Where the Stars Meet the Sea Blog Tour, Review and Giveaway

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Juliet Graham fervently counts the days until her twenty-first birthday, when she can claim the inheritance that will grant her the freedom she has always craved and the guardianship of her younger brother. Until then, she is trapped under her aunt Agnes's domineering will. When forced to accompany the family to a house party at Shaldorn Castle, Juliet's only objective is to keep to herself. That is, until a chance encounter with a boorish stranger stirs up an unexpected whirlwind of emotions in her. Thrown off-balance, Juliet does the unthinkable: loses her temper and insults the man who turns out to be her unwilling host, the Duke of Halstead. Fully expecting to be sent away, Juliet is surprised when the brusque and callous duke instead takes an interest in her.
Drawn to the duke in unguarded moments, Juliet finds herself more and more intrigued by the man who shuns Society's rules as completely as she does, and over the next few weeks, their unlikely friendship deepens into a connection neither expected.

But even as Juliet comes to recognize her true feelings, her scheming aunt issues an ultimatum that threatens the future she was just beginning to hope for. Juliet must choose: either break the promise she made to herself years ago, or lose the man who has captured her heart and soul.

Review - Where the Stars Meet the Sea instantly became a new favorite after reading it. If you like Regency romance, you need to read this book. The protagonists were not only likeable but they had a great built up of romantic tension. The dramatic tension was amazing and there wasn't any dull lulls in this story. It was very well crafted. The antagonists were complex and dynamic. It was quite the page-turner for me. The descriptions were really well done as well as how she introduced the characters. I could easily visualize the settings, the characters and the scenes. This book is a five star "guilty pleasure" book. I would definitely recommend reading this book. Click here to learn more about Where the Stars Meet the Sea.

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Make Easter Egg-citing and Giveaway

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Are you looking to make Easter egg-citing this year? Easter is a special time to reflect on your beliefs on Christ and to add joy to your family by carrying on fun Easter traditions. Some of our Easter traditions include reading the Easter story found in the New Testament and discussing it as a family, having a ham dinner, Easter egg hunt in the backyard, dying eggs, and leaving baskets for the Easter Bunny to fill. Here are some fun gift ideas for the Easter Bunny to add to Easter Baskets:

  • Puzzles - Puzzles would be a fun addition to any Easter basket! Blue Lobster Art has beautiful and well-crafted puzzles. To learn more, click here.

  • Coloring Books and Crayons - Coloring books and new crayons can be fun and exciting for kids.

  • Outdoor Toys - With the weather warming up, outdoor toys are the perfect addition to an Easter basket. Outdoor toys can be as simple as bubbles, jump rope, sidewalk chalk or a brand new ball.

  • Candy - Of course, every Easter basket needs the traditional Easter Candy.

  • Applesauce - The squeezable apple sauce is a huge hit in our house.

To help you get Easter supplies that you may need, I am running a giveaway on my Instagram for a $25 Burlington Coat Factory Gift Card. To learn more click here.

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Caught by the Sheriff Book Blitz

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

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Caught by the Sheriff
(Turtleback Beach #2)
By Rula Sinara
Contemporary Romance
Paperback & ebook, 384 Pages
March 1st 2020 by Harlequin Heartwarming

If she follows her heart…

Will he follow the law?

Turtleback Beach, North Carolina, would be paradise—if Faye Donovan wasn’t on the run. With her sister’s life in danger and her small niece to protect, Faye tries to avoid handsome town sheriff Carlos Ryker. But Carlos offers her a refuge, and Faye feels she’s finally found home. And yet he’s still the sheriff. Can she trust him with the truth…even if it means risking everything?

(Amazon affiliate link included.)

Other Books in the Series

Almost a Bride
(Turtleback Beach #1)
By Rula Sinara
Contemporary Romance
Paperback & ebook, 384 Pages
June 1st 2019 by Harlequin Heartwarming

Can he love her…

And keep her safe?

No one in Turtleback Beach knows that veterinarian Grayson Zale is in the witness protection program—not even the woman who left him at the altar. When a joint inheritance brings Mandi Rivers back to their small seaside town, Gray can’t deny that their connection is as strong as ever. But his mysterious past remains between them; can he reveal the truth without endangering Mandi—and their future?

(Amazon affiliate link included.)

About the Author

National and USA Today Bestselling author Rula Sinara lives in rural Virginia with her family and crazy but endearing pets. She loves organic gardening, attracting wildlife to her yard, planting trees, raising backyard chickens and drinking more coffee than she'll ever admit to. Rula's writing has earned her a National Readers Choice Award and HOLT Medallion Award of Merit, among other honors. You can discover more about Rula at her blog A Writer’s Rush, on Twitter, on Facebook as RulaSinaraAuthor or on her website www.RulaSinara.com, where you can also sign up for her newsletter.

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Love Overboard Grand Finale Blitz and Giveaway

Saturday, March 7, 2020

 On Tour with Prism Book Tours

We hope you enjoyed the tour! If you missed any of the stops
you'll find snippets, as well as the link to each full post, below:

Launch - Author Interview

What was your motivation behind writing LOVE OVERBOARD?

I was watching one of my favorite movies, While You Were Sleeping, and I was struck by how one simple lie ended up so complicated. Even with the best of intentions, telling a lie or withholding the truth can really convolute an otherwise straight forward situation. The idea for my heroine, Caitlyn Moore, faking amnesia started as a “what if” scenario. She is well and truly over her ex, but he appears on her dream vacation—the first big goal she’s achieved—and throws her for a loop.

Hallie Reads - Excerpt

. . . If she wanted peace in their roommate situation, she resolved to bear his annoyance. The least she could do was appeal to the kind man she knew and strike up a civil conversation. “Did you say you were married?”

He choked on a gulp of water. Pressing a fist to his mouth, he coughed twice, took another sip, and nodded. “Yes, I’m married.”

“You said we broke up recently?” She rested her chin in a palm and cocked her head to the side. If he learned the truth, her questions wouldn’t earn her any reprieve. Her curiosity was too piqued, however, to resist.

Wishful Endings - Excerpt

A jazzy melody snaked from the secluded room to the hallway.

He paused with a hand on the doorknob. While the room wasn’t marked off-limits with any sort of signage, he had never encountered another crewmember or guest here without specific arrangements. He hadn’t bothered to lock the doors. Had someone come to find him? Every performer on deck demurred against the showcase role in the piano bar. Someone downplayed his or her skill. He stretched his neck from one shoulder to the other and eased the knot of tension.

Entering the room, he shut the door as silently as possible. From his position, he couldn’t spot the player hidden behind the baby grand piano. Whoever discovered the room had come across a beautiful instrument not meant for amateurs. The mystery pianist was the solution. He couldn’t afford to spook the person.

Mythical Books - Review

"It is a sweet, clean romance in which love and lust are subtly discovered, combined and served in perfect doses making me really enjoy the company of the characters. . . . Mrs. Campbell's Alaskan cruise is a great choice despite or because of the threats of the icebergs of the sea or our souls. Enjoy!"

"What a wonderful romance! The story gives us hope with the many situations we encounter in life. Overcoming obstacles and coming out a better person in the end is a fun journey to follow. . . . I highly recommend this uplifting romance story to everyone."

What did she think? Caitlyn held her breath. Every nerve ending in her body readied for command of either fight or flight. She inhaled through her nose and caught a whiff of recently cleaned carpet and woodsy cologne. From her peripheral vision, she surveyed the gleaming baby grand piano.

After discovering the elevator in the faux smokestack on the top deck, she boarded and rode up one floor. The elevator opened to another elegantly appointed Art Deco vestibule and an open doorway. Not spotting any off-limits signs, she entered the room and spotted the piano. Resistance to the beautiful instrument was futile. At her sides, she twitched her fingers against her thighs, remembering the delicate touch of the keys and the momentary balm for her nerves. His invitation was her nightmare.

"I enjoyed reading Love Overboard. . . . Seeing Alaska is something I always wanted to do, so reading about it is very enjoyable. Caitlyn never imagined she might fall in love on the cruise. . . . The book was fun to read."

Kimber Li - Excerpt

She nodded but her chest tightened. If her most remarked-upon personality trait was her inability to take a relatively minor risk, what did the quirk say about her character? She considered her caution a positive indication of her steadfastness, but perhaps no one else agreed. Maybe, instead, others viewed her as a woman incapable of change. She wanted to be capable of rising to a challenge and supporting her friends. How many friends did she have left? She hadn’t socialized with her colleagues in years and only met up with Steph. In an effort to minimize risk, she stopped seeking new people. Greg bumped into her. Their accidental circumstance forced an introduction. When she got home, she vowed to broaden her world.

Splashes of Joy - Review

"Love Overboard is a really nice short and sweet romance read. Caitlyn found herself in a shockingly embarrassing Alaskan cruise, one that was suppose to be with her sister, but turned out very differently. In the beginning, I grew to like these characters, and the plot kept me wanting to keep reading to know the ending."

Bookworm Lisa - Review

"This is a wonderful escape book to read. I loved "going" on an Alaskan Cruise with them. I hope to be able to see some of the places described in the book. I could picture them in my mind. I love it when a book helps me envision the characters and setting."

Uplifting Reads - Review

"Rachelle Paige Campbell gives readers a peek into cruise life as well as a handful of the wonders of Alaska. Love Overboard is also a story of stepping out of your comfort zone and realizing that some risks are worth taking. . . . it was a fast read. It was definitely a different kind of plot than I've seen in a while, which I appreciated!"

I'm Into Books - Excerpt

. . . The helicopter flew over a section of the glacier with deep rivulets cracking the surface. Craggy blue ice appeared like a rare gem, the breadth of the expanse and depth of color almost unimaginable. Missing the scene of majesty before her would have been a lifelong regret. What would have happened if her family had taken the trip together?

If Dad was here, I wouldn’t have boarded the helicopter.

She dropped her shoulders. No one expected her as the shy unassuming daughter to escape her comfort zone. Greg didn’t know her well enough to trap her in the same circumstance. She discovered a new opportunity from his encouragement and didn’t want to slink back to her old ways. Would she—alone—find the same courage at home?”

"This book was an absolute delight to read! I savored the story in its entirety, and I was thoroughly charmed and entertained by both main characters. The author told a simple but relatable story. . . . I felt just like I do when I watch a good Hallmark movie. Warm, fuzzy, and filled with hope for the days ahead. Thank you to this author who took the time to tell a story full of love, hope, and joy!"

Several times over the next four hours, Greg held his breath. As a man who prided himself on his quick turn of phrase, he’d been struck speechless. What compliment could he offer to compete with the wonder of their adventure?

They boarded the helicopter, donned headsets, and were airborne. The chopper soared over the glacier. Greg tilted his chin and peered out the window at the crevasses and streams rippled the surface like the bottom of the ocean from pounding tides.

Over the headsets, a guide directed them to view the nearby wildlife. He explained the unique blue coloring resulted from wavelengths of light being scattered and the hue saturating the farther it traveled.

"I really enjoyed this short and sweet cruise ship romance. The characters were so relatable, especially Caitlyn. . . . it was one giant ocean-going adventure after the other making it a fun read. I loved the chemistry between the main characters and before long, I was cheering for love to prevail. I think you will too as you escape into this terrific heartwarming book."

Greg poured a mug of coffee and extended the cup in offering.

She waved him off. “No, thanks.”

He frowned. “You’re not waiting for coffee? You just like to stand in lines?” The corners of his mouth lifted.

“No.” She caught her bottom lip with her teeth. His near-smile was contagious. She enjoyed their conversations and teasing repartee. She’d never before engaged in playful banter with a man. If she was smart, she wouldn’t start now. “I adore coffee. But…” She dragged the word for emphasis. “I don’t drink black and that mug”—she pointed toward the filled-to-the-brim ceramic in his hands—“has no room for my mix-ins.”

Remembrancy - Review

"Rachelle Paige Campbell gives readers a peek into cruise life as well as a handful of the wonders of Alaska. Love Overboard is also a story of stepping out of your comfort zone and realizing that some risks are worth taking."

“Whoa.” His mouth fell open. “You’d miss a once-in-a-lifetime experience?”

She lowered her gaze from his incredulous eyebrows to the empty mug she cradled. Only a drop of coffee remained, she needed more liquid fortification. Yes, she would relinquish an adventure as a solo traveler. Growing up after tragedy, she operated on constant high alert against any conversation veering toward emotions she’d rather not endure, like pity. With Greg, she couldn’t avoid tough talk. Strangely enough, she didn’t mind as much as usual. “I paid for two spots. I’m not as comfortable being on my own as you might think given my current circumstance.”

"I was cringing, laughing, and deeply sympathizing with this poor girl, as she awkwardly stumbled her way through a ton of personal growth, while trying to make the best of her life-long dream of seeing Alaska. . . . All in all, this was a fun, easy read that entertained. Campbell does a good job of portraying accurate feelings and character development that played on my emotions and allowed me a contented escape."

She caught his gaze and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.

He flashed a thumbs-up and grinned.

Smiling, she looked away and started the next tune.

Without her, he would have floundered on his last itinerary. She faced her fears and saved his reputation on the cruise. Seated at the piano, she played like a natural performer, leaving no hint to her underlying nerves. Unless she disclosed her anxiety, he—and the audience—had no clue about her stage fright. If she could challenge herself, then he should too. He swallowed hard. Fighting against familial expectations was easier said than done.

"It was fun to feel like I was on a cruise while reading. . . . Love Overboard is such a cute romance. If you love oceans, traveling, and Clean Contemporary Romance then this book is for you!"

Don't forget to enter the giveaway at the end of this post...

Love Overboard
By Rachelle Paige Campbell
Contemporary Romance
Paperback & ebook, 202 Pages
February 24th 2020 by Wild Rose Press

Forced to share a stateroom with her ex-fiancé, Caitlyn fakes amnesia to stay on board her dream Alaskan cruise. Torn over deciding his future, Cruise Director Gregory tumbles into helping her. As they grow closer, unspoken secrets threaten to rip them apart, for good.

(Affiliate links included.)

About the Author

I write contemporary romance novels filled with heart and hope. I believe love and laughter can change lives and every story needs a happily ever after.

Check out my blog for updates on my current projects. My published stories are listed by series name on the menu at the top.

Tour Giveaway

One winner will receive a $10 Amazon eGift Card (open internationally)
Ends March 11, 2020

The Prince and the Wedding Planner Grand Finale Blitz

Saturday, March 7, 2020

On Tour with Prism Book Tours

We hope you enjoyed the tour! If you missed any of the stops
you'll find snippets, as well as the link to each full post, below:

Launch - Note from the Author

Thanks so much for joining me for the launch of The Bartolini Legacy trilogy. This family saga filled with secrets, surprises and lots of romance begins with THE PRINCE AND THE WEDDING PLANNER. . . . I hope you’ll join Bianca and Prince Leo in this royal romance as they wrestle with the past and come to terms with the present in order to have a happily ever after future.

Happy reading,
— Jennifer

"In her familiar style, Jennifer Faye, once again, creates a wonderful "feel good" novel which is sure to leave the reader uplifted and entertained. . . . Within this tale, is a whirlwind of fun, often unexpected events, which will keep the reader eagerly anxious for the next page. The characters are delightfully endearing. and portrayed well. The background scenes and events are well described, allowing the reader the feel he/she is there, experiencing it."

“I… I’ll be there.” Bianca turned her back to her brother, not wanting him to see the unshed tears shimmering in her eyes. She could be strong like him. She could get through this agonizing day without crumbling into a million pieces.

She needed to think about anything but the hollow spot in her heart. She lifted her head and her gaze came to land on the old photos on the wall. It was a collage of her grandparents, her parents’ wedding and herself and her two siblings. They’d all looked so happy—

“Bianca, they loved you.” And then her brother exited the room, closing the door softly.

"I've become a fan of Jennifer Faye's simplistic warm hearted stories. The Prince And The Wedding Planner did not disappoint. This story is delightfully entertaining and charming. The premise is unique and fun, and I just love a good royal romcom. . . . Bianca and Prince Leo are quite adorable in close company, and I enjoyed reading their story. This was a fast read for me. In the end, it's the kind of story that will make you smile!"

Pause for Tales - Review

"This was a sweet romance that took you out of everyday life and into a life of royalty. Which certainly is no picnic at times but there is [definitely] some advantages. Leo and Bianca instantly hit it off and of course there is an immediate attraction. What follows is should they or shouldn't they follow their hearts desire and go against expectations or after his sister's wedding go their own separate ways."

Wishful Endings - Excerpt

. . . Truth be told, there was another woman that had caught his attention. Her hair was dark and her skin glowed a warm tan. He noticed that she spoke when addressed but for the most part she was quiet. And when she did speak, her voice was soft.

He caught himself staring at her more than once. Maybe it was because she didn’t make a point of walking up to him and introducing herself like so many of the other people. In fact, she acted as though she didn’t even know he was royalty. Could that be possible?

Regardless, his interest in the beautiful woman increased. It’d been a while since he’d enjoyed a woman’s company. With his pending engagement and marriage—a necessity in order to ascend to the throne—he wasn’t in a position to start anything. But for the moment, he was still a free man.

Bookworm Lisa - Review

" It's cute and fun. It is a romance that many people like to fantasize about. The characters are interesting and their story keeps the book moving at a good pace. It is easy to read and engaging. This is a book that is an escape when you need a few minutes to relax and enjoy a book."

"Throughout the story, Faye wants you to remember to hold back judgment and to see how her characters choose to take steps to reassert their own independence in their lives. They each desire to find happiness and to catch it as long as they can whilst dealing with obligations none of them are truly ready or prepared to accept. Its a lovely story about the fortitude one needs to survive the ruts in the road life brings along whilst keeping hopeful about the future which is never quite written in stone as some would like to believe! . . . Faye writes realistic narratives for today's Romance reader and that is exactly why I love continuing to follow her publishing journey."

"This is a great book about love. The love between a family, a couple, and even a kingdom. . . . I can not wait to see how the rest of this series plays out."

"This was a sweet, fun, and whirlwind read. I didn’t even know it was over until I got to the last page. The author’s vivid writing brought the scenery to life. Bianca and Leo were such a perfect couple, and it was easy to see where the novel was going.

The romance element was absolute perfection . . . The author does a terrific job of keeping the pace going for the romance. This short, but addictive little read is the perfect beach day or even rainy day read."

“I’m confused,” he said. “Are you a guest of the bride or the groom?”

“Neither. I’m their wedding planner, Bianca Bartolini.”

He hadn’t expected that response. He must be slipping. He was usually very good at reading people. It probably had something to do with the turmoil back at the palace. By the time he turned in at day’s end, he usually had a headache that kept him up until late into the night.

He needed to do something to bring peace back to the palace. If he couldn’t do that for his family, how would he ever keep peace over the nation?

"I have read a few of Jennifer's books and have enjoyed this one. . . . Overall, it was a quick read and I can't wait to read the rest of the novels."

Harlie's Books - Review

"I loved Leo and Bianca as a couple. They are sweet together and compliment each other. . . . I can’t wait to read the other two books in the series. I will miss the Queen and how she deals with Bianca and Leo’s relationship but upward and onward. Again, Ms. Faye has written a beautiful book about two characters that you will like and want to keep in touch with."

“Bianca Bartolini, I’d like to introduce you to His Royal Highness, Crown Prince Leopold of Patazonia.”

Once again, Bianca curtsied. She willed her face to cool down, but it only succeeded in making her warmer. Goodness. What was he going to think of her? First, she was openly staring at him. And now her face must look like a roasted beet—all red and steamy. Not good. Not good at all.

“You’ve put on a splendid wedding,” the prince said. “I’ve quite enjoyed it.”

“Th…thank you, Your Highness.”

“The prince is searching for a wedding planner,” Benito said. “And I was telling him what a great job you did with our wedding.”

"This is the first book in a new series by Jennifer Faye and it promises to be quite a wonderful series based on this book. . . . I thought this is an engaging story with charming characters and the perfect way to spend a relaxing afternoon or week-end getting lost in a book."

Splashes of Joy - Review

"The author does a great job of writing this story, weaving together the many different issues going on, and giving readers a wonderful story that will stay with me for a while. Some couples I just can’t get off my mind, and this as one of them. If you enjoy romance, check this one out. It’s a pretty fast read, and will give you a few hours of enjoyment and entertainment."

"I love Jennifer Faye’s books and The Prince and the Wedding Planner is no different. . . . I highly recommend it for readers who enjoy a quick, heartwarming and sweet romance."

As though Bianca sensed his presence behind her, she turned. “Your Highness.” She dipped her chin. “Is there something I can do for you?”

Just then the orchestra started to play a new song. It’d been a while since he’d danced and from what he’d observed, Bianca hadn’t let up on her duties long enough to enjoy the evening. It was wrong for her to miss out on such a marvelous evening.

With the lanterns sending a warm cast over the patio area, he asked, “Would you care to dance?”

Hallie Reads - Review

"An unexpected romance develops in Jennifer Faye’s The Prince and the Wedding Planner, the first of her Bartolini Legacy trilogy, and it is so fun. . . . I always enjoy a romance from Faye. Falling in love with a prince is a traditional childhood fantasy, and I enjoyed seeing the drama of that fantasy playing out on the pages of The Prince and the Wedding Planner."

"A wonderful romantic read, The Prince and the Wedding Planner is sheer reading delight from beginning to end. Jennifer Faye has written an emotional and dramatic tale sprinkled with humor, warmth and heart which readers will read in a single sitting as they find themselves completely and utterly bowled over by Leo and Bianca’s love story and unable to put the book down."

Don't forget to enter the giveaway at the end of this post...

The Prince and the Wedding Planner
(The Bartolini Legacy #1)
By Jennifer Faye
Contemporary Romance
Paperback & ebook, 256 Pages
March 1st 2020 by Harlequin Romance

When different worlds collide…

…sparks fly!

With her family name on the line, wedding planner Bianca Bartolini needs this royal wedding to go perfectly—she can’t afford distractions. Too bad the bride’s dashing brother has other plans! Duty-bound Crown Prince Leo has mere weeks to announce his own engagement, but none of the candidates measure up to Bianca. They’re the most unlikely match, but might that just make them perfect for one another?

(Affiliate links included.)

Go to Jennifer's Contact Page HERE and order your bookmark(s)!

Tour Schedule

March 2nd:
March 3rd:
March 4th:
March 5th:
March 6th:
March 7th:

About the Author

Award-winning author, Jennifer Faye pens fun, heartwarming contemporary romances with rugged cowboys, sexy billionaires and enchanting royalty. Internationally published with books translated into nine languages. She is a two-time winner of the RT Book Reviews Reviewers' Choice Award, the CataRomance Reviewers' Choice Award, named a TOP PICK author, and been nominated for numerous other awards.

Tour Giveaway

- One winner will receive a $25 Amazon gift card and one of Jennifer's backlisted titles, winner's choice of print (US only) or ebook (if outside the US)
- Three winners will each receive one of Jennifer's backlisted titles, winner's choice of print (US only) or ebook (if outside the US)

Ends March 11, 2020

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March Giveaways (low to moderate entry)

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

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Second Chance for the Single Dad Book Blitz

Monday, March 2, 2020

On Tour with Prism Book Tours

Second Chance for the Single Dad
By Carol Ross
Contemporary Romance
Paperback & ebook, 368 Pages
March 1st 2020 by Harlequin Heartwarming

She’ll save him a dance…

…if he follows his heart.

Dance teacher Camile Wynn has a new student. Reclusive Rhys McGrath is learning to waltz so he can take his orphaned niece to a father-daughter dance. Camile is surprised by her connection with him, but there’s a generous heart behind Rhys’s awkward exterior. When she learns Rhys could lose custody of his niece, Camile goes behind his back to help him…but will her lies end up hurting him instead?

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Two lessons, one dance, Camile reminded herself. Get in, get out, done.

“Good! You got this. Again,” she said.

Rhys repeated the movement.

“Now, this time, don’t stop. Just keep box stepping, and I’ll do it with you.” They performed the movements together with Camile counting and snapping her fingers.

Still moving, she danced around in a half circle until she was facing him, mirroring his steps. “Excellent. And there you have it. Now you’re going to try it with me.”

He stopped in his tracks, brow lines back in full force.

Facing him, Camile patted her left shoulder and instructed, “Right hand here.” He complied, and she ignored how nice the heat of his hand felt as it seeped through the thin fabric of her tank top. “Left arm up.” He obeyed. Silently, she admitted there was something vaguely satisfying about barking orders at him. But this action, the press of his palm against hers, the feel of the work-roughened texture of his skin, her hand enfolded in his, was slightly more difficult to ignore. She told herself it was just the shock of it all, being here with him. Dancing.

“Ah,” he said, tilting his chin toward the floor again. “Now I see why you’re wearing heels.”

“Is that your way of insulting my height?” she joked, breaking her own rule before she could stop herself.

He brought his gaze back up and locked it on to hers, and Camile was a little taken aback by the intensity she saw there. “No. Absolutely not. Why would that be insulting? I’m sorry if you took it that way.”

“Um, it’s—it’s fine,” she stammered. “I was joking. I know I’m short. It would be difficult to forget as the only short person in a family of very tall people. You know, recessive genes or whatever.”

“That would not be the case,” he said. “Height is polygenic. And there are other variables. It’s more quantitative than that. So the term recessive doesn’t apply when it comes to height.”

Camile squinted up at him, trying to decide if he was serious. When he didn’t blink, she said, “I know. At least three genes are involved and like six alleles, right?” Genetics had been one of her favorite premed courses. “Plus, there are nutritional and environmental factors. I wasn’t being literal. I was exaggerating for effect. Making fun of the fact that I drew the short straw in my family.” She added a wink.

Gaze narrowed in on her, he shook his head a couple of times very slowly as if thinking carefully about how to respond.

Embarrassed by her lame joke, she clarified, “That was a bad pun. Sorry.”

When he spoke, his eyes traveled over her while his mouth hinted at a smile. “No, you’re wrong. It was not a bad pun. It was a very good pun. But there’s nothing inferior about your genetic fate. Quite the contrary. Height is also a very subjective preference as far as attractiveness goes. Studies have shown that shorter women with discernible curves are the most symmetrically pleasing. I happen to agree with the consensus.”

Camile stared into his earnest blue eyes and felt her lips part. What the...? Her neck went hot as she tried to wrap her brain around this moment. Obviously, the man was brilliant in a way that resulted in a unique perspective. But the part that had her speechless was the fact that he’d just given her a really lovely compliment. Like, spellbindingly good. And he seemed sincere. Granted, the delivery wasn’t the smoothest, but the meaning was there. It also caught her off guard and made her feel warm in even more surprising ways. Ways she shouldn’t feel. Not with Rhys McGrath, date absconder, social snob and possibly worse, if any of the rumors were true.

About the Author

USA Today bestselling author Carol Ross grew up in small town America right between the Pacific Ocean and the Cascade Mountains, in a place where you can go deep sea fishing in the morning and then hit the ski slopes the same afternoon. The daughter of what is now known as free range parents, she developed a love of the outdoors at a very early age. As a writer, Carol loves to breathe the life she has lived into the characters she creates, grateful for the “research material” that every questionable decision, adrenaline-charged misstep, and near-death experience has provided.

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The Masked Baron Blog Tour, Review, and Giveaway

Monday, March 2, 2020

Andalin is accustomed to her father’s frequent travels—and to being left behind. So when he returns home and instructs her to pack her belongings, she is bewildered—but there is no time for questions as she is whisked away on a mysterious journey under the cover of night. When their tense flight leads them into the forbidding Black Forest, the pair quickly finds themselves in great peril. With little hope of escape, father and daughter are spared when rescue appears in the form of the mysterious Dark Rider, a notorious deadly highwayman feared by all he meets. But his assistance does not come without a price: he is taking Andalin with him. Now her fate rests in the hands of the enigmatic masked man whose secrets are inescapably tied to the beautiful young woman now in his charge.

Review - I was really excited to read the The Masked Baron by Anneka Walker, but it wasn't as I expected. It's marked as a regency romance, but it's unlike anything else for this genre and it felt like it was in the wrong category. Regency romance tends to fit within the historical Regency Era and has certain writing conventions adhering to the societal structure of that time. This book seemed more like a fairy tale romance to me. It also felt like it didn't need to be marked with a specific historical time period or setting.

The action in the story moved fairly quickly and I enjoyed unraveling the mystery. Most fairy tale books tend to retell a classic fairy tale, but this book told a brand new fairy tale that was creative and unique. The relationships between the characters were interesting and dynamic. It was a compelling read and a fun escape. I would recommend it to those who enjoy fairy tales and romance. It was also clean and wholesome. Adults and Young Adults (YA) would enjoy this story. To learn more about The Masked Baron, click here.

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Please note that I received this book for free, however, this is my honest opinion. Please also note that there are affiliate links in this post. The giveaway is run by the publisher.
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