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Monday, February 12, 2024


Guess How Marion Feels
Written by Miss Kaye
Illustrated by Miss Waitthk
Ages 3+ | 34 Pages
Publisher: ‎ Maya Nurtures (2024) | ISBN-13: 9781738593026

Publisher’s Book Summary: Marion is a kind, creative, and easy kid… but he’s faced with BIG emotions. Help Marion identify those BIG feelings in this interactive children’s picture book.

Guess How Marion Feels is a transformative experience that lays the foundation for emotional intelligence and meaningful connections. A gentle Social Emotional Learning (SEL) tool to guide parents, caregivers, and teachers to teach kids who struggle to pick up social cues and have challenges in social situations. This book is made to celebrate and honor the feelings of our little ones, foster open communication, and create inclusive learning with our neurodivergent kids. Written by a neurodivergent author, Miss Kaye aims to support kids and everyone struggling with social interactions.

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Miss Kaye was born in the Philippines. She had challenges as an adult neurodivergent. This serves as her inspiration for writing fun, engaging, and educational stories to teach life skills and mindfulness to kids.


Miss Waitthk is from Hong Kong. She enjoys making people feel happy and joyful through her drawings. As a kid, she remembered drawing anime characters and coloring them with colored pencils. Since then, she kept on drawing.


Life is What It's Called - What inspired you to write Guess How Marion Feels?
                                                                                                                                                                  Miss Kaye - My struggles with physical and social cues as a neurodivergent sparked an inspiration for kids to be guided at a young age. So, I made a book that opens the door for neurodivergent and neurotypical adults and kids to harness emotional intelligence together. 

Life is What It's Called - How do you hope readers relate to Marion?

Miss Kaye -When I was working (on the manuscript), I was thinking of a character that is often missed out—kids with silent voices, a delight to raise because they aren’t seeking too much parental supervision. The so-called easy-going toddler is the perspective I would love readers to understand better. Are they really okay? How can we help them thrive?

Life is What It's Called - What lessons will readers learn?

Miss Kaye -Guess How Marion Feels is more than just a self-help book on identifying and recognizing emotions. It is a book to open adults’ eyes to the fact that emotional intelligence is a journey for both parents and kids to learn progressively. 

Life is What It's Called - Do you have supplemental activities to go with Guess How Marion Feels?

Miss Kaye - Absolutely! Learning requires consistent practice to achieve mastery. So, we have a printable activity booklet that comes with the book (QR code). 

Life Is What It's Called - What’s your favorite page in this book and why?

Miss Kaye - Just like the saying goes…save the best for last—to nurture relationships, it is important to have a safe environment to connect with each other. This page sums it up.

Life Is What It's Called - Can you share your background in writing?

Miss Kaye - Creative writing is a different kettle of fish from my typical writing experience. Being a newbie requires me to go beyond my comfort zone, allowing me to meet fabulous people, authors, and experienced writers who supported me in reaching this point.  

Life Is What It's Called - What are you working on next?

Miss Kaye - You might have heard of the saying, “Don’t fix what’s not broken.” In essence, it is true. However, something that’s not broken might not require fixing but needs maintenance. The magical world of the easy-going toddler trope is something I would love to delve deeper into. How can we prepare them not to be bullied in school and adult life?


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Guess How Marion Feels: Book Giveaway

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