Mrs. R. Snugglesworth Attorney at Law Virtual Book Tour, Review, and Giveaway

Wednesday, August 17, 2022


Mrs. R. Snugglesworth, Attorney-at-Law

Written by Amy Flanagan

Illustrated by Jon Davis

Ages 5+ | 90 Pages

Publisher: Whitefox | IBN-13: 9781915036094

Mrs. R Snugglesworth is 70 pounds of low-to-the-ground PRECIOUS. She is the Best at Finding Slightly-Used Sandwiches and the Best at Loving Ham—and now she’s looking for her next big challenge. To her surprise, she finds it at the local Bark Park, when she discovers a passion for the law. Dog law, that is.

In two wags of a tail, she enrolls at Wagsworth Legal Academy, eager to become a lawyer. Turns out, it’s not that easy learning to be the Best at Law School. But when Mrs. R. learns that her friend Pitter-Patter needs help, she can’t wait to take on her first case. Only one small issue: she hasn’t quite finished her law degree. Some dogs might consider this a problem, but not Mrs. R! After all, Pitter-Patter needs a lawyer, and she is ALMOST a lawyer. Which everyone knows is practically as good as being a lawyer, right?

She’ll just juggle her law classes, naps, walks, power naps, chasing tennis balls, snacks, naps, and work on Pitter-Patter’s case at the same time! What could possibly go wrong?

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Amy Flanagan is an Instructional Designer and children’s author living with her family in the Chicago suburb of Batavia. She began writing Mrs. R. Snugglesworth, Attorney-at-Law in early 2021 to stay busy during the long pandemic winter. She wanted to create something that would make kids (and adults) laugh out loud. She is already working on the second book in the “Mrs. R.” series. Like you, she wonders what the ‘R’ stands for.

Visit her: online at


Jon Davis is an award-winning freelance illustrator living and working in Cumbria, UK. He always loved drawing as a child, thinking up characters and stories – paints, pencils, felt tips, crayons, anything would do. So he decided to study Illustration at Glyndwr University, Wrexham. He works digitally in Photoshop with a tablet and pen because the ‘undo’ function saves him from the depths of frustration.

Visit him at

Mrs. R. Snugglesworth: Attorney at Law reimagines the world of law and detective work and applies it to the canine world. The canine's idea of law and judicial practices may not completely match the human version as the reader is shown through a dog's perspective and experiences. Children will enjoy the humorous storytelling in this book from the way dogs leave messages to the charges that other dogs will bring to court against their canine friends. This book will be loved by early chapter book readers who enjoy books on animals. This fun book also introduces children to the idea of lawyers and judges practicing law. The characters in this book are fun, interesting, and entertaining for young audiences. Young audiences will love the humor in the story and how the plot moves forward. The story is light-hearted and age-appropriate for young elementary age students. The illustrated pictures in the book are eye-catching and illustrated in a fun and engaging manner. Children will be drawn into this story and love how it moves from one scene to the next. The scenes are told in such a way that kids will not find the story dry or boring.  Overall, it's a cute and entertaining chapter book for kids.


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Mrs. R. Snugglesworth: Book Giveaway 

This post is in partnership with The Children’s Book Review and Amy Flanagan. I received a free digital copy to review, however, this is my honest opinion.

Tommy and the Order of Cosmic Champions Virtual Book Tour, Author Interview, and Giveaway

Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Tommy and the Order of Cosmic Champions 

Written by Anthony J. Rapino and Anthony D. Grate 

 Ages 10+ | 392 Pages 

 Publisher: Greenleaf Book Group | ISBN-13: 9781626349667 

 Publisher’s Book Summary: Sometimes our greatest moments of enlightenment come from our worst mistakes. When life supplies eleven-year-old Tommy Grant with some unfavorable circumstances intruding on his otherwise tranquil life in rural 1980s Ohio, he retreats into the spell-binding Order of Cosmic Champions. When he discovers that the largely successful animated program and toy line is holding a nationwide ”Create-A-Character” contest where applicants submit their action figure designs, Tommy knows he has to enter as surely as he knows his own name.

But when Tommy’s character design fails to win the contest, he finds his world crumbling from all sides. And there is only one way he knows to fix it. What follows is a whirlwind coming-of-age adventure of righting wrongs, overcoming perilous obstacles, confronting our inner demons, and challenging the limits of reality. In this waxing nostalgic and imaginative fantasy, readers will discover what excitement lies waiting when you take risks and conquer your fears.

Only one question remains: In the final hour when you heed the call, the courage to give your all, will you stand or fall?

Available for purchase on Amazon, Bookshop, and Barnes and Noble.


Anthony J. Rapino resides in Northeastern Pennsylvania with his cats Luna and Poe. When he’s not writing speculative fiction, Anthony can be found in the classroom teaching English or crouched in dark alleyways sculpting horrific autumnal creatures out of clay. His work has appeared in On Spec, Acapella Zoo, Black Ink Horror, Madhouse, Liminal Spaces, and others. His novel, Soundtrack to the End of the World, and the story collection, Greetings from Moon Hill, are both available now.

Anthony D. Grate lived through the ’80s, from ages six to sixteen, by surviving on steady doses of Masters of the Universe, Kool-Aid that he put way too
much sugar in, and BarNones. Occasionally he put pencil to paper and created comic strips to entertain his friends. He dreamed of one day working for Marvel or DC. Once out of college, however, he found himself selling furniture. Life sure is funny.

After a few failed attempts to use a new thing called ”the internet” to find a nice lady to share life with, a nice lady found him. They married and soon found themselves raising four children together. Meanwhile, in his spare time, Anthony tried desperately to appease the creative spirit dwelling within him. Comic strips, websites, books, board games, interactive online games . . . you name it, he probably gave it a shot.

Nowadays, Anthony juggles the responsibilities of a husband, father, business owner, and creator pretty well—or at least he thinks so. He lives in the same quiet corner of Ohio that he always has, with no plans of changing that. The guy’s not much for change, which is probably why he still watches Masters of the Universe and eats too many BarNones. He did ditch the Kool-Aid, however.

Life Is What It's Called? What inspired you to write Tommy and the Order of Cosmic Champions?

Anthony Grate: A good amount of the inspiration for the story that takes shape in the novel comes from my own childhood. Like Tommy, I was faced with the prospect of the implosion of my parents’ marriage, and the effects of that on my young life. The battle between my parents often left me without a support system to help process things, so I would find ways of simply not dealing with it at all. One way was to use my vivid imagination to create worlds and stories with my toys.

My favorite line of toys at that time was (and still is) Masters of the Universe. Mattel, makers of MOTU, had launched a nationwide “Create-A-Character” contest, and I was very excited to enter my own creation. As with Tommy in the novel, I did not win. I was quite disappointed, and developed a hatred for the winning design, named “Fearless Photog”.

Many years later, around 2003 I believe, I came across a post on a website that I frequented that asked the question, “What Happened To Fearless Photog?” The fans of the site took it upon themselves to instead discover what happened to Photog’s creator, Nathan Bitner. After 2,300+ comments on that one post, a story emerged (most of it unverifiable mind you) of a kid that had dealt with hardships of his own later in life. It changed my perspective on that one event that had such an impact on me. I came to realize that losing that contest may have been a valley for me, but for Nathan, it was his time on the mountain, when his own valleys were to come. I came to appreciate Photog after that. And when Mattel FINALLY made that character into an action figure (about 30 years later than promised), I bought 10 of them.

Life Is What It's Called - What are the main themes that run through this book?

Authors: There are a few. Chiefly, overcoming fear and doubt by finding inner strength. In the novel, Tommy has no choice but to grow and face down some of life’s difficult challenges, and even some more fantastical ones. Beyond that, coming to appreciate the things that truly matter… our loved ones, our friends, and just appreciating life itself.

Life Is What It's Called - What do you think readers will like most about your book?

Anthony Grate: I believe that some will enjoy the journey of Tommy as he grows to overcome the obstacles before him, particularly the more familiar ones like divorce and bullying. Others will be more inclined to appreciate the fantasy elements… the battles and the friendship that develops between him and Fierce Phantos. And then there is the nostalgia for all things ‘80s. A healthy love of that amazing decade and all that it brought to us is woven throughout the story.

Life Is What It's Called - What was your favorite scene to write for this book and why?

Anthony Grate: As this was a collaborative effort between myself and writer Anthony J. Rapino, I can only give my own thoughts here. I feel that the most important scene to get just right was the final battle scene. Anthony and I discussed that scene at great length, and with his amazing writing skill, the scene really came together. It is the one that I spent the most time envisioning and the one that I felt was the most important to perfect. The reader needed to feel the weight of everything coming to a head and feel highly satisfied.

Life Is What It's Called - How do you see your book being used in the classroom?

Anthony Grate: There are a variety of life lessons that could be discussed to help students understand the best ways to deal with difficult situations. Tommy makes mistakes, but he regrets them and learns from them.

Life Is What It's Called - How does Tommy and the Order of Cosmic Champions stand apart from the other books available on the market?

It is unfortunate, but there is a huge lack of new, fun, meaningful stories that draw on the experiences of Gen-X. Stories that don’t incorporate copious amounts of horror, sexual content, and adult language. It was very important to me that the characters feel real and relatable. Therefore, there are rare instances of profanity in Tommy and the Order of Cosmic Champions. However, I really wanted this story to be one that parents could feel comfortable sharing with their children, particularly Gen-X parents, and vice versa.

Life is What It's Called - What is your favorite genre to write and why?

Anthony Grate: My favorite genre would have to be Science Fiction, with Fantasy a close second. There is so much you can do in those genres. Everything, down to the last detail, can be just as you want it to be. You aren’t limited by the restraints of reality.

Life Is What It's Called - What would you like readers to know about you as an author?

Anthony Grate - I don’t want readers to care about me at all, honestly. That’s not an attempt to look impressively humble. Aside from being aware of the inspiration for the story, I don’t want who I am to matter. The story is all that has ever mattered since the beginning of my adventure into literature. I do think that readers who enjoy the writing should learn more about Anthony J. Rapino. He has written some truly enjoyable tales.

Life Is What It's Called- What writing projects are you working on next?

Anthony Grate - I think that depends on different factors, not the least of which is the success of this book. Time will tell, but I would like to work with Anthony Rapino again someday. Perhaps even revisit Branchville and Tommy Grant one more time.


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Ten (10) winners receive:

  • A hardcover copy of Tommy and the Order of Cosmic Champions
 Tommy and the Order of Cosmic Champions Book Giveaway 

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Hearts of Briarwall Blog Tour

Thursday, August 4, 2022


Lydia Wooding is fascinated by the latest inventions the new century brings, including motorcars. She longs for the independence they represent and believes that women should have a say in the future of the industry―just as they should have a say in suffrage, adventure, and, of course, love.

Spencer Hayes is a man of practicality and innovation, but he lacks the financial backing to make his dream a reality. When he contacts his childhood friend, Andrew Wooding, about a promising business venture, he is invited to Briarwall Manor to discuss the terms. Once there, he is surprised to find that Andrew's once shy, younger sister, Lydia, has grown into a young woman of beauty, wit, and a bit of fire. Even better, the two share a passion for motorcars.

Andrew, however, is wary of cars, having lost his parents in a tragic auto accident when he and Lydia were young. And he's not sure a relationship between his sister and Spencer is the best idea―not when Sir Lawrence is available and could match both Lydia's social status and her fortune.

Torn between risking their hearts and being loyal to their dreams in an era of whirlwind change, Spencer and Lydia anchor themselves with the determination they both share: to live life to its fullest.


Award-winning author KRISTA JENSEN works and plays in the Pacific Northwest with her spunky little dog and anyone else who wants to tag along. When she’s not exploring the outdoors, she can likely be found with her laptop, a pretty spiral notebook, and a Pilot Precise V7, writing about love, triumph, and really great kisses. Either that or she’s switching laundry wondering who keeps wearing all these clothes. (It’s her.) For book info and other good things, follow Krista on Instagram @kristajensenbooks

Hearts of Briarwall is a clean and wholesome romance set in 1906 during the Edwardian era in England. The story moves along at a good pace and the author does a good job at keeping the reader entertained. The characters are interesting and likeable. The romance builds slowly and gives the reader a chance to get to know the characters and see the romance develop. You also get the beginnings of the suffrage movement and the differing reactions to the relatively new idea of motorcars.  Readers experience the Edwardian time and learn more about concerns during that time as well as social norms.
There were a two moments when I groaned as a reader. The main character, Lydia, was part of a secret society of women that wanted to fly like Wendy in Peter Pan. There's a trend in wholesome romance right now of packing characters in secret societies and it's starting to become overdone. The only other time I groaned is when the author described a character waggling their eyebrows, which also seems to be used excessively in clean romance novels. 

Overall, I felt like it was an entertaining read, and the author shows a fresh take on the Edwardian era and the clean romance genre. It's a read that romance readers from teens to adult will enjoy especially with Lydia's vibrant character and ideas. To learn more about this book, click here.

Please note that I receive a free copy of this book, however, this is my honest opinion. This post also contains affiliate links that help support this blog.
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