Hall-O-Ween Book Tour Grand Finale

Monday, September 30, 2019

On Tour with Prism Book Tours

Book Tour Grand Finale for
By Tia Perkin

We hope you enjoyed the tour! If you missed any of the stops
you'll find snippets, as well as the link to each full post, below:

Launch - Author Interview

What was your motivation behind Hall-O-Ween!? Why did you want to write it?

Hall-O-Ween!” was a follow-up to my other books, “Two!” and “Three!”, which were somewhat autobiographical accounts of life with my twin toddler boys. With those, I wanted to make something for my kiddos to read and hold onto, but they also were a way for me to commemorate their milestones (as crazy as those times were). For “Hall-O-Ween!”, I wanted to continue the series, but also weave in some of my memories and fantasies of Halloween as a kid. Halloween was always one of my favorite times growing up. My dad was always helping my brothers to decorate the front yard (in competition with one of the neighbors) and my mom would help us make our costumes. I wanted to bring all of that excitement to life in my book.

"The illustrations are bright, boldly coloured and illustrate everything the words and phrases are discussing. . . . The best bit to the whole story is how charmingly lovely it begins and ends!"

"I enjoyed the story with a few spooky things, some treats, the costumes, everyone celebrating the holiday, and of course the ending was perfect. It reminded me of my Halloweens as a kid. Halloween was always a celebration at our house, much like the child in the story."

Bookworm Lisa - Guest Post

10 Children's Halloween Books to get you in the Howl-iday spirit!

I LOVE Halloween. From September 1st through November 1st, my house transforms into a sea of orange, dotted with tiny skeletons and black bat decals. Somewhere in one those first crisp mornings, I scour the many bookshelves in our house looking for orange-colored spines with well worn pages. In a reverent stack on the corner of our couch – the reading couch – I put all of the Halloween books I can find. . .

Splashes of Joy - Review

"Your young children will love this adorable book about Halloween by author Tia Perkins. In this book you will find rhymes on each page and then sounds that go with the rhyme."

Life Is What It's Called - Author Interview & Review

Life Is What It's Called - How is your Halloween book different than others on the market?

Tia Perkin - This book uses a lot of onomatopoeia to really take the reader through all of the sights, sounds and smells of Halloween. It's not so much of a traditional plot line with a beginning, middle and end as it is a day-in-the-life of a little boy as he gets ready for Halloween. It's about reinforcing traditions and getting kids excited for what's coming up.

"Hall-O-Ween was an instant hit with my kids (ages 1, 3, 5). We've read it several times over. . . . This is a great book to add to your Halloween picture book collection!"

"This is a fun Halloween tale about the sounds, smells, and movements of three young trick-or-treaters! Hall-O-Ween! is light and fun read for preschool and elementary school aged kids with light and loose rhymes and colorful, entertaining illustrations."

Colorimetry - Guest Post

10 Must-Do Halloween Traditions

I see myself as somewhat of a Halloween connoisseur. Over the years, I have collected Halloween traditions like my kids collect trick-or-treat candy. Here are my top ten Halloween musts. . .

"The book is filled with fun rhymes and beautiful illustrations. It's the perfect treat for your little ghoul!"

Wishful Endings - Guest Post

The Art of "Hall-O-Ween!"

When I started writing “Hall-O-Ween!”, it quickly became clear that a book revolving around a holiday where people eat a lot of candy ALSO needed a lot of *eye* candy, too. In my other books, “Two!” and “Three!”, the majority of the illustrations were done straight on the computer. Simple shapes and vibrant colors drove those books, but I wanted a little more for “Hall-O-Ween!”. I really wanted to stretch myself. . .

"What a lovely book for any child, parent, or teacher! This is such a delightful read about the wonders of Halloween! . . . Highly recommend!"

J. L. Mbewe - Review

"I enjoyed the story. The illustrations were cute and vibrant. I love the color choices. . . . my kids enjoyed it. Definitely one to read out loud."

"I am giving Hall-O-Ween! a well deserved five plus stars. I highly recommend this delightful little book for children. It is a great way to get the kids into spirit of Halloween."

"Hall-O-Ween is a very cute picture book to read with your kids at this time of the year! As with most picture books, it is the illustrations that tell the story and make the story fun. Hall-O-Ween‘s bold and bright illustrations jump off of the pages. Kids can relate to how excited the little boy is in this book."

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By Tia Perkin
Children's Picture Book
Paperback & ebook, 38 Pages
October 1st 2018

"Hall-O-Ween!" is a spooky little rhyming book about all the sweet bites and fun frights on Halloween day and night.

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About the Author

Tia Perkin is a three-time Emmy-Nominated Graphic Artist turned stay-at-home mom and freelancer. Her first children's book, "Two!", was written for her now seven-year-old twin sons - partially as a gift and partially as a coping mechanism for a double-helping of toddler hijinx! She is continuing on the series and has most recently released "Hall-O-Ween!".

Tour Giveaway

One winner will receive a Halloween Trick-Or-Treat Tote Bag filled with the following "Hall-O-Ween!" goodies (US only):
- "Hall-O-Ween!" Button
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- "Hall-O-Ween!" Bookmark
- "Hall-O-Ween!" Postcard
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Hall-O-Ween Book Tour, Review and Giveaway

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

On Tour with Prism Book Tours


By Tia Perkin
Children's Picture Book
Paperback & ebook, 38 Pages
October 1st 2018

"Hall-O-Ween!" is a spooky little rhyming book about all the sweet bites and fun frights on Halloween day and night.

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About the Author

Tia Perkin is a three-time Emmy-Nominated Graphic Artist turned stay-at-home mom and freelancer. Her first children's book, "Two!", was written for her now seven-year-old twin sons - partially as a gift and partially as a coping mechanism for a double-helping of toddler hijinx! She is continuing on the series and has most recently released "Hall-O-Ween!".

Author Interview

Life Is What It's Called - What was your inspiration for this book?
Tia Perkin - A lifetime of love for Halloween and my twin 7-year-old boys. This book in particular is just a nod to that magical anticipation leading up to Halloween that I always felt as a kid, and still do now. 

Life Is What It's Called - What do you hope kids will gain from reading this? 
Tia Perkin - I hope this book gets readers excited for the Halloween season! 

Life Is What It's Called - How is your Halloween book different than others on the market? 
Tia Perkin - This book uses a lot of onomatopoeia to really take the reader through all of the sights, sounds and smells of Halloween. It's not so much of a traditional plot line with a beginning, middle and end as it is a day-in-the-life of a little boy as he gets ready for Halloween. It's about reinforcing traditions and getting kids excited for what's coming up.

Life Is What It's Called - What do you plan to work on next? 
Tia Perkin - I would like to make a Christmas book as part of this series, and also go back and create “One!” (I've published “Two!” and “Three!” already).  

Life Is What It's Called - What inspired you to be an author?
Tia Perkin - I wrote “Hall-O-Ween!” and my other books as a keepsake for my kiddos, sort of chronicling their early childhood.  I've always liked to write, but my truest passion is illustrating. Writing these books gave me something to illustrate. 

Life Is What It's Called - What do you think kids will like best about this book? 
Tia Perkin - I think they will love the colors in the illustrations. Halloween is full of so much great imagery! Also, I think they will like the  onomatopoeia and rhyme – it's really catchy! 

Hall-O-Ween was an instant hit with my kids (ages 1, 3, 5). We've read it several times over.  I discovered that my kids were sneaking it in their beds to look at instead of sleeping. My kids were also reading it all over the house.  I love the bright colors used in the book. Some Halloween picture books are too scary for young kids, but this one was fun and cute. I loved the onomatopoeia used throughout the story, the rhymes, and how the book encompasses the feeling of Halloween. The word count was also appropriate for young children.  This is a great book to add to your Halloween picture book collection!

Tour Schedule

Tour Giveaway

One winner will receive a Halloween Trick-Or-Treat Tote Bag filled with the following "Hall-O-Ween!" goodies (US only):
- "Hall-O-Ween!" Button
- "Hall-O-Ween!" Color & Activity Book
- Set of 10 Crayola Markers
- "Hall-O-Ween!" Sticker
- "Hall-O-Ween!" Bookmark
- "Hall-O-Ween!" Postcard
- "Hall-O-Ween!" Kid's T-Shirt (Size Small)
- Green and Black Striped Kid's Halloween Socks

Ends October 2, 2019
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Please note that I received a free copy of the book, however this is my honest opinion. The giveaway is run by Prism Book Tours. There are affiliate links on this post.

Love Sidelined Blog Tour, Review and Giveaway

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Jason Jennings made a tough call two years ago when he left behind his status as a hard-partying star quarterback in order to serve the Lord. Recently returned from a mission now, he's ready to get back on the football field at UCAL. But despite turning his life around, his bad-boy reputation is proving hard to shake.

Allie Hollis is everything a cheerleader should be—beautiful, outgoing, and smart—but her brilliant smile hides a devastating secret. So when Jason begins to show interest in her, there's no question: her answer is no.

Yet, in the face of Allie's chilly response, Jason's gentle persistence pays off, and a tentative friendship grows. Their chemistry is obvious, but Allie's determination to steer clear of a relationship with Jason goes deeper than he realizes. When the truth of her painful history comes to light, the couple must decide whether they will remain on the sidelines or jump back into the game of love.


Life Is What It's Called - Which Jennings sibling is most like you? 
Tiffany Odekirk - This is a great question! The truth is, a little bit of myself goes into each of the characters I write; I don’t mean for it to happen, but I can’t help it. That said, I think I am most like Lucy Jennings. While her situation in life is considerably different than my own, she handles situations in much the same way as I do. I am least like Evie, which is probably why she was SO difficult for me write! She is so bold and sometimes acts without thinking—this is not me. I like to know all my options, and then I carefully consider each one. Just ask my husband what it’s like to go to the mall food court with me. Ha! 

Life Is What It's Called - How many books will follow the Jennings family?
Tiffany Odekirk - Six, I hope! All six of the Jennings children have a story to share. Publishing can be a funny industry though; So much goes into the decision for a publisher to even consider a book for publication—previous sales, number of reviews, marketability, and so much more! I hope to have the opportunity to share each of these stories with readers, but we will have to see. There are also a few secondary characters, and Jennings family ancestors who have stories that want to be told. There just aren’t enough hours in the day. 

Life Is What It's Called - If you could pick actors to play the Jennings family in a movie, who would you pick? 
Tiffany Odekirk - Okay this question is probably the most difficult one for me. Since I started writing, I haven’t had much time to watch movies or TV. Le sigh. But I’ll give this a try: Emmy is Emma Stone. Evie is Rachel McAdams. (Yes, I know they’re identical twins, but somehow their personalities make them look different in my mind, go figure.) Jason is . . . wow this is super difficult. Jason is just Jason. But maybe, Jeremy Irvine? Lucy is Catarina Scorsone (Amelia from Grey’s Anatomy). Charlotte is probably Amy Adams. Drew is Tom Holland. 

Life Is What It's Called - What do you hope readers will gain from this story? 
Tiffany Odekirk - I hope this story will provide a tiny bit of light and understanding into what a survivor may feel in the wake of abuse. Abuse is such a personal and complex trauma. Reading a story may be one of the only ways in which individuals who have not had such experiences will be able to “walk in a survivors’ shoes” so to speak. 

Life Is What It's Called - What is your favorite football team? 
Tiffany Odekirk - That’s an easy one! I love watching BYU football. Win or lose, I don’t care, it’s just fun to watch and support the cougars.

Life Is What It's Called - What inspired you to write Love Sidelined?
Tiffany Odekirk - You’re probably going to laugh, but it was a combination of my own experiences as a cheerleader and a song I heard while running on the treadmill at the gym—“Beneath Your Beautiful”. As I listened to this song, these Allie and Jason came to life in my mind. Their story was so clear that I couldn’t stop thinking about it all day. I was so moved by their story that I had to write it down. Allie was the first character I ever wrote. I only intended to write her point of view, but Jason Jennings had a lot to say . . . and then so did all his siblings. The moment when my characters take over writing the story is one of my favorite parts of writing, and has happened in each of the books I’ve written so far.

Life Is What It's Called - What was the hardest part about writing this story? 
Tiffany Odekirk - Without a doubt, Allie’s part. She had a lot of pain in her past. She was trying to live according to her beliefs, without a supportive family and also trying to heal from her wounds. She is trying the best she can, but walking in her shoes was hard. Especially near the end of the story when she is no longer avoiding her past, but actively working through it. So many times, I wanted to reach in to the computer and give her a hug. I’m glad Jase was there to do it for me.


Love Sidelined is the third book with the Jennings family by Tiffany Odekirk. Normally, if there's a series with a family dynamic I would suggest reading them in order. With Odekirk's works, you can read them as a stand alone. I read her second book, Love Unscripted, first and I think if I had read her books in order my perspective on the characters may have been different.

Jason is a hard character for me to like. I think Odekirk nailed the star quarterback, confident, return-missionary characteristics and personality, but I don't typically feel comfortable around overconfident people so it was a little hard to relate to him. I enjoyed Allie's character, perspective and insights. It was also fun to revisit the other Jennings family members. I felt like this book dealt with some tough issues and wasn't a light fluffy read. The topics were things that need to be addressed in society and understood. A couple of the characters struggled with change, repentance, forgiveness, acceptance and introspection. There was a lot of different dynamics in this story and it would be interesting to talk about in a discussion or book club. There were several surprises in the story that I wasn't expecting. It was a page turner that I stayed up a little too late reading.

After reading the second book, Love Unscripted, I knew that Jason's story would be next. I felt like there were a couple of clues in this book about which Jennings family member would have their own story next, but I also felt like the author might have been misdirecting me.

I would recommend reading Odekirk's books. To learn more about Love Sidelined, click here.

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Please note that I received a free copy of this book. This is my honest opinion of the book. Please note that this post contains Amazon affiliate links that help maintain this blog. The giveaway winner and prize is run by the publisher.

My Fair Spinster Cover Reveal

Monday, September 23, 2019

My Fair Spinster Cover Reveal

About the Book

Series: The Spinster Chronicles Genre: Adult, Historical, Regency, Romance Publisher: Phase Publishing Publication date: October 1, 2019 The spinster next door… Grace Morledge is a failure. Or so her father believes, as she is unmarried despite her advantages. In his mind, Grace must have significant flaws to be a spinster and something must be done about them. To her mortification, he demands she be fully examined and all flaws recorded. And the man he chooses is the worst possible candidate of all. Aubrey Flint, Lord Ingram, has known Grace since childhood, but he never anticipated Lord Trenwick demanding he examine her for flaws. How can perfection have faults? Reluctantly, he accepts the assignment, and finds far more than he bargained for, and perfection becomes more and more tempting.
Watch for links to Goodreads and Amazon coming soon...

About the Author

Rebecca Connolly writes romances, both period and contemporary, because she absolutely loves a good love story. She has been creating stories since childhood, and there are home videos to prove it! She started writing them down in elementary school and has never looked back. She currently lives in the Midwest, spends every spare moment away from her day job absorbed in her writing, and is a hot cocoa addict.

The Cover Reveal


(1) winner will receive an ecopy of the book upon release.
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Blog Stops

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Evermore Book Tour Grand Finale

Saturday, September 21, 2019

On Tour with Prism Book Tours

Book Tour Grand Finale for
By Jody Hedlund

We hope you enjoyed the tour! If you missed any of the stops
you'll find snippets, as well as the link to each full post, below:

Launch - Author Interview

What do you hope readers take with them after they’ve read it?

In addition to enjoying a sweet love stories set in the midst of exciting adventures, I hope that readers will take away a few nuggets of truth that they can apply to their own lives. Evermore specifically talks about the importance of gaining wisdom, and it’s my hope that readers will be inspired to seek more of God’s wisdom in their lives.

“I shall ride the final course.” I grabbed the great helm. “You know I have the better chance at vanquishing Lord Mortimer.”

“No, Adelaide.” Mitchell reached to divest me of the helmet, but I sidestepped him and thrust it on before he could wrest it away.

“I shall pretend I am you, and Lord Mortimer will be none the wiser.” My voice was hollow against the conical metal hood that covered my entire head except for the narrow eye slits and the small pricked breathing holes. I fumbled at the leather chinstrap, determined to tie it into place before Mitchell stopped me.

"Jody Hedlund has done a good job of making her readers care about the characters. . . . The fantasy elements remain consistent with those in the prequel. I look forward to reading the additional books in The Lost Princesses series once they are released."

“We need this victory more than any other.” I stiffened my shoulders as Mitchell began to thread the belt from my cuirass to the cross-shaped hole at the base of the helm. Though I couldn’t see Mitchell anymore, I sensed his troubled gaze upon me. With the customary Langley brown hair and eyes, he was small of stature for a man, more scholarly and interested in his studies than in tournaments. However, like any good nobleman’s son, he’d been trained to use both his mind and body.

"Jody Hedlund has a gift for writing. No doubt about it. This Lost Princesses series falls right in my sweet spot for reading. I am transported to the world she created with characters I can love and root for without even thinking about it. I love it."

Colorimetry - Excerpt

“That monster will not have you,” Mitchell had declared viciously after the hunting party. “Though you would be harder to control than a wild coyote, I would sooner marry you myself.”

I’d laughed at Mitchell’s passionate declaration. Only months my elder, he wasn’t my cousin by blood or birth. In fact, we weren’t related in any way. But I saw him as none other than my true kin. We’d been inseparable growing up, and he was my steadfast friend.

Remembrancy - Review

"Once again Hedlund delivers an engaging and well-balanced tale full of adventure, danger, romance, and characters becoming who God intended them to be."

Even now, I held out my gauntlet-gloved fingers and waited until I felt his hand in mine. “We shall prevail, Mitchell,” I assured him. “And if Lord Mortimer ever discovers our duplicity, he will certainly put his thoughts far from me, for he will not be able to abide a wife who has knocked him from his horse.”

I didn’t wait for Mitchell’s response. Instead, I shoved aside the tent flap and proceeded toward the lists. With spurs jangling and armor clanking, I joined the other knights with an air of confidence from years of training.

"Evermore is a masterpiece of fiction – this whole series is shaping up to be so. Adventure, romance, bravery, courage, loyalty, godly wisdom, and true love (even from unexpected sources) are all wrapped up in a tale laced with legend and intriguing possibilities. You’ll want to keep reading, unable to put it down, but at the same time you won’t want it to end."

Bookworm Mama - Excerpt

Mitchell handed me a lance made of solid oak and decorated with red and white to match the Langley heraldry. I braced the long weapon under my arm and against my ribs, tilting it slightly forward to maintain my balance. I pressed my thighs into Roland’s flank, needing to become one with the beast. This tournament was a partnership. I couldn’t succeed without Roland’s cooperation—his measured speed, his balance against the pressure of our opponent, and the ability to sense my needs.

Bookworm Lisa - Review

"I LOVE this series. That's all there is to it. . . . This story has many elements that I love. There is action, adventure, strong female characters, romance, medieval setting, self-sacrifice... if I don't stop now it could end up being a very long list."

"The setting is delightful, the twists and turns, engaging, filled with danger, and yes, even suspense. You never know just what to expect. This story kept me reading, and left me wanting more. I can’t wait to read the last two books in this series!!"

J. L. Mbewe - Excerpt

“God be with you.” Mitchell gave my gloved hand a final squeeze. He spoke with confidence, but I could still distinguish a thin strand of anxiety in his tone. Not only was he worried about his mother the same as I was, but so many responsibilities had fallen on his shoulders, including the weight of the earldom, a weight that had been growing steadily heavier.

As the youngest of three brothers, Mitchell hadn’t expected to carry such burdens. But Norbert had died in youth, and Christopher had run away five years ago. Older than Mitchell and me by two years, Christopher had a courage of both body and spirit I admired greatly. While I’d never been as close to Christopher as I had to Mitchell, I still held him in the highest regard.

"Evermore is book one in The Lost Princesses series. Adelaide and Christopher were so wonderful in this novel. Both of these characters had a real heart for doing right and caring for others. . . . This story was captivating from start to finish."

". . . the story caught my imagination and wonder with its gripping tale which bespoke of adventure and a promise to keep me enthralled from the first page. . . . An exciting tale the book foretold, a brilliant author the words revealed, and a plot which galloped at a swift pace made this a perfect read in the lazy afternoon."

Through my eye slits, I focused on my opponent on the other end of the list. Lord Mortimer was a formidable foe. Nigh on thirty, he was strong and experienced. But a greater weakness than his left side was his arrogance. He would expect Mitchell to come at him with his usual quick and powerful thrust. He would pride himself on knowing Mitchell so well.

But if God looked upon me graciously this day, I would deliver a thrust Lord Mortimer wasn’t expecting.

Heidi Reads... - Review

"The author did a great job of giving the reader a sense of her character and personality before the action and adventure swept the story into a faster pace. . . . I easily connected with the characters and felt the danger and excitement as I read. I'm looking forward to the next two books and am *very* appreciative that there won't be a long wait for them!"

"As with Always, I was delighted to read this! . . . The characters in this series are so real, and combined with the attention to detail that makes it easy to picture each scene . . . impossible to put down!"

Backing Books - Review

"The moment I realized that Adelaide was able to fight on her own, though not perhaps as well as an Elite Guard, I knew that she was going to be an interesting character. . . . For anyone looking to pick up this series, know that it is a sweet, fairy tale like romance."

The bugle call rent the air, clear and strong, quieting the crowd. Roland started forward, needing no urging on my part. His pace was perfect, providing adequate speed but smooth enough I could keep my balance.

With the thundering of horse hooves filling the silence, I focused on the part of Lord Mortimer’s armor I intended to hit. I ground my teeth together, tightened my grip, thrust the lance, and then braced for impact.

"I love how all of the books are connected and different pieces of the puzzle! Very clean. Jody Hedlund is such a great author!"

Among the Reads - Review

"I enjoyed the burgeoning romance between Adelaide and Christopher and the way they fought their attraction to one another. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen and was surprised by some of the events. . . . While the story is listed as Historical fiction, I would consider it more of a fantasy. Young adults (and adults) who enjoy fantasy should consider reading this interesting series."

"Incredible! I loved this teen historical fiction with romance and adventure! I went straight from reading the novella to this first book in the trilogy. . . . I loved this YA Christian Fiction! I plan to read the next two books as soon as they are released!"

"Evermore is the first book in the Lost Princesses series by Jody Hedlund. This story was packed with suspense and adventure. There was always something happening. It kept me thoroughly glued to its pages. . . . This book has so much going for it. I highly recommend this one."

We returned to our respective corners of the list, raised our lances, and then began to ride toward each other once again. I bent closer to Roland, needing his strength, begging him for it. Then I put all thought out of my mind, save one—the target on Lord Mortimer’s chest.

Roland’s gait lengthened. His canter quickened. And the pounding of his iron-shod hooves echoed the thud of my heart. I sensed we were working together. We were a team. And this time I had to hit my mark.

Simply Susan - Review

"Hedlund has excelled once again with her medieval tale. Truly, I think this is her forte. She does a magnificent job with these stories. I love this time period and she is wonderful at it. I loved every minute and now I can’t wait for the next lost princess’s tale!"

"Evermore started with an opening that one would expect from A Knight’s Tale . . . Quite humorous as the switch takes place . . . this is a need to read not to be missed novel."

Hallie Reads - Review

". . . I loved these stories. Fun, heartfelt, exciting, they embody everything I expect from a medieval story, and each character proves to be strong and capable, in his or her own way, seeking the truth of God through the experiences. I cannot wait to return to the adventure in the next two Lost Princesses stories, and in the meantime, I highly recommend Always and Evermore."

"Evermore is one of the best books of the year! I absolutely loved this tale and the whole series! . . . I truly loved this tale, it is just filled with so much adventure, magic, and romance! If you love fairytales and a good romantic trope, than this is the book for you!"

"From the very beginning I was intrigued with Hedlund’s characters, especially the heroine, Adelaide . . . the plot moved quickly with twists and turns that kept me swiping the electronic pages of my Kindle long after I should have gone to bed. . . . As a writer of historical romance, I found this medieval tale packed full of historical details. . . . Readers who enjoy YA fiction or historical romance will enjoy this book."

Splashes of Joy - Review

"I love a good fairytale, and author Jody Hedlund writes just that in her new medieval series. I love the characters, and how they develop so well into the story. I was pulled into the story from the beginning, and this was a hard one for me to put down, once I started reading. . . . You can’t go wrong with “Evermore”."

". . . seriously, you need to read these books! . . . These books weren’t just all about romance though! In “Evermore”, it was about jousting, uncovering secrets buried for over seventeen years, fleeing a tyrant all while trying to gain the love and support of the people!

"Another wow for Jody Hedlund! She delivers yet another exciting medevil tale and doesn't disappoint!! . . . This story is full of action everytime you turn around and that is what I like in a book."

"Lots of great action, amazing and intense plot, smooth and clean storyline. I didn’t know it will be this good. There are so much happening in the story that gave me so many feelings about this book. . . . I loved the storyline and the plot, and I can’t wait to read the other two books that will focuses on Princess Maribel and Princess Emmeline."

Harlie's Books - Review

"This is such a great book. . . . Ms. Hedlund has written a wonderful story with an evil king, princesses, knights and a world that I wouldn’t mind living in. I can’t wait to meet the other princesses."

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(The Lost Princesses #0.5)
By Jody Hedlund
Christian YA Historical Romance
Paperback & ebook, 136 Pages
August 13th 2019 by Northern Lights Press

A fierce elite guard. A loyal lady in waiting. They must work together to save three princesses from certain death.

On the verge of dying after giving birth to twins, the queen of Mercia pleads with Lady Felicia to save her infant daughters. With the castle overrun by King Ethelwulf’s invading army, Lady Felicia vows to do whatever she can to take the newborn princesses and their three-year old sister to safety, even though it means sacrificing everything she holds dear, possibly her own life.

Gravely wounded in battle and knowing all is lost to his enemy, the king of Mercia tasks Lance, one of his fiercest elite guards, to protect his family along with keys to an ancient treasure. As Lance makes plans to sneak the princesses out of the capital city, he doesn’t need or want Lady Felicia’s help.

With the dark enemy in pursuit, Lance and Felicia must put aside their differences to outrun King Ethelwulf and prevent him from killing the princesses. In a desperate attempt to hide the young girls, Lance and Felicia agree to a marriage of convenience, a decision that will change their lives—and hearts—forever.

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(The Lost Princesses #1)
By Jody Hedlund
Christian YA Historical
Paperback & ebook, 222 Pages
August 27th 2019 by Northern Lights Press

An ancient key. A secret treasure. And a princess destined to use them both to fight evil and restore peace.

Raised by a noble family, Lady Adelaide has always known she’s an orphan. Little does she realize she’s one of the lost princesses and the true heir to Mercia’s throne…until a visitor arrives at her family estate, reveals her birthright as queen, and thrusts her into a quest for the throne whether she’s ready or not.

Unable to tolerate King Ethelwulf’s cruelty and lawlessness, Christopher Langley left Mercia years earlier, training a group of rebels in neighboring Norland. When he returns home after his mother’s death, he discovers that not only is Adelaide all grown up, but she’s also the rightful queen of Mercia.

When King Ethelwulf discovers Adelaide’s location, he’ll stop at nothing to capture her and the key she holds to the ancient treasure. Christopher is just as determined to protect Adelaide so she can lead the growing rebellion. When feelings ignite between the two old friends, forces threaten to destroy their love and rip them apart forever.

(Affiliate links included.)
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Also FREE through KindleUnlimited

Other Books in the Series

Coming late September and October. Pre-order now! (Affiliate links included.)

About the Author

Jody Hedlund is a best-selling and award-winning author who loves fairy-tales and happily-ever-afters. She makes her home in Midland, MI with her husband and five teen-aged children. When she’s not writing another of her page-turning stories, you can usually find her sipping coffee, eating chocolate, and reading.

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One winner will receive the prequel and all three books in The Lost Princesses series (Always, Evermore, Foremost and Hereafter) in paperback or ebook (winner's choice, if winner is outside the US ebooks only)
Ends September 25, 2019

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Wayfarer Book Tour Grand Finale

Saturday, September 21, 2019

On Tour with Prism Book Tours

Book Tour Grand Finale for
By Janalyn Voigt

We hope you enjoyed the tour! If you missed any of the stops
you'll find snippets, as well as the link to each full post, below:

Launch - Note from the Author

Welcome to the book tour of Wayfarer, a medieval epic fantasy tale. Wayfarer combines Christian allegory with bardic storytelling to carry you backward through time into the day when castles flew banners and knights wandered in search of adventure. Ah, but somewhere along the way you’ll take a turning into a land only discovered in dreams. . .

Pause for Tales - Review

"This is a fantasy story set in a medieval like setting with fantastical beasts. It is also a story of political intrigue, war, and hard lessons learned. I was quite fascinated that the prophecy that all were looking to be fulfilled, and the one who fulfilled the prophecy was not believed. . . . I look forward to more of this fantasy line with deep truths and hard lessons played out in a world different than our own."

Uplifting Reads - Excerpt

An indrawn breath alerted Kai. Unsheathing his sword, he peered into the shadows beneath a weilo tree’s curling tresses.

Nothing stirred.

“Show yourself!” His challenge rang through the vale.

No response.

He stepped closer.

Kai. His name sighed in a sudden wind that ruffled the waters of the weild. Morning mists eddied above the river, but the leafy canopy over his head remained still and silent.

Heidi Reads... - Excerpt

“As you know, King Devlon of Darksea honors us with his presence. He and his son, Prince Raefe, come to us on a special errand.”

The silence stretched so long Aewen wrenched her gaze from the brooch and looked instead at the sapphire of her mother’s eyes.

The hint of a smile curved Inydde’s lips. “King Devlon has asked for your hand in marriage on behalf of his son, Raefe.”

Aewen could not have spoken even if she had summoned the wit. She stared at the hands twined together in her lap. Her knuckles showed white.

Remembrancy - Review

"Voigt left me both satisfied with the ending of Wayfarer but wanting more because of the unanswered questions remaining. And when I read the synopsis of the upcoming release (Sojourner), I have even more."

Colorimetry - Excerpt

Her smile faltered. “Oh, that you would forget your promise to me.” Her voice changed, took on warmth. “I cherished it, you see.”

“Pray remind me.”

“I should let you suffer longer, but I’ll not. We only agreed to wed one another because our parents wished it and to protect ourselves from other suitors.”

“I remember something, now that you mention the matter.”

Her gray eyes took him in. “I think it, now, not so bad an idea.”

“Have you a suitor you despise?”

She chortled. “I didn’t mean it that way.”

"Once again, the descriptions were beautiful and well-written. The world came alive before my eyes and grew as we explored not only the Kindren world but also the world of the Elder. The conflict between the two races served as an interesting undertone to the overall story, as the characters also fought against Frear, the villain of the previous novel."

Wishful Endings - Excerpt

Movement caught her eye. At the edge of the torchlight pranced a black horse with wings—a creature of surpassing beauty bearing a Kindren youth with fair hair tinged red in the torchlight from the guardhouse. She took a step toward him but halted, speechless.

“Well met, fair one.” His voice, soft and cool, stirred her.

She stared back at him with wide eyes.

His brows drew together. “Do you speak?”

She dipped her head and found her voice. “You are of the Kindren.”

Bookworm Lisa - Review

"I liked the scope of the story. Janalyn Voigt has thought out and is able to execute the plot of the series. Every little action has a consequence that is meaningful and contributes to events that occur later. . . . The fantasy elements really appealed to me."

He put a hand over hers. Her words, soft as the hand he held beneath his own, brought him comfort. “Come.” He walked with her then, taking her toward Cobbleford’s gardens, leaving Raeld in Craelin’s care. Kai followed him at a discreet distance, a fact he welcomed. With Kai near, he might better remember his manners in Aewen’s presence.

They were of the same mind it seemed, for they passed the chapel’s cultivated beds to lose themselves in the natural gardens beyond. Here, weilo trees dangled long leaves in the silvered waters of a stream lined with cobblestones. Wild roses unfurled and native plum trees bent under the weight of their harvest. Bees buzzed, and the aroma of sun-warmed fruit scented the air.

Elcon woke on the cold stone floor of the allerstaed to a blast of trumpets, Torindan’s call to arms, followed by the crash of the first volley from the besieger’s catapults. An unholy uproar commenced—the sound of war. He pushed upright, his heart pounding in his chest like a caged bird. His knees shook. With a trembling hand, he pushed the hair from his eyes as he swallowed against the taste of shame. He’d not known the full extent of his cowardice until now.

“Elcon…” His name carried as if borne on a breeze. Indeed a strange current stirred the air. He lifted his head, blinked in sudden light, and gasped.

"Christians will see parallels between the story in WayFarer and stories in the Bible, yet it is done in such a way that those not familiar with the Bible will view it as a good story. I cannot wait for book three in the series which is due out later this year."

"She paints the story alive through descriptive narrative where you gather glimpses of how this society is rooted into the Medieval setting it thrives inside but with the added bonuses of having the fantastical emerging forward into the narrative as well. . . . She brings you the magic you seek out [of] a wicked good Speculative novel but with a firm grounding in seeking to discuss what is Darkness and what is Light; how do the two battle for dominance and what is the destined path of a soul who is meant to free their people?"

"Wow, this series just gets better and better! . . . Voigt' world-building is just amazing, her writing makes you feel as if you are watching it on the big screen, you truly feel a part of the journey!"

Elcon reached the battlements above the gatehouse, and the stair gave a faint but perceptible vibration.

Craelin looked up from his examination of the water pot nearest the eastern tower. As Elcon watched, the shining surface quivered and stilled.

He lifted a brow. “Miners?”

Craelin gave a brief nod. “We’re sure they mean to collapse the gatehouse towers. We’ve already started a counter shaft.”

"Oh, but the rest of the storyline, the other characters like Kai and Muriel and the brothers Eathnor and Dorann, and the wonderfully constructed world of Faeraven. Those are the things that made WayFarer such an enjoyable read. . . . WayFarer is a solid addition to the Tales Of Faeraven series. I enjoyed this book and I am definitely looking forward to reading Janalyn Voigt's next book in the series..."

J. L. Mbewe - Excerpt

Dragonsfire worried the sky late into the night, but now its absence troubled Elcon’s scant sleep. He rolled from bed to his feet. He’d borrowed Kai’s guardhouse chamber for the night because of its proximity to Craelin’s and to remain close to the battle. The rampant gryphon carved into the strongwood door to Craelin’s chamber loomed out of the semi-darkness. He heard no sound from within.

The cool metal of Sword Rivenn weighted his hand as he passed beneath guttering torches and climbed the silent stair to the guardhouse tower. At an arrow embrasure near the top, he paused and looked out. Shreds of cloud obscured the pale moon, which picked out the high peaks in outline. The land below lay in darkness. As he watched, blackness blotted out even the moon’s feeble light.

He stepped back, his heart pounding. The sword in his hand came alive with light. A scuffling sounded overhead. He withdrew into shadow, every muscle tensed.

Jessica Belmont - Review

". . . this novel is related to the first but not really a sequel. Each boom can be read as a standalone. This works well though, because it proves there is more story to be told in this world. . . . Wayfarer is filled with familiar and new characters and creatures. It’s a lovely epic fantasy and I definitely recommend checking it out."

Don't forget to enter the giveaway at the end of this post...

(Tales of Faeraven #2)
By Janalyn Voigt
Fantasy, Christian Fantasy
Paperback & ebook, 296 Pages
January 3rd 2014 by Harbourlight Books

Trouble stirs between nations and rebellion threatens Faeraven.

When Kai returns with the supposed DawnKing, Lof Shraen Elcon cannot trust that the Elder youth truly is the prophesied deliverer. Driven to prove himself, Elcon banishes the boy and embarks on a peace-keeping campaign into the Elder lands, where he falls in love with an Elder princess betrothed to another.

Sometimes the deliverance of a nation comes only through the humility of one.

Declaring his love would shame the nations, but Elcon is torn. As war approaches, Elcon̢۪s choices lead him on a journey of discovery that will either settle the lands or leave them mired in conflict. Can his kingdom ever be united, or will the consequences of his decisions forever tear asunder the fabric of Faeraven?

(Affiliate link included.)

Other Books in the Series

(Tales of Faeraven #1)
By Janalyn Voigt
Fantasy, Christian Fantasy
Paperback & ebook, 342 Pages
June 29, 2012 by Harbourlight Books

The High Queen is dying...

At the royal summons, Shae mounts a wingabeast and soars through the air to the high hold of Faeraven, where all is not as it seems. Visions warn her of danger, and a dark soul touches hers in the night. When she encounters an attractive but disturbing musician, her wayward heart awakens.

But then there is Kai, a guardian of Faeraven and of Shae. Secrets bind him to her, and her safety lies at the center of every decision he makes.

On a desperate journey fraught with peril and the unknown, they battle warlike garns, waevens, ferocious raptors, and the wraiths of their own regrets. Yet, they must endure the campaign long enough to release the DawnKing and the salvation he offers into a divided land. To prevail, each must learn that sometimes victory comes only through surrender.

(Affiliate link included.)

About the Author

Janalyn Voigt is a writer and professional speaker with a photography habit and a passion for travel. Her unique blend of adventure, romance, suspense, and fantasy creates worlds of beauty and danger for readers. Tales of Faeraven, her epic fantasy series beginning with DawnSinger, carries readers into a land only imagined in dreams. She is represented by Sarah Joy Freese of Wordserve Literary.

Tour Giveaway

One winner will receive a $10 Amazon gift card, a reader's journal, and a Tales of Faeraven bookmark (US only)
Ends September 25th, 2019

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Out Of Liberty Movie Review

Friday, September 20, 2019

Winter 1839. LIBERTY, MISSOURI. Local jailer, Samuel Tillery (Jasen Wade) is tasked with watching Missouri's most wanted men as they await their upcoming hearing. Caught between the local Missourians' increased drive to remove the prisoners, and the prisoners' desperate efforts to survive, Tillery is pushed beyond what any lawman can endure. Based on actual recorded accounts, Out of Liberty is an intense, evocative western, with an outcome you have to see to believe. Check out the trailer below and learn more here. This movie is available in select movie theaters.

I was able to review Out of Liberty. It's an action-packed, dramatic historical western. I enjoyed some of the lines and drama in the movie. It was interested to see the story from Samuel Tillery's perspective. Jasen Wade does an excellent job at playing Tillery. I also liked how the actor playing Joseph portrayed him. I enjoyed some of the lines in the movie and at times it gives you something to think about. There's a part where Rockwell talks about patterns and it gave me something to think about. Some of the other acting by some of the other characters was a little odd at times when the actors seemed like they were purposely making their voices huskier. It seemed unnatural. The movie is appropriate for families with older kids. Check it out at select theaters! Click here to learn more.

Please note that I was able to screen this movie at home to review, however, my opinion is my own.

Charmed by His Lordship Review

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Miss Felicity attends the Havencrest house party for one reason: to win over her idea of the perfect gentleman, a man she has hoped for from a distance all season. With a substantial dowry but questionable family secrets, she hopes that within the intimacy of a smaller house party, she might at last secure his hand.

Lord Bolton is not that man. He shocks and unsettles her. He attends the party to wed the woman who will ease his financial burdens. With nothing left of the family fortune, Lord Bolton is left to fend for himself in the best way he knows how, by charming himself someone of fortune, one woman in particular.

Even though Felicity is not that someone, and Lord Bolton is too outlandish to be the perfect gentleman, they find in each other a surprising and useful ally. What will come of their plots and careful subterfuge?

Review - Most of the books that I've read by Johnson are regency romances that mention historical political movements or tragic events. This was a lighter read and it was interesting to see the lightheartedness in her writing. The banter between the two main characters was unique, engaging, witty, and humorous. I enjoyed learning about the characters and getting to know them through the story. It was a fun read to escape into. I would encourage those who enjoy reading regency romance to check it out.

To learn more about Charmed By His Lordship, click here.

Please note I received this book for free to read, however, my opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

Easy DIY Faux Leather Earrings

Monday, September 16, 2019

One of the latest trends in earrings is faux leather earrings. I saw how much they retailed from shops so I decided to try to make some myself and found that it's super easy and inexpensive. I purchased my faux leather from the DIY Craft Shoppe on Etsy and earring hooks from Amazon.

To make the earrings, I created a pattern and traced the shape from the pattern onto the back of the faux leather. I cut out a big oval and a small oval.

Once I was done tracing the shape of the earring and cutting it out, I punched a hole in the top with a metal push pin.

Then, I placed the leather shapes onto the earring hook and I was done.

This is a super easy craft with very minimal expenses. I can't wait to make more! I only used a small portion of the leather sheet so I can probably make a couple of pairs in different shapes and sizes. These would make great Christmas gifts.

Please note that this post contains an Amazon Affiliate link.

Sweet Melody Book Tour Grand Finale

Saturday, September 14, 2019

On Tour with Prism Book Tours

Book Tour Grand Finale for
Sweet Melody
By Heidi McCahan

We hope you enjoyed the tour! If you missed any of the stops
you'll find snippets, as well as the link to each full post, below:

Launch - Note from the Author

. . . Sweet Melody is more than just a romance about a songwriter and a bakery owner. It’s also a story about failure, how we cope with unspeakable heartache, and what we do when our dreams don’t come true in the way we’d imagined or expected. Whatever you’re going through right now, I hope this novel inspires you, offers a temporary escape from your current reality, and reminds you of the hope that is found in walking with a God who loves you unconditionally.

Happy reading!
Heidi McCahan

Uplifting Reads - Review

"I was drawn to this book description right off the bat because it combines two of my favorite storylines - a bakery and a musician. . . . Watching the two of them grow together just made me feel happy inside. I may or may not have had misty eyes toward the end of the book. I want to be able to peek in on them later on, and have a feeling we'll be able to, as this is just the first book in the series. And I have a good guess as to who will be the focus in the second book. I'll be watching for it!"

Hallie Reads - Review

"Heidi McCahan’s Sweet Melody easily proves to be as sweet as the title and cover suggest. Focusing on dreams and failures and sweet, sweet romance, it’s a perfect read for contemporary romance fans. I recommend it and look forward to seeing more Seabrook stories, hopefully, in the future."

Pause for Tales - Review

"What a sweet love story this was. . . . This had just the right amount of romantic tension and a story line that kept me glued to the pages. I look forward to more stories by author McCahan."

Colorimetry - Guest Post

Lindsay Carmichael and Rhett Foster are the heroine and hero of Sweet Melody. This manuscript evolved through multiple re-writes, mentoring from Susan May Warren and the incredible editing insights shared by Kristin Avila. Here are a few key details that inspired the development of both Lindsay and Rhett. . .

Remembrancy - Review

'The charming Washington coastal town of Seabrook will have you planning your next vacation while the descriptions of the goodies Lindsay offers at her bakery will have you salivating. The attraction between Rhett and Lindsay is instantaneous and builds from their first meeting and left me anxious for more. . . . Hopefully, readers will get more of Seabrook and this group of friends in future books from McCahan (because I really want to learn more about Cat and Micah!).'

Faithfully Bookish - Interview

Share your inspiration behind Sweet Melody.

H: My family and I visited Seabrook over ten years ago and I was instantly smitten. I think it is a wonderful setting for a novel or possibly a whole series. As the book was launching, we were at Seabrook celebrating my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary, which was a lovely full-circle moment.

B: How sweet! Congratulations to your parents!

"On the one hand, the plot is a familiar one – girl meets boy, attraction and friendship soon grow into something more, but certain facts are held back that could crush any chance for a positive outcome – yet the skill and execution of author Heidi McCahan elevates the story to so much more. It’s a fun, heartwarming, emotionally engaging read with compelling spiritual truths gently woven in. I was hooked from the beginning and enjoyed every minute spent with these characters."

I'm Into Books - Guest Post (with a sweet recipe)

Scones are a popular treat at bakeries and coffee shops. In Sweet Melody, Lindsay serves scones at her bakery, Sugar Buzz, so I thought it would be fun to include a recipe for my favorite scone, the glazed cranberry orange. Sally’s Baking Addiction features a lot of fantastic recipes and I often visit this website when I need a fun dessert or special treat for our family.

"Sweet Melody will have you booking a trip to the cozy coastal town of Seabrook, the real-life town coming alive under the author’s talented scene-setting. Layered and engaging characters become instant friends, and I’m looking forward to the stories still to come from this delightful mix of people. Faith, family, friendship, and chasing dreams combine with a sweet and swoony romance to give readers a compelling and thoroughly enjoyable story from start to finish. If you’re a fan of Hallmark movies or Irene Hannon’s Hope Harbor series, you’ll want to grab a copy of Sweet Melody for yourself!"

The front door opened, and a twenty-something guy came in, wearing a tight-fitting black T-shirt, ripped jeans and black work boots. Huh. Definitely not a local. With his brown hair swooped upward and classic handsome features, he looked like a front man for a band. Or the cover model for a romance novel. His caramel-colored gaze found hers, so intense. A delicious tingle swept across her neck then danced around to her cheeks. She couldn’t look away even if she wanted to.

"Hi.” She squeaked out a greeting.

Quinn’s eyes widened. “Hey.” He moved closer, his gait easy and confident. “Do you know where I might find the owner or manager?”

Lindsay couldn’t stop a frown. Did she not look qualified to be in charge? Granted, she probably seemed younger than twenty-four, in jeans and frilly apron over her yellow T-shirt. Still, he didn’t have to jump to conclusions.

“I’m she. I mean, this is her.” Oh brother. Maybe she was too young. Or he was too good-looking.

Bookworm Lisa - Review & Guest Post (with a sweet recipe)

My parents bought a lodge in Alaska when I was a baby, so I spent a lot of my childhood watching my parents and grandparents prepare food and serve it to our customers. It wasn’t safe for me to be near the oven and grill, but I was allowed to climb up on a stool and hang around my mom while she baked pies and cookies in the evenings after the lodge was closed. I have fond memories of “sneaking” chocolate chips from the Nestle Toll House bag while she prepared the cookie dough. . .

"This book is a "happily-ever-after" but there is a ton of story from the beginning to the end. At times I wondered how in the heck the two would work things out. What I got was a story that had depth and a great storyline. I am definitely glad that I took the opportunity to read this book."

Mr. Perfect could be real trouble.

Not that he wasn’t qualified. He was more than qualified. He made the best vanilla latte she’d had in months, possibly ever. And he was telling the truth about his past—a simple Google search confirmed his story.

But serious amounts of time around that smile, those caramel eyes and the way his voice spilled out so effortlessly, doing crazy things to her insides … yeah, good thing it was a part-time temporary gig. She needed her full attention—

"McCahan has a gentle style to her INSPY Contemporary Romances - she lets you drink in the world she is creating for you first, gives you time to find feet inside the story and grants you this lovely place where despite the fact there are moments of adversity, there is a willingness to seek out the unexpected and the good in order to overcome what is giving the characters the most stress and anxiety to overcome. . . . McCahan has definitely thought hard about how she wanted the Seabrook Romances to look, feel and taste to the reader and it is a delight to curl inside this entrance of the series to see where the foundation will not just begin but will give wings to where future installments could continue forward from here."

In a library or a bookstore – what section do you head to first?

The new releases always grab my attention in a bookstore. Our library always has a clever display featured front and center and I usually stop there first. Basically I can’t walk past an interesting arrangement of books without stopping to explore my options.

"Such a beautiful romance with a beautiful setting. . . . I recommend it for readers who enjoy a sweet, clean and light romance with inspiration and faith."

Wishful Endings - Guest Post

I decided to write a book featuring Seabrook as the setting because my family and I have enjoyed several wonderful vacations in this gorgeous coastal community. When you read Sweet Melody, I hope you’ll get a small taste of this amazing part of Washington State and maybe you’ll take the time to visit Seabrook too. . .

"If you're looking for your next sweet romance... nothing could be sweeter than Sweet Melody, pun fully intended. Oh what a cute romance story this was. . . . Sweet Melody was a quick and fun read... I finished it in less than a day! It had a great flow that kept me intrigued right to the last page."

A lot of romances these days include food, as in a character owns a bakery or the like. What is it about this that makes these romances so appealing to readers?

My editor asked me to answer this question because she wanted me to show readers why Lindsay, the heroine in Sweet Melody, cared so much about her bakery and her motivation for launching a food truck. In my opinion, the kind of food one finds at a bakery, especially during a trip or a vacation, provokes happy thoughts and positive emotions. What’s not to love about a cake pop or a cupcake? Readers want to feel good and reading about yummy food recreates positive experiences and memories that also make the reading experience even more enjoyable.

"I really did love the way the attraction and romance brewed between these main characters (pun intended, as the hero was the barista). . . . I really enjoyed this book and the community that was introduced in it. I look forward to returning to Seabrook and reading future stories set there."

Among the Reads - Review

"Sweet Melody is delightful and filled with romance. . . . Sweet Melody was very enjoyable. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys sweet romantic fiction."

"I found Sweet Melody to be such a heartwarming read. The chemistry between Rhett and Lindsay was so charming and vibrant throughout the entire book. I also enjoyed the overall theme of resilience in the face of deep personal struggle."

Splashes of Joy - Review

"This was my first book by author Heidi McCahan, and I really enjoyed this story. The blend of characters throughout the story developed very well as they told their story. . . . the author pulls everything together so smoothly and gives readers the perfect ending to the story."

"This book is such a cute story. Lindsay was determined to make her business work. The characters were so much fun."

“There’s something about this beach—it will cure what ails you.” She moved past him and started down the stairs. “I joke all the time that the marketing people sneak out at night and inject a secret ingredient into the air. No one believes me, of course.”

“A complex hypothesis like that doesn’t get much support, huh? Shocking.”

She paused and fired a playful look over her shoulder. “Don’t mock me.”

He held up both palms and tried not to laugh. “No mockery here. I’m sure your top-secret injection theory is spot on.”

“You wait and see. Fifteen minutes in, and you’ll forget whatever was bothering you.” She pivoted and trotted down the next flight of stairs.

His smile faded. If only that were true.

"The characters were cleverly and realistically developed., and while there were no major surprises in the story, it was well-executed on every level. If you love old-time romance with food trucks, bakeries, and country music, this is for you!"

Jypsylynn - Review

"This is a feel good clean contemporary romance with quaint small town vibes and aromatic lattes. It's a very good read overall for fans of the genre. I recommend for something light, happy and a little bit spicy!"

"It is purely delightful and so very sweet. The author is a new to me author and I loved her writing style and her characters are likeable which made reading this novel a pleasant weekend read. The coastal setting was perfect, the close friendships are such a nice touch because there is no jealousy between them and they want to help each other no matter what. . . . Grab a copy of this book and a cup off coffee and enjoy this heartwarming novel."

Batya's Bits - Review

"I really really enjoyed reading this book. It was such a comfortable and easy read. . . . The author’s writing style was awesome. Even though it was a romance novel, the book wasn’t swimming with heated scenes. It was very clean to read. I enjoyed it immensely. I hope to read more from this author."

Tell Tale Book Reviews - Guest Post (with a sweet recipe)

Here in the South, pound cakes are a staple at family gatherings, church functions and any occasion that calls for a delightful sweet treat. We love our pound cake around here. There are probably hundreds of recipes and iterations available, but this one caught my eye because the author states her mother has been making this pound cake for more than thirty years. It’s apparently a crowd-pleaser and an award-winner. . .

That text message was burning a hole in his pocket.

Rhett grabbed a white ceramic mug from the stack nestled beside the bakery’s espresso machine and poured in a generous shot of hazelnut syrup. Brandi’s text filtered through his head while he pulled the shot of coffee.

I played our song for Paige Tyson. She loved it! Amazing, right? Her manager wants to know when we can finish it??

Ha! How about never? He added the coffee to the mug, then reached for the frothing pitcher full of milk. Empty.

"A sweet book that will make you drool throughout with a coastal backdrop as the setting. . . . I strongly recommend this book. Maybe you've been through mine and Rhetts situation in your life along the way. Have past hurts that need forgiven. Talk to the Lord my reader friends. He will point you the way. Forgive and love while that person is still there. You won't regret it."

Cover Lover Book Review - Review & Guest Post (with a sweet recipe)

"I had so much fun reading this sweet story! Though Sweet Melody is light and fun, it still carries plenty of substance. . . . This is the first book I’ve read by Heidi McCahan, and I plan to seek out more of her work. Her writing style is easy to read, and her characters are well developed."

A shout out to the brilliant soul who created the cake pop! Cake on a stick? Yes, please. In real life, I listen to a podcast that features a woman who used to make cake pops for a living, but didn’t own a bakery. It was more of a side hustle that made her friends and family happy. That’s how cake pops ended up playing a supporting role in Sweet Melody, because I needed a treat that appealed to a wide variety of customers and symbolized the happiness and contentment Lindsay longs to offer her customers at Sugar Buzz. Like Lindsay says in Sweet Melody, “Who doesn’t love a cake pop?” . . .

Harlie's Books - Excerpt & Review

From the first verse, the mood of the gathering shifted as Rhett’s tone dived deep and took on a mournful, seasoned quality—as though he’d lived every minute of the pain he crooned about.

Lindsay gripped the armrests of her chair, hanging on every note, captivated by the emotional journey of the songwriter. Captivated by Rhett. The chorus and subsequent verse told a powerful story of unrequited love, then came to an abrupt end as Rhett stopped playing.

“That’s all I’ve written so far.” He shifted in his chair. “Sorry.”

They were all staring with rapt attention. Clearly, she wasn’t the only one who wanted more.

"I’m just going to say it. I loved this book from the start. From the setting to the characters, to the plot and especially how I felt after reading it. Peeps this is a sweet contemporary romance with inspirational undertones to it. . . . I found that while reading the book, my heart opened and made me take stock in certain parts of my own life. . . . Do yourself a favor a pick up this gem of a book."

Don't forget to enter the giveaway at the end of this post...

Sweet Melody
(Seabrook Romance #1)
By Heidi McCahan
Christian Contemporary Romance
Paperback & ebook, 242 Pages
August 1st 2019

When a struggling bakery owner is rescued by a wannabe songwriter with hidden culinary talents, they discover they can make sweet harmony … if they can only learn to work together.

Rhett Foster longs to change the world with his music, yet he can’t even finish writing one song. Battered by a string of failures and disillusioned, he returns home to Portland, Oregon. While he desperately wants to create a chart-topping hit, his dad mandates a new mission: move to coastal vacation hotspot Seabrook, Washington and expand the family’s successful restaurant chain.

In danger of destroying her late parents’ legacy if she doesn’t diversify her menu, Lindsay Carmichael will try anything to save her bakery. But with a tiny budget and an injured employee who can’t work, she has no choice but to sink the last of her savings into buying a dilapidated food truck and hiring Rhett as a part-time barista. What she doesn’t know is that the handsome songwriter has a secret … one that could destroy her business and her heart.

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About the Author

Heidi secretly dreamed of writing a book for most of her childhood, but a particularly painful rejection letter in middle school convinced her to tuck that dream away. Instead, she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Sports Medicine from Whitworth University in Spokane, Washington and a Master’s Degree in Athletic Training from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. After a brief career as a Certified Athletic Trainer, Heidi married her husband Steve, then she dusted off her big dream of becoming a published author and launched her first contemporary romance into the world in 2014. A huge fan of coffee, dark chocolate, and happily ever after, Heidi currently lives in North Carolina with Steve, three active boys and one amazing Goldendoodle.

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