Shabby Apple Giveaways

Friday, September 20, 2013

Shabby Apple is one of my favorite places to get dresses. Their dresses are modest, vintage styling and super cute. Here are some blogs offering giveaways for their dresses:

Here are some of my favorite Shabby Apple Dresses for Fall:

Maggie $96.00

Strike a Pose $92.00

Primrose $92.00

Talk Like a Pirate Day

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Today, I dressed in pirate gear (hubby's white dress shirt, black shorts, floral scarf on my head, eye patch made out of construction paper) and headed over to Krispy Kreme doughnuts. I was a little embarrassed to go into the store, but I wanted to see if they would give me a dozen doughnuts as part of their promotion of Talk like a Pirate Day. Not only did they give me a dozen donuts for just showing up, but they also gave me another doughnut on top of the dozen just for talking like a pirate. After getting the doughnuts, I dropped them off at my hubby's work for his office to enjoy (since I can't eat the sugar). While in Krispy Kreme, I noticed two women there with a kid dressed like pirates (and they got three dozen donuts since there was three of them!), which made me feel a little less embarrassed. If you haven't dressed like a pirate and gone to Krispy Kreme yet, I encourage you to do so. To learn more about the Krispy Kreme promotion, click here.

Fall Pilots on Hulu

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Hulu is featuring a few of the pilots of the shows this fall season.

Here are the pilots:
 Which show are you looking forward to watching this season?

Olive Garden Buy One Entree Get One Half Off

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Olive Garden released a new coupon that expires 9/29/2013. If you buy one Olive Garden Entree Get Another Half Off. This would make for a cheap date night with your spouse or a nice outing with a friend.  Click here for more details.

Modcloth $20 off $50

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Modcloth is now offering $20 off a $50 purchase by 10/2/2013. Modcloth is an online boutique that offers unique and vintage type styling.You must be new to Modcloth and sign up for an account. Then if you share the offer with others and they make a purchase, you can get a $20 credit. Click here for more details.

Here's some things that you can get with the $20 off a $50 purchase:

About the Artist Dress

Craft Fair Cute Scarf $19.99

Forward March Jacket

Steal the Show Top in
Dots $34.99

Better Weather Sweater

'S Marvelous Heel in Scarlet

Afternoon Art Class Top

Sail Into Splendor Top

Treat the Parents Top $39.99

Golden State Shoreline
Earrings $9.99

How About Wow? Flat in
Terracotta $27.99

Sock Hops and Dreams
Top $37.99

Steadfast Style Boot $49.99

Teach for the Sky Top

The LinkedIn Challenge

Thursday, September 12, 2013

My brother recently told me that he made it a goal to have 300 LinkedIn contacts. I looked at my own contacts and realized that I didn't have 300 either. I started working on contacts, but it's amazing how many people I can either not find on LinkedIn or don't have LinkedIn profiles. I think every business professional should have a LinkedIn profile. It's great for networking, finding jobs and getting your resume out there for recruiters and potential jobs. Everyone that you've worked with on a professional level should become a connection. You never know when a potential opportunity could arise and LinkedIn makes it easier to find you and contact you. If you don't have a LinkedIn profile, I challenge you to get one and if you do have one, I challenge you to build up those contacts.

Women's Fashion Picks for Fall 2013

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

With fall around the corner, sometimes you need to update your fall wardrobe with new pieces. Here's some of my top picks for this upcoming season.

To the Point Tee $22.99
From Downeast Basics

Love Fall Cardi $32.99
From Downeast Basics

Baby's In Black Skirt $72.00
From Shabby Apple

Blue Jay Way Skirt $52.00
From Shabby Apple

Day Tripper Skirt $64.00
From Shabby Apple

Robyn High-Low Top $32.99
From Sexy Modest Boutique

Tweed Trench Coat $28.99
From Modbod

Black Lace Peplum Top $44.99
From Sierra Brooke

Multi-Stripe Pointelle Cardigan $79.95
From Eddie Bauer

The Christine Woven Front Cardigan $69.95
From Eddie Bauer

Truly Straight StayShape Twill Trousers $69.95
From Eddie Bauer

Curvy Trouser Jeans $69.95-$79.95
From Eddie Bauer

Mixed Stripe Sweater $49.50
From Ann Taylor Loft

Lace Yoke Pima Cotton Sweater $54.50
From Ann Taylor Loft

Shabby Apple Giveaways

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Shabby Apple offers modest, vintage styled dresses, skirts, shirts, swimsuits and more. This past summer, I won the Snap Dragon Dress by entering a Shabby Apple Giveaway on the Potholes and Pantyhose Blog. It was pretty cool to win. Here are some other blogs that are currently offering giveaways for Shabby Apple Dresses.

Pregnancy - Wouldn't it be nice?

Monday, September 9, 2013

Being pregnant is hard and there are a few things I was thinking of that would make it easier for a pregnant woman:

1. Pregnant Woman Parking Spot: Babies R Us has convenient parking spots for expectant mothers. It would be nice if groceries stores and retailers would also make a dedicated parking spot for expectant mothers.

2. Service to Carry my Groceries Home: The clerks at the grocery store always look at my load of groceries, then my belly and ask if I need help getting in the groceries to my car. I always say no, since I have a cart that I can push up to my car fairly easily. The real trouble occurs when I have to carry everything I bought up three flights of stairs to my apartment. It would be nice if they offered to carry my groceries to my apartment and since that's not going to happen, I've resorted to nightly grocery shopping with my husband.

3. Better Adjustable Bra: As your chest gets bigger when you're pregnant you have to run out to the store to buy new bras, it would be nice if you could get one bra that adjusts to different cup shapes, has a longer back strap to adjust according to width, and then also can be used for nursing.

4. Fully Adjustable Bed and Chairs: It's hard to sleep at night when you're pregnant and to get completely comfortable. It's even hard to get comfortable during the day. It would be nice if there was a bed and chair that was designed with the comfort of a pregnant woman in mind. The cost of the product would probably exceed the need, but wouldn't it be nice?

What are some of the things that you can think of that would make pregnancy easier?

Why Do We Get In Debt?

Friday, September 6, 2013

From FreeDigitalPhotos.Net
Many of us are in debt to student loan companies, house mortgages, car loan companies and credit card companies. We keep digging a hole expecting it to miraculously fill back up in the future. Here are some of the reasons I think we may go into debt:
  • Better Ourselves: Education and material goods may make our situation appear better or seem like it would eventually make our situation better.
  • We Deserve It: You may feel like you have entitlement to put something on the credit card and feel like you deserve to give yourself a treat.
  • Want It Now: Sometimes we don't want to wait to save money and it seems just as easy to swipe a credit card to get that instant gratification.
  • It's an Emergency: If we don't have cash reserves for an emergency, sometimes the only way out may seem to use a credit card or to get some sort of cash advancement.
  • Loss of Job: If you don't have any reserves and you've lost your job, oftentimes, people will start resorting to loans and credit cards to help them out of a financial situation.
There's many reasons why we go into debt and it may seem like tomorrow will be fine even if you get an extra loan or use that credit card, however, in the long term that debt may cost you more heart ache and pain. The best thing to do is to avoid debt at all costs and to look for other solutions to your problems, wants and needs whether it's to work out a payment plan with a hospital, work a second job, or to just go without that brand new computer.

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