Pumpkin Pie with Kroger

Monday, December 17, 2018

Kroger sent me coupons and tools to make a fall/winter recipe. I decided to make a pumpkin pie and to bring it to book club. I used the recipe from off of the Kroger canned pumpkin. I like using Kroger branded items. They are inexpensive and you can often additional savings by using their digital coupons. The store branded digital coupons often make the store branded items cheaper than Walmart or Winco. I also like the quality and variety of their store branded items. My favorites are the Kroger curry sauces (which can very quickly sell out) and the oatmeal. To learn more about Kroger or to find a store near you, click here.

Pie Crust Recipe by Kroger

1 15 oz Canned Pumpkin
1 can of Evaporated Milk
1/2 c of Sugar
2 Eggs
1 t. Cinnamon
1/2 t. Ginger
1/2 t. Nutmeg
1/2 t. salt
Pie Crust

Combine filling ingredients and place it in the pie crust. Bake 15 min at 425 and 30-40 min at 350.

Please note that Kroger sent me free samples to facilitate this review, however, my opinion remains my own. You can also participate in free samples and more by joining My Magazine Sharing Network which is run by Kroger.

From Ash and Stone Blog Tour, Review and Giveaway

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

After living in London for six years, Lady Margaret Grey of Hartfell returns home with her heart hardened and filled with bitterness. She wants revenge on the raiders who attacked her home, murdered her family and ruined her happiness. Her plans go awry when she meets the handsome Angus Robson. Will her heart change or will she continue with her original plan?

I enjoyed reading this story. Julie Daines is a pretty consistent writer as far as writing interesting romances with a moral lesson. The main characters were likeable and it was interesting to see England during this time period through the author's creativity, descriptions and research. The story wasn't just a romance, but a story about seeking revenge versus letting go. To learn more about From Ash and Stone, click here.

Amazon is having a promotion that if you spend $20 or more you can get $5 off with the promo code, "GIFTBOOK18."  This book would be a great idea for Christmas and you could pair it with another book by the same author such as Havencross, Willowkeep or With Wandering Awe.

Dec. 14: Why Not Because I Said So, Heidi Reads, Literary Timeout, I Am A Reader 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Please note that I received a free copy of this book to facilitate this review, however, my opinions are my own. The publishing company is responsible for picking the giveaway winner and prize fulfillment. This post contains affiliate links that help with the maintenance of this blog.

Wager For A Wife Blog Tour, Review and Giveaway

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

William Barlow's father unexpectedly passes away and he's left with the new title of Viscount, a neglected estate, an enormous gambling debt and one unexpected acquisition...

Lady Louisa Hargreaves is in the midst of her first London season and she's attracted the attention of the Earl of Kerridge. They begin working on their marriage settlement when unexpected news changes everything and she learns that she is the prize of an old family debt that William Barlow has come to collect. As her wedding day approaches, she learns that Barlow is keeping many secrets that she must uncover before risking ruining the rest of her life.

I debated for a little bit on whether to sign-up for this blog tour. I had read Karen Tuft's The Earl's Betrothal and really disliked it. I found the main male protagonist obnoxiously arrogant, selfish and condescending and it just rubbed me the wrong way. I wasn't sure if I would like Wager for a Wife. The description of Wager for A Wife sounded really interesting and I thought that I would give Karen Tuft another try. I am glad I decided to read this book. I really liked Wager for a Wife. I sympathized with the main character, William Barlow, who was really stuck between a rock and a hard place. He was trying to do the best he could under the circumstances and I felt like he didn't have enough friends or role models to ask for advice. I kept hoping he would ask Lady Louisa's father for advice since he briefly mentioned that he had repaired his own family's reputation, which was the same thing that Barlow was trying to accomplish. Lady Louisa seemed a little naive to me at first...she allowed the Earl of Kerridge to kiss her and place her in situations that if she was discovered could possibly ruin her reputation. As the novel progressed, she developed as a character and found out more about herself, what she wanted in life and how to help others. There were a few unexpected twists and turns in the novel. It's fun, enjoyable and easy-to-read. It's unique and different. The characters show their flaws, but are still likeable and relatable. I would highly recommend reading this. To find out more about Wager for a Wife, click here

Tour Schedule:
Dec. 7: Brightly Street, Wishful Endings, Kindle and MeLiterary Timeout, Getting Your Read On, Fire and Ice Reads

The publisher is giving way a copy of the book. Please fill out the Rafflecopter below to enter.

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After the Rain Cover Reveal

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

After the Rain Cover Reveal

About the Book

Genre:  Contemporary, Inspirational, Romance, Christian
Publisher: Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas
Publication date:February 4, 2019
A heartfelt, emotional story of the beauty and pain found in picking up the pieces and starting over after disappointment.

About the Author

Brandy Bruce is a mom, a wife, a book editor, an author, and someone who really loves dessert. She’s the author of the award-winning novel The Last SummerLooks Like Love, and The Romano Family Collection. Brandy, her husband, and their children make their home in Colorado.

Cover Reveal

Are you ready for the cover reveal?
And here it is!!
What do you think?


Giveaway details: (1) Winner will receive thier choice of a print (US only) or e-copy (International) of The Last Summer.

December Giveaways Listing (low to moderate entry)

Saturday, December 1, 2018

I like entering low to moderate entry giveaways and I share each month some of the blog or social media giveaways I've entered, thought someone else might be interested in entering or that have been submitted to me through bloggers. Check back often throughout the month to see if I have posted more giveaways. If you are hosting a family-friendly giveaway on your blog and would like to see it listed here, please contact me (via email). If you have a won a giveaway that I posted, please leave a comment and share that you won.

Stem Games (ends December 2, 2018)
$100 Jcpenney Gift Card (ends December 2, 2018)
Rice Cooker (ends December 3, 2018)
Cutco Table Knives (ends December 4, 2018) 
$75 Pink Blush Gift Card (ends December 5, 2018)
Hungry Fan Cooler and Sow Cooker (ends December 5, 2018)
$10 Target Gift Card (ends December 6, 2018) 
Book Bundle (ends December 6, 2018)
Ugly Christmas Sweater (ends December 7, 2018)
Krusteaz Fire Roasted and Honey Cornbread Mixes (ends December 7, 2018)
$50 Old Navy Gift Card (ends December 8, 2018) 
Ugly Christmas Sweater (ends December 8, 2018)
$50 Walmart Gift Card (ends December 9, 2018)
Cabot Cheese Box (ends December 9, 2018)
Glasstic Water Bottle (ends December 9, 2018)
Holiday Flavor Bundle (ends December 9, 2018) 
$25 Visa Gift Card and Entenmann Coupons (ends December 10, 2018)
$25 Visa Gift Card and Entenmann Coupons (ends December 11, 2018)
$50 Dinner and a Movie Gift Cards (ends December 11, 2018)
$50 Amazon Gift Card (ends December 11, 2018)
9 Bags of Gingerbread Caramel Popcorn (ends December 11, 2018)
$25 Amazon Gift Card (ends December 12, 2018) 
Cuisinart Air Fryer Toaster Oven (ends December 12, 2018)
Questioneers Prize Pack (ends December 13, 2018)
$25 Fandango Gift Card (ends December 13, 2018) 
$100 Lauren James Gift Card (ends December 13, 2018) 
1 Item from Case App (ends December 14, 2018) 
$50 SOMA Gift Card (ends December 15, 2018) 
Tinkering Labs Electric Motors Catalyst Kit (ends December 16, 2018)
$100 Purpose Gift Card (ends December 16, 2018)
$10 Target Gift Card (ends December 16, 2018) 
Banana Republic Factory Gift Card and Eyeshadow Palette (ends December 16. 2018)
$250 Visa Gift Card (ends December 18, 2018)
Jack & Lily Shoes (ends December 18, 2018)
$25 Anthropologie Gift Card (ends December 18, 2018)
$15 Kroger Gift Card (ends December 19, 2018)
$25 Walmart Gift Card (ends December 19, 2018) 
$100 Gift Card and Blanket (ends December 19, 2018)
Smallfoot Movie  (ends December 20, 2018)
$100 Happy Her Gift Card (ends December 20, 2018)
Kendra Scott Corza Rose Gold Earrings (ends December 20, 2018)
$200 Gilroy Premium Outlets Gift Card (Bay Area) (ends December 20, 2018)
$100 Happy Gift Card (ends December 21, 2018)
$100 Happy Bites Gift Card (ends December 21, 2018)
$100 Happy Her Gift Card (ends December 22, 2018) 
$100 Happy Her Gift Card (ends December 22, 2018) 
$100 Jcpenney Gift Card (ends December 22, 2018)
Belle Doll (ends December 23, 2018)
$100 Happy Lady Gift Card (ends December 23, 2018)
$100 Happy Gift Card (ends December 23, 2018)
$100 Happy Lady Gift Card (ends December 23, 2018)
$100 Happy Beauty Gift Card (ends December 23, 2018)
$100 Happy Eats Gift Card (ends December 23, 2018)
$100 Happy Lady Gift Card (ends December 23, 2018) 
$100 Nordstrom Gift Card (ends December 23, 2018)
$100 Happy Kids or Teen Gift Card (ends December 24, 2018)
$100 Happy Eats Gift Card (ends December 24, 2018)
$100 Happy Dining Gift Card (ends December 24, 2018)
$75 Grace & Lace Gift Card (ends December 25, 2018) 
Two Harry Potter Games (ends December 26, 2018)
Marvel Nail Wraps (December 26, 2018)
$100 Happy Lady Gift Card (ends December 27, 2018)
$100 Happy Teen Gift Card (ends December 27, 2018)
Marc Fisher Boots (ends December 27, 2018)
$100 Happy Lady Gift Card (ends December 27, 2018)
$100 Happy Card (ends December 28, 2018)
Smallfoot Movie (ends December 30, 2018)
$100 Target Gift Card and Downy Release (ends December 31, 2018) 

Lehi, Lehi, What Do You See? Learning Time with Boats

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

I read Lehi, Lehi, What Do You See? to my kids and then flipped back to the pages about Nephi seeing a boat. I explained to my kids about how God instructed Nephi on how to build a boat and that his family was commanded by the Lord to travel to the promised land. I also explained that God can help us do things and provides a way to follow his commandments. After the mini-scripture story lesson, we did some activities related to boats. Here's what we did:

1. We filled a tub with water and added plastic boats. Next, we dropped marbles in the boats to see how many it would take for them to sink. This activity is based on an activity in the book, More Than Counting.

2. We discussed that boat begins with B. We practiced writing the letter B and colored a boat.With coloring, we have been working on coloring in the lines.

3. We colored a worksheet with big and small boats. My kids worked on differentiating sizes and coloring the big boats blue and the small boats brown.

4. I created a worksheet with various objects and my kids circled/sorted the ones that start with the letter B.

5. We practiced cutting on a straight line to an image of a boat.

6. I also cut out pieces of a boat and my kids glued them onto a black sheet of paper and stamped "water" onto the picture with washable paint and a paper tube.

I created a free printable so that you can do some of these fun "learning" activities with your kids. To download the packet, click here.

To learn more about Lehi, Lehi, What Do You See?, click here.

Please note that this post contains affiliate links.

Tinkering Labs Review

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

In May, my son (4 at the time, now 5) participated in "My First Science Fair" hosted by one of the local libraries in Boise. We decided to make a robot car using the directions from a blog. I bought parts from Amazon, a craft store and a dollar store. Many of the components didn't work well together and we had to fiddle with it quite a bit. We finally had to ask my husband, who has an engineering background, for help. It took us several days and hours to get it to work properly. It was a good experience for my son, but highly frustrating at times. The components and parts roughly cost around $20 and at times flimsy, not reusable for other projects and would break apart easily.

I wish I had known about Tinkering Labs prior to this experience. Tinkering Labs have Electric Motor Catalyst Kits that can be adapted for multiple projects and can be reused again and again. They are easy to clean-up and come with convenient storage bags. The kit is also very kid-friendly and I was highly impressed with the thoroughness of making everything easy-to-use and the quality of the parts. My son wanted to build a machine that drew curvy lines. It took us just a few minutes to assemble and everything worked properly. For younger kids, I would suggest following one of the suggested projects and as they get older, they can create their own. The price may seem expensive, but I think it's totally worth it considering you can easily dissemble a project and reassemble it to use it for something else (and considering what we paid for parts for 1 project in May). This kit is very STEM worthy and I think it's a must for classrooms, home use, preschool and homeschooling. I want to reiterate that I was very, very impressed with the quality of the kit. It was a vastly different experience than what we experienced in May with roughly the same components but of a vastly higher quality geared for kids usage. I would highly recommend this kit. It's something we will be reusing several times in our home. The kit does say for 8+, but with an adult's help it can be fun for preschoolers and kindergartners. To learn more about Tinkering Labs Electric Motor Catalyst Kits, click here.

Please note that I received a free sample to help facilitate this review, however, my opinions remain my own. Please note that there are Amazon affiliate links in this review.

Lehi, Lehi, What Do You See? Blog Tour

Monday, November 26, 2018

I set-up a blog tour for my book, Lehi, Lehi, What Do You See?. Check out the following bloggers' reviews on the tour. There's also a giveaway for a copy of the book and you can enter by checking out one of the blog tour stops:

November 26, 2018 - Rockin' Book Reviews
November 27, 2018 - Singing Librarian
November 28, 2018 - My Book A Day, Bookworm Lisa
November 29, 2018 - Life's Journey to Perfection
November 30, 2018 - Making Life a Bliss Complete

I will also be doing a storytime/signing at Marissa's Books and Gifts in Utah in December. Check out the following graphic for more info.

Jesus Worked Miracles Review

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Jesus Worked Miracles is the latest children's book by Heidi Poelman and shares the miracles that Jesus performed throughout his life. My kids (ages 2 and 5) love this book, they carry it all over the house and have asked me to read it several times to them. It helps kids to understand the miracles that Jesus did in a way that they can comprehend. This is a religious book that kids will want to read over and over again which is a rare find. It's also a book not exclusively for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but for all Christian religions. The illustrations and artwork are unique and attractive to young children. This is a great book to help kids learn about Christ's life especially during the Christmas season.

Heidi Pohlman frequently writes articles for the Friend Magazine and has written several books: I Can Love Like Jesus, A is for Abinadi, Little Heroes: Courageous People Who Changed the World and more. Poelman received her Communications degrees from Brigham Young University (BA) and Wake University (MA). She lives in Utah with her husband and four children.

To learn more about Jesus Worked Miracles, click here.

Please not that I received a free copy of this book to help facilitate this review, however, my opinions remain my own. This post contains affiliate links, which help with the maintenance of this blog.

Quaker Caramel Rice Crisps

Monday, November 19, 2018

Quaker Caramel Rice Crisps are a gluten-free snack option. The caramel flavor has it all...sweet caramel, crispiness, crunchiness, and a little buttery taste. The rice crisps also are low-fat, low cholesterol per serving with a 11 g of whole grains per serving.

I had taken pictures for the review and opened the bag to try a few when my 5-year old son saw that they were open and asked to try some. I agreed as long as he saved some for his 2-year old sister who was napping. He quickly devoured most of the bag and left her just a little bit to try. It was my own fault for expecting him to have self-control and not dividing it up prior to letting him have some. These are a very kid-friendly snack and are a good option for moms who are wanting their kids to be on a gluten-free diet. I could easily see this paired with grapes or mini oranges. I recommend trying these!

To learn more about this product, click here.

Please note that I received this product free to try from MyMagazine sharing network, however, my opinions are my own. This is an ad.

Beloved 365 Devotions for Young Women Review and Giveaway

Friday, November 16, 2018

Beloved 365 Devotionals for Young Women is a daily devotional book geared toward young women. The cover has a lovely illustration of pink flowers and feminine style font. The book seems pretty sturdy and is something a teen could carry around easily in a handbag or backpack. Each day shares a spiritual message and scripture. There's also a place for teens to write down their thoughts on the message. The spiritual message is written in a tone that's friendly and engaging for a young audience. It also helps teens to discover how the bible relates to their lives now. One of the messages that I liked was on day 135, "Each of us will face giants in our lives, figuratively speaking. Our giants are problems that seem impossible to solve. Goals that seem out of reach. Persecution or hurtful behaviors of others. Our giants may even be in our own minds-fear, anxiety, depression, doubt. Jael's story shows us that God's power is bigger than the biggest giants." The messages in this book will help encourage and uplift young women. It's geared to help them draw closer to God. I think the book is most ideal for young women ages 12-18. To learn more, click here.

The sponsor has graciously offered for me to giveaway a copy of this book on my blog. Please fill out the rafflecopter down below to enter. The giveaway will end on 11/23 at midnight. The winner will be subject to verification of their winning entry and will need to respond within 24 hours. The giveaway is only subject to the continental United States.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

“Disclosure (in accordance with the FTC’s 16 CFR, Part 255:  “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising”):  Many thanks to Propeller Consulting, LLC for providing this prize for the giveaway.  Choice of winners and opinions are 100% my own and NOT influenced by monetary compensation.  I did receive a sample of the product in exchange for this review and post. Only one entrant per mailing address, per giveaway.  If you have won a prize from our sponsor Propeller /FlyBy Promotions in the last 30 days on the same blog, you are not eligible to win.  Or if you have won the same prize on another blog, you are not eligible to win it again.  Winner is subject to eligibility verification.

The Truth about Miss Ashbourne Blog Tour, Review and Giveaway

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Miss Ashbourne works as a governess in a less than ideal situation. Her luck changes when she receives a letter from a solicitor concerning an unexpected inheritance with strings attached. Her estranged grandfather left her a good size inheritance that would help her accomplish her dream as long as she stays on the estate where her mother was raised for a month. Will Miss Ashbourne be able to withstand her mother's past to find her own future?

The book market is saturated with regency novels and at times The Truth About Miss Ashbourne didn't seem to standout enough against its competition. There were a few surprises that I wasn't expecting and it was a enjoyable read, but it's not memorable enough and not something you would think of to recommend to a friend. I wish someone had pushed the author a little harder to cause more drama in the story or add some additional elements that would have made it a stronger novel. It's a decent read, but it's not something I would rave about. The characters seemed like average regency heroes and heroines. To learn more about The Truth About Miss Ashbourne, click here.

Blog Tour Schedule:
*Nov. 16th: https://brightlystreet.com/, http://www.iamareader.com/, https://whynotbecauseisaidso.blogspot.com/, http://literarytimeout.blogspot.com/, http://booksaresanity.blogspot.com/

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Ellie Claire Journal Reviews

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Memories and thoughts are worth preserving for self-reflection and for the next generation. Ellie Claire has several beautiful journal options that would be a great gift for Christmas:

  • The Illustrated Word Journal is an illuminated Bible coloring journal that has forty line drawings (that you can color) based on Medieval Bible illustrations. The illustrations are meant to be colored with colored pencils. The cover feels solid and it seems like it will protect your journal entries for years to come. It has a beautiful illustration on the cover with flowers, birds, vines and gold foil embossing. The picture on the side doesn't do it justice. This journal is best for teens to adults. I could easily see using it to write thoughts on my scripture studies, day to day life and memories. It's perfect for those who like to color and journal! To learn more, click here.

  • Illuminate Your Story Journal teaches you how to draw illuminated letters. The instructions on how to draw the illuminated letters are easy and help you create beautiful art. The journal also has several lined pages to write journal entries. There is also a keepsake pocket in the back, which is a nice touch. The binding on the journal I received to review is starting to fray, which worries me concerning the longevity of the journal. This journal seems fun for those who love to draw or try something new. To learn more, click here.
  • Faith and Lettering Journal has a beautiful foil embossed cover with inspiring words, flowers and leaves. is my favorite of the three journals. There are beautiful hand-lettering art illustrations scattered throughout of scriptures and sayings. It also has lined pages for journal entries. The illustrations are very eye-catching and beautiful. The journal even has instructions on how to create your own hand-lettering art. To learn more, click here.
Click here to learn more about Ellie Claire journals.

Please note that I received a free copy for the purpose of this review, however, this does not influence my opinion. This post also contains affiliate links that help facilitate this review.

Email Marketing Do's and Don'ts

Friday, November 9, 2018

Email marketing is one of the cheapest and most inexpensive ways for a brand to market themselves. With email marketing, brands don't have to stress about printing or postage costs. It's also less expensive than placing an ad online, in a magazine or in a newspaper and you can track your results. Email management companies offer the ability to see your open rates, how many people clicked on a link in your email and more. You can also very easily manage your lists and segment them based on how people have discovered your brand and what their interests may be. There are several email marketing campaign approaches that a brand can use:
  • Enewsletter: With an Enewsletter, a brand can highlight their services and products. A brand can also demonstrate industry expertise.
  • Product/Service Spotlight: Highlight a particular product or service that your brand has to offer.
  • Cart Abandonment: Send reminders to customers who have abandoned a cart and remind them the benefits to purchasing a product.
  • Testimonials/Stories: Share a testimonial or story about how a customer has benefited from the use of your product or service.
  • Ecard: Send an ecard to your audience with holiday/seasonal greetings and a reminder of how your brand benefits them.
  • Gratitude: Send your audience a note of appreciation for being a fan of the brand.
  • Announcements: Share with your audience something new with your brand whether it's new products, new hires or a new service offered.
There are many creative approaches that you can use in email marketing that will help you reach your audience in a new way. Before you begin email marketing, there are simple do's and don'ts that you should know:

10 Email Marketing Do’s and Don’ts - Infographic by Campaign Monitor
Source: 10 Email Marketing Do’s and Don’ts by Campaign Monitor

One of the Email Marketing Tools that you can use is Campaign Monitor. Campaign Monitor can help you send out email marketing campaigns that will drive results for your brand. To find out more about email marketing, check out Campaign Monitor.

Please note that this is a sponsored post, however, my opinions remain my own.

The Spinster and I Blog Tour, Review and Giveaway

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

About the Book

The Spinster and I
Series: The Spinster Chronicles
Genre:  Adult, New Adult, Romance
Publisher: Phase Publishing
Publication date: November 1, 2018
Poor, unfortunate Spinster…
Prudence Westfall, spinster, has unexpectedly had the greatest misfortune of all: she has inherited a fortune, and is now an heiress. But as a Spinster, and a stammering shy one, nothing could be worse than having a bevy of suitors pay her attention. Opportunity strikes at a house party when the most unlikely person offers the perfect solution.
Camden Vale is no gentleman, and he’s not prone to saving anyone, but something about Prue changes all that. When his offer to befriend her extends beyond the house party, and his feelings extend beyond expectation, no one is more surprised than he. Except, perhaps, for the other Spinsters, and they have much to say on the subject.

About the Author

Rebecca Connolly headshot
Rebecca Connolly writes romances, both period and contemporary, because she absolutely loves a good love story. She has been creating stories since childhood, and there are home videos to prove it! She started writing them down in elementary school and has never looked back. She currently lives in the Midwest, spends every spare moment away from her day job absorbed in her writing, and is a hot cocoa addict.


The main characters in The Spinster and I, Prue and Camden, are different and compatible. It was interesting how their complexities and different experiences in life were able to merge into a relationship. It was a fun, enjoyable book. It was hard to put the book down. The characters' reactions and conversations made the story move rather quickly. The villains in the story were harsh and memorable. They were easy to dislike and the descriptions of their actions were well-written. I would highly suggest that if you enjoy Regency Romances that you read this story. The only downside is that this story isn't really a stand-alone story. In order to follow along easily, you should read the first book in the series The Merry Lives of Spinsters. The Merry Lives of Spinsters was a little boring and a slow read for me, however, I loved The Spinster and I. I couldn't put the book down and needed to know what happened in the story before bed so I read the end and then went back through and read the rest the next day. It's a must read! To learn more, click here.


TSAI Giveaway
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Giveaway is subject to policies HERE.

Tour Schedule

SLB Tours Button for Team (1)

Please note that I received a free copy to help facilitate this review, however, this does not influence my opinion.

The Gem Thief Blog Tour, Review and Giveaway

Monday, November 5, 2018

Gracie Miller works as a designer at a prestigious jewelry shop in New York City. When her client, Mrs. Katsaros, comes in for a minor repair on her ring, Gracie is horrified to find that her design has been forged and the diamond is missing. Gracie soon finds herself trying to help Mrs. Katsaros find the thief by traveling the Mediterranean and pretending to be the fiancee to Mrs. Katsaros's nephew, Quinn. She doesn't realize that by helping, she's also putting herself in danger.

The Gem Thief has it all - romance, humor, suspense and more! From the very beginning, the story sucks you into the protagonist's world. I love the visual image the author creates of Gracie's horrible morning. It was incredibly memorable and I could see it eventually turning into a RomCom movie. The descriptions of the scenery and events and the characterizations of the characters were continuously masterfully written by Sian Ann Bessey. Some of the minor characters were my favorite...brightly, colorful Mrs. Katsaros and pie-loving Steve. I sincerely hope that Bessey plans to write a novel with Steve as the main protagonist and that he will fall in love with a woman who likes to bake. The Gem Thief is a fun, memorable and interesting read. I would highly recommend it! Click here for more information.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

 Please note that the winner of the giveaway will be picked by the publisher. This post does contain affiliate links that help with the maintenance of this blog. I received a free copy of this book to facilitate this review, however, my opinion remains my own.

November Giveaways (low to moderate entry)

Thursday, November 1, 2018

I like entering low to moderate entry giveaways and I share each month some of the blog or social media giveaways I've entered, thought someone else might be interested in entering or that have been submitted to me through bloggers. Check back often throughout the month to see if I have posted more giveaways. If you are hosting a family-friendly giveaway on your blog and would like to see it listed here, please contact me (via email). If you have a won a giveaway that I posted, please leave a comment and share that you won.

Chicas Party Prize Pack (November 3, 2018)
Coco Bluray (ends November 3, 2018)
$50 Savers Gift Card (ends November 4, 2018)
$50 Savers Gift Card (ends November 4, 2018)
$25 Applebees Gift Card (ends November 4, 2018)
Instant Pot and $100 Amazon Gift Card (ends November 4, 2018)
Craft Kits and $50 Visa Gift Card (ends November 5, 2018)
Christopher Robin (ends November 5, 2018)
Playmobil NHL Advent Calendar (ends November 7, 2018)
Incredibles 2 (ends November 8, 2018)
Cents of Style Gift Card and Scarf (ends November 8, 2018)
$250 Made Trade Gift Card (ends November 9, 2018) 
Ant Man and the Wasp Blu-Ray (ends November 9, 2018)
$50 Nordstrom Gift Card (ends November 10, 2018)
IntelliDent Toothbrush Shields (ends November 11, 2018)
$150 Savers Gift Card (November 11, 2018)
Real Simple Method to Organizing Every Room (ends November 11, 2018)
$100 Ten Thousand Village Gift Card (ends November 13, 2018)
Hillsong Kids DVD (ends November 15, 2018)
Vamprina Ghouls Rock DVD (ends November 15, 2018)
Spirit Riding Free Prize Pack (ends November 15, 2018)
$25 Victoria Secret e-gift Card (ends November 16, 2018) 
Malia Designs Bag (ends November 16, 2018)
Incredibles 2 Blu-ray (ends November 17, 2018)
Things that Go Vroom Prize Pack (ends November 18, 2018)
One World Futbol (ends November 18, 2018)
Moosh Moosh Clip-On (ends November 18, 2018)
Vamprina Ghoul Girls Rock (ends November 18, 2018) 
Maxwell Scout All Leather Zip Wallet (ends November 20, 2018)
Let's Pretend Play Prize Pack (ends November 20, 2018)
Dream Works  Spirit Riding Free Toys (ends November 21, 2018)
$100 Jcrew Factory Gift Card (ends November 21, 2018)
Classroom Friendly Pencil Sharpener (ends November 22, 2018) 
Toys for Budding Musicians (ends November 22, 2018) 
Magformers Building Set (Little Rock, AK) (ends November 22, 2018)
Chinese Lantern Festival Tickets (So. Cal.) (ends November 25, 2018)
Step 2 Rudolph Rockin' Reindeer (ends November 25, 2018)
$100 Kohls Gift Card (ends November 25, 2018)
Advent Box (ends November 26, 2018)
$100 Gift Card (ends November 26, 2018) 
Gift Tin of Raw Mammoth Pecans (ends November 27, 2018) 
$300 BJs Wholesale Gift Card (ends November 28, 2018)
Silk'n Infinity Device and Gift Pack (ends November 28, 2018)
Dyson Hair Dryer (ends November 28, 2018)
Educational Toys (ends November 29, 2018)
Pixar Short Fims (ends November 30, 2018) 
Christmas Fun Felties Kit (ends November 30, 2018)
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