day. She doesn't want to go to her best friend, Lola's sleepover. Susannah thinks the house is big and spooky, not to mention that the ghost that is said to live there. Lola's big brother, Kai, loves to tease Susannah with scary stories. Throughout her day, she sees people deal with thing that scare them. Her sight-impaired friend, Macy, is terrified of unicorns, of all things. She sees a boy at a party frightened of clowns. Her teacher is afraid of getting a cold. Susannah realizes everybody is scared of something. She wishes she more like Lola, who is not afraid of anything, or so it seems. Susannah discovers people have different ideas of what is scary and what is not, and only they can determine the difference. Join Susannah as she learns to confront her fears and not let her imagination prevent her from having fun. Learn more here.

    Oh Susannah: It's In the Bag by Carole P. Roman
    From award-winning author Carole P. Roman comes a new chapter book featuring Susannah Logan, a young student having a very bad day. It all begins with homework trouble and an invitation to a sleepover that she doesn't want to go to. Would you want to go a sleepover in a creepy house. Rather than dealing with her problems, Susannah stuffs them into her backpack. But how much can a backpack take? Will she be able to confront her worries before the backpack bursts? Or will she continue to hide them away? Join Susannah and her friend in this story sure to charm busy young readers everywhere. Learn more here.

    Giveaway: Enter for a chance to win the Carole P. Roman Not-So-Spooky prize pack—includes a $100 gift card! 

    One (1) grand prize winner receives:
    Can a Princess Be a Firefighter, autographed by Carole P. Roman
    Oh Susannah: It’s In the Bag, autographed by Carole P. Roman
    Oh Susannah: Things That Go Bump, autographed by Carole P. Roman
    A $100 Amazon gift card

    Three (3) winners receive:
    A copy of Can a Princess Be a Firefighter, autographed by Carole P. Roman
    A copy of Oh Susannah: It’s In the Bag, autographed by Carole P. Roman
    Oh Susannah: Things That Go Bump, autographed by Carole P. Roman

    Giveaway begins September 30, 2019 at 12:01 A.M. PST and ends October 30, 2019 at 11:59 P.M. PST. Open to legal residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia, who are eighteen years of age or older in their state or territory of residence at the time of entry. Void where prohibited by law.

     a Rafflecopter giveaway

    Michael Okon is responsible for prize fulfillment. I am working in partnership with The Children’s Book Review and Carole P. Roman for this blog post. This post contains affiliate links.

    Keeping Her Close Book Blitz

    Tuesday, October 1, 2019

    On Tour with Prism Book Tours

    Release Blitz for
    Keeping Her Close
    By Carol Ross

    Keeping Her Close
    (Pacific Cove Romance #3)
    By Carol Ross
    Contemporary Romance
    Paperback & ebook, 368 Pages
    October 1st 2019 by Harlequin Heartwarming

    Hired to protect her

    …unable to resist her

    The job sounds simple: teach a businessman’s daughter how to stay safe. But former navy SEAL turned bodyguard Kyle Frasier has a personal motive, too. Harper Jansen is his late best friend’s fiancĂ©e. Loyalty demands he protect her, not that Harper looks in need of rescuing. In fact, it’s Kyle who needs help—balancing duty with his desire to build a life with the one woman he shouldn’t want…

    (Affiliate link included.)


    “So…” she drawled. “How are we going to do this? Lecture and then lab? Or do you have like a personal security textbook, Stay Safe 101? Just to warn you, I’m awful at pop quizzes. After the first one, I will resent you for the entire semester and not perform to my highest capability.”

    Kyle sat back in his seat, seeming to relax a bit as he pondered her tongue-in-cheek questions. And probably her. Had he been nervous that she wouldn’t agree to hire him? That thought was rather endearing. It made him seem both human and normal, and it gave her confidence in her decision.

    But only briefly because his expression went stony again. Like granite. Hard, scary granite.

    Leaning forward, he placed his forearms on his thighs and tented his fingers. “It’s all lab, Harper. One hundred percent hands-on. And we’re going to start by getting you in shape. Calisthenics for one hour every morning at 4:30 a.m., followed by a five-mile run on the beach.” Tipping his head, he added, “But not your typical run. Every other day, we’ll add an obstacle course to simulate tactical evasion. And three days a week, we’ll have what I like to call target practice.”

    What. The. Whatty-what? Harper opened her mouth, shut it and finally managed to stutter, “Um, target what? I don’t know how to… I mean, I don’t—”

    He straightened, interrupting her with a stop-sign hand. “Relax, it’s not what you think. You won’t be doing any shooting. I’ll be shooting at you with a paintball gun while you try to dodge it. The less paint on your person, the more lunch you earn. Positive reinforcement can be helpful in specific, isolated training situations.”

    Harper knew she was gaping. Was he out of his mind? Had the word normal actually crossed her mind in conjunction with this lunatic? He was as messed up as Owen. More, possibly. She was still trying to decide how to proceed when his face broke into a wide smile, or at least she hoped it was a smile. The whole time he’d been here she’d yet to see it, so she couldn’t be sure. She kept still, waiting, in case she was misinterpreting the gesture. Maybe he was wincing or had something stuck in his teeth.

    Finally, he said, “Harper, I’m joking. I do have some basic protocol that we’ll cover. Your dad wants you to become an expert with your security system. But otherwise, we’ll just plan on doing this situationally, taking it one day at a time. Does that work for you?”

    Huh. She had not seen that coming. But she also liked it. A grin crept over her, and she laughed. He joined her, and Harper was momentarily mesmerized by the deep, rich sound. The smile that lingered transformed him. Harper met his gaze and warmth spread through her chest, making her head a little light, her thoughts a bit fuzzy. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d laughed like this, felt so at ease.

    That thought was sobering in itself, melting her laughter away. Because this situation was anything but easy; she officially had herself a bodyguard.

    Other Books in the Series

    About the Author

    USA Today bestselling author Carol Ross grew up in small town America right between the Pacific Ocean and the Cascade Mountains, in a place where you can go deep sea fishing in the morning and then hit the ski slopes the same afternoon. The daughter of what is now known as free range parents, she developed a love of the outdoors at a very early age. As a writer, Carol loves to breathe the life she has lived into the characters she creates, grateful for the “research material” that every questionable decision, adrenaline-charged misstep, and near-death experience has provided.

    Blitz Giveaway

    - 1 winner will receive a $50 Amazon eGift Card and a copy of of Keeping Her Close (ebook if outside the US, signed print if in the US)
    - 2 additional winners will receive a copy of Keeping Her Close (ebook if outside the US, signed print if in the US)

    Ends October 5, 2019

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    October Giveaways (low to moderate entries)

    Tuesday, October 1, 2019

    I like entering low to moderate entry giveaways and I share each month some of the blog or social media giveaways I've entered, thought someone else might be interested in entering or that have been submitted to me through bloggers. Check back often throughout the month to see if I have posted more giveaways. If you are hosting a family-friendly giveaway on your blog and would like to see it listed here, please contact me (via email). If you have a won a giveaway that I posted, please leave a comment and share that you won.

    Toy Story 4 Digital Movie (ends 10.03.19)
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    American Girl Julie Doll (ends 10.29.19)
    Unlimited Squirrels and Gift Card (ends 10.29.19)

    My Fair Spinster Book Tour

    Tuesday, October 1, 2019

    My Fair Spinster Blog Tour

    About the Book

    My Fair Spinster
    Series: The Spinster Chronicles
    Genre:  Adult, Historical, Regency, Romance
    Publisher: Phase Publishing
    Publication date: October 1, 2019
    The spinster next door…Grace Morledge is a failure. Or so her father believes, as she is unmarried despite her advantages. In his mind, Grace must have significant flaws to be a spinster and something must be done about them. To her mortification, he demands she be fully examined and all flaws recorded. And the man he chooses is the worst possible candidate of all. Aubrey Flint, Lord Ingram, has known Grace since childhood, but he never anticipated Lord Trenwick demanding he examine her for flaws. How can perfection have faults? Reluctantly, he accepts the assignment, and finds far more than he bargained for, and perfection becomes more and more tempting.

    About the Author

    Rebecca Connolly writes romances, both period and contemporary, because she absolutely loves a good love story. She has been creating stories since childhood, and there are home videos to prove it! She started writing them down in elementary school and has never looked back. She currently lives in the Midwest, spends every spare moment away from her day job absorbed in her writing, and is a hot cocoa addict.


    “They were smart to include you.”
    Grace jerked slightly to look at him again. “What?”
    He nodded fervently. “I mean it. Georgie is no fool, Grace, and I have no doubt she made a study of the other unmarried women in Society. You are the best of the lot. It was only natural they should choose you.”
    Her heart leapt for joy and seemed to be burning within her. “You don’t know the rest of the lot, Aubrey.”
    “Don’t have to,” he quipped. “I know you.”
    Oh, but the look in his eyes made her feel like a lovesick girl of twelve again, and it was all she could do to keep from smiling an accompanying lovesick smile that would have been entirely too obvious.
    Not that she was lovesick. She was simply touched. And embarrassed. And perhaps a bit feverish.
    That was all.
    Aubrey blinked and the look was gone. He slapped his thighs and rose fluidly, running a hand through his hair and disheveling it in a way that reminded her of the boy she had known in Derbyshire, and her heart lurched.
    “Well, I suppose that’s enough for today,” he rambled, his words not quite as crisp as normal. “I will see you tomorrow at the Sterlings’, and I will assess your interaction with various people at that point.”
    Grace slowly rose, watching Aubrey curiously. “Very well. Miranda will be there, you know. We could confront her.”
    “Yes, yes, excellent thought,” he replied absently. “I’ll bring my suit of armor for whatever she tosses in retaliation.”
    Grace laughed at the image that brought, and Aubrey seemed to shudder at it.
    “Right,” he said, turning to her and bowing. “Good day, Grace.”
    “Good day, Aubrey.”
    He left before she finished, and she stared after him, still curious.
    What in the world?
    Then her mother crossed the corridor, casting another knowing look at Grace. All curiosity and delight evaporated swiftly, and Grace snapped back into discontent, moving quickly towards the music room.
    He was not good for her.
    He couldn’t be.


    My Fair Spinster was a fun, enjoyable read. I enjoyed learning more about Grace and seeing her interact with Aubrey Flint. There are a lot of characters in this book, like all of the books in this series, and it was hard to keep track of who is who. I wish the author would include a list of the characters in the beginning. It would help the reader! This series is probably better as a binge read where you read book after book consecutively. It would be easier to keep track of the characters. I felt a little cheated after reading this story. I was waiting for a particular scene that just never came. This wasn't my favorite of the Spinster Series, but I think Regency Romance readers would find it "fair"ly enjoyable.


    MFS Tour Gieaway
    Enter the giveaway HERE.
    Giveaway ends October 4 at 11:59pm MT.

    Giveaway is subject to policies HERE.

    Tour Schedule

    Check out the tour schedule HERE.

    Please note that I received a copy of this book to review, however, this is my honest opinion. The giveaway to run by the tour facilitator.

    Hall-O-Ween Book Tour Grand Finale

    Monday, September 30, 2019

    On Tour with Prism Book Tours

    Book Tour Grand Finale for
    By Tia Perkin

    We hope you enjoyed the tour! If you missed any of the stops
    you'll find snippets, as well as the link to each full post, below:

    Launch - Author Interview

    What was your motivation behind Hall-O-Ween!? Why did you want to write it?

    Hall-O-Ween!” was a follow-up to my other books, “Two!” and “Three!”, which were somewhat autobiographical accounts of life with my twin toddler boys. With those, I wanted to make something for my kiddos to read and hold onto, but they also were a way for me to commemorate their milestones (as crazy as those times were). For “Hall-O-Ween!”, I wanted to continue the series, but also weave in some of my memories and fantasies of Halloween as a kid. Halloween was always one of my favorite times growing up. My dad was always helping my brothers to decorate the front yard (in competition with one of the neighbors) and my mom would help us make our costumes. I wanted to bring all of that excitement to life in my book.

    "The illustrations are bright, boldly coloured and illustrate everything the words and phrases are discussing. . . . The best bit to the whole story is how charmingly lovely it begins and ends!"

    "I enjoyed the story with a few spooky things, some treats, the costumes, everyone celebrating the holiday, and of course the ending was perfect. It reminded me of my Halloweens as a kid. Halloween was always a celebration at our house, much like the child in the story."

    Bookworm Lisa - Guest Post

    10 Children's Halloween Books to get you in the Howl-iday spirit!

    I LOVE Halloween. From September 1st through November 1st, my house transforms into a sea of orange, dotted with tiny skeletons and black bat decals. Somewhere in one those first crisp mornings, I scour the many bookshelves in our house looking for orange-colored spines with well worn pages. In a reverent stack on the corner of our couch – the reading couch – I put all of the Halloween books I can find. . .

    Splashes of Joy - Review

    "Your young children will love this adorable book about Halloween by author Tia Perkins. In this book you will find rhymes on each page and then sounds that go with the rhyme."

    Life Is What It's Called - Author Interview & Review

    Life Is What It's Called - How is your Halloween book different than others on the market?

    Tia Perkin - This book uses a lot of onomatopoeia to really take the reader through all of the sights, sounds and smells of Halloween. It's not so much of a traditional plot line with a beginning, middle and end as it is a day-in-the-life of a little boy as he gets ready for Halloween. It's about reinforcing traditions and getting kids excited for what's coming up.

    "Hall-O-Ween was an instant hit with my kids (ages 1, 3, 5). We've read it several times over. . . . This is a great book to add to your Halloween picture book collection!"

    "This is a fun Halloween tale about the sounds, smells, and movements of three young trick-or-treaters! Hall-O-Ween! is light and fun read for preschool and elementary school aged kids with light and loose rhymes and colorful, entertaining illustrations."

    Colorimetry - Guest Post

    10 Must-Do Halloween Traditions

    I see myself as somewhat of a Halloween connoisseur. Over the years, I have collected Halloween traditions like my kids collect trick-or-treat candy. Here are my top ten Halloween musts. . .

    "The book is filled with fun rhymes and beautiful illustrations. It's the perfect treat for your little ghoul!"

    Wishful Endings - Guest Post

    The Art of "Hall-O-Ween!"

    When I started writing “Hall-O-Ween!”, it quickly became clear that a book revolving around a holiday where people eat a lot of candy ALSO needed a lot of *eye* candy, too. In my other books, “Two!” and “Three!”, the majority of the illustrations were done straight on the computer. Simple shapes and vibrant colors drove those books, but I wanted a little more for “Hall-O-Ween!”. I really wanted to stretch myself. . .

    "What a lovely book for any child, parent, or teacher! This is such a delightful read about the wonders of Halloween! . . . Highly recommend!"

    J. L. Mbewe - Review

    "I enjoyed the story. The illustrations were cute and vibrant. I love the color choices. . . . my kids enjoyed it. Definitely one to read out loud."

    "I am giving Hall-O-Ween! a well deserved five plus stars. I highly recommend this delightful little book for children. It is a great way to get the kids into spirit of Halloween."

    "Hall-O-Ween is a very cute picture book to read with your kids at this time of the year! As with most picture books, it is the illustrations that tell the story and make the story fun. Hall-O-Ween‘s bold and bright illustrations jump off of the pages. Kids can relate to how excited the little boy is in this book."

    Don't forget to enter the giveaway at the end of this post...

    By Tia Perkin
    Children's Picture Book
    Paperback & ebook, 38 Pages
    October 1st 2018

    "Hall-O-Ween!" is a spooky little rhyming book about all the sweet bites and fun frights on Halloween day and night.

    (Affiliate link included.)

    About the Author

    Tia Perkin is a three-time Emmy-Nominated Graphic Artist turned stay-at-home mom and freelancer. Her first children's book, "Two!", was written for her now seven-year-old twin sons - partially as a gift and partially as a coping mechanism for a double-helping of toddler hijinx! She is continuing on the series and has most recently released "Hall-O-Ween!".

    Tour Giveaway

    One winner will receive a Halloween Trick-Or-Treat Tote Bag filled with the following "Hall-O-Ween!" goodies (US only):
    - "Hall-O-Ween!" Button
    - "Hall-O-Ween!" Color & Activity Book
    - Set of 10 Crayola Markers
    - "Hall-O-Ween!" Sticker
    - "Hall-O-Ween!" Bookmark
    - "Hall-O-Ween!" Postcard
    - "Hall-O-Ween!" Kid's T-Shirt (Size Small)
    - Green and Black Striped Kid's Halloween Socks

    Ends October 2, 2019
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