A Faithful Proposal Review

Saturday, February 15, 2020

With a few well-placed words in the right ear, Anna Tunstall can direct anyone to do her bidding, exactly the skill needed for one destined to be the wife of a man in politics. A summer visit to a friend's country estate is the perfect distraction before the London Season begins, and Anna can achieve her ambition of a perfect match.

Harry Aston has spurned the noble aspirations of his family to enter holy orders where he might make a difference in people's lives. When Harry finds Anna unconscious on the road, and she awakens in his arms, his world shifts at her gaze. But before he can think that heaven has come through at last, he must convince Anna that her prolonged stay in Avebury is not fate's way of toying with her, but rather opening her eyes to a new direction for her ambitions and her heart.

Review - A Faithful Proposal (Memorable Proposals 2) was a fun romance to read. I enjoyed Harry and Anna's characters. I didn't always agree with the side characters' views of Anna, but as a reader I could learn about her feelings, thoughts and fears whereas the other characters didn't have the view. The story is a fast, fun read. I felt like the author did a good job with the pacing of the action and dramatic turning points. I would suggest reading the first book first, A Regrettable Proposal. Some of the actions, characters and story line mention events from the first book and I think it would be confusing to the reader to read the books out of order. I did edit the description of the book from what was on Amazon when creating this post - Harry's mother was only a passing remark from his brother and wasn't involved in the story. I think Regency Romance Fiction readers would enjoy this story. To learn more, click here.

Please note that I received a free e-copy to review, however, this is my honest opinion. This post contains affiliate links that help support the maintenance of this blog.

Heart of Africa Spotlight Tour

Friday, February 14, 2020

Gabriel Ngandu is a young Congolese revolutionary running from the terrible mistakes of his past. His journey of escape leads him to new experiences and even a new religion that challenges long-held beliefs about his destiny and world around him. He find himself torn between the influences and expectations of two very different father figures - Mwabila, his revolutionary leader, and President Kabasubabu, his new religious leader. Called to serve as a missionary, he is sent back to his native village to build an orphanage with Jason Martin, an American who also has a tragic and secret past. Together, they struggle to understand and overcome their histories, cultures, and prejudices to serve the people around them.

Caught between enmity and reconciliation, revenge or forgiveness, intolerance or understanding, they begin to see the potential for a better; more peaceful future for themselves and for the Congo. Worlds finally collide when explosions rock the new orphanage and Kabasubabu is kidnapped by Mwabila's revolutionaries. Gabriel is faced with choosing between the two different worlds of these father figures... or finding his own path toward a new world inspired by understanding and redemption.

To learn more about the Heart of Africa, click here. It's in theaters March 13, 2020.

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Games that are Fun and Educational for Preschoolers

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

I love doing games with my kids. Board games and card games teach kids how to take turns, learn patience, good sportsmanship, counting/color recognition and more. Games are also a nice way to spend time together as a family. Here are some of the games my family enjoys:

1. The Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game: This game is great at helping kids recognize their colors, learn to follow the rules and take turns. My kids love this game. We started playing it when my daughter was around 2 and my son was 4. It's a great game for beginning game players. Click here to learn more.

2. The Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Card Game: This slapping card game is a lot of fun. I would suggest playing it when your kids when they have have quick color recognition skills. It can be really fun for kids. My kids laugh hysterically while playing this game. Click here to learn more.


3. Frankie's Food Truck: I regret not adding this game to our collection sooner. My daughter had a hard time distinguishing the differences between shapes especially if you caught her off-guard. I tried numerous books and homemade games, but nothing really clicked for her. This shape game really helped her to recognize her shapes. It's a fun game and I would recommend it to families with preschoolers. It's very much like The Sneaky Snacky Squirrel game, but with shapes instead of colors. Click here to learn more.


4. Candy Land: Candy Land is a classic game for kids and can help them recognize their colors, taking turns and how to move forward in a game. It's a great first game for young children. We love playing Candy Land. To learn more, click here.

5. Dragon's Breath: Dragon's Breath is a fun game for preschoolers. My daughter and I played it twice in a row the other day because it was a lot of fun. It can help kids learn to take turns, counting (count your gems at the end), color recognition, and strategy (try to guess which color would have the most). It's a fun game that I would recommend trying. To learn more, click here.

What are some of your favorite games for preschoolers?

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Valentine Gift Ideas For Under $5

Monday, February 10, 2020

Are you looking for cheap, inexpensive, but fun Valentine's Gift ideas that won't break the bank? We all love to celebrate Valentine's Day, but it doesn't have to be expensive to show your loved ones you care. Here are some inexpensive gift ideas:

  • Purchase a Valentine's Day book and write a meaningful message inside. Here are some Valentine's books for kids that are under $5:

  • Purchase chapstick and add a cute note like, "I think you're the balm" or "Read my lips and know you're the best." This is a cute inexpensive and practical gift idea!

  •  Purchase inexpensive Valentine chocolates or sweet treat and create a scavenger hunt for your Valentine to find it!

  • Purchase Hot Chocolate and put a note on it that says - "You Warm My Heart, Valentine"

  • Create a poem for your Valentine
  • Write a note that explains what your Valentine means to you and all the qualities that you like about them
  • Sing your Valentine a song
  • Rent a movie from Redbox or check one out from the library and get popcorn to have a fun at home Valentine's date

What are some of your inexpensive Valentine's Day gift ideas?

Please note that this post contains affiliate links that help support the maintenance of this blog. When I was looking for ideas these items were under $5, but the prices could change. You can also probably find these items for $5 or under at local stores.

A Girl's Guide to the Outback Grand Finale Blitz

Saturday, February 8, 2020

On Tour with Prism Book Tours

We hope you enjoyed the tour! If you missed any of the stops
you'll find snippets, as well as the link to each full post, below:

Heidi Reads... - Excerpt

Sam grinned at her and winked.

She stopped. No way. This was weird.

“Oh, come on.” He leaned out the door, grasped her forearm, and pulled her in. With the door shut, the three of them sat shoulder to shoulder . . . thigh to thigh. Kimberly rolled down her window and tried not to think about how, even on a day so hot she felt like a roast duck, the sensation of Sam’s warmth against her side was exquisite.

Jules fired up the engine, and Sam shifted the vehicle into first. “Okay, Jules, take us on a tour. Pretend we’ve never seen the farm before. Take us to all your favorite spots and tell Kim about them.”

Uplifting Reads - Review

"I like watching Sam and Kimberly going back and forth, continuing to spar but then learning to appreciate each other, becoming friends, and developing a slow burn of a relationship. Secondary in this story is the relationship between Jules and her ex-boyfriend Mick. All four of them have so much to work through, and together it seems more possible.

And I especially loved having the Australian setting for this one for something a little different in my reading."

“Mick, can I ask you something?”

He swiveled to look up at her. “My response to that question has never stopped you before.”

“What’s your girlfriend’s name?”

He dropped his gaze and grimaced.

She clenched her teeth. She’d been an idiot. There was no girlfriend. And that joyful unicorn currently shooting rainbows around her brain could shut up, because any soft thoughts toward Mick were unwelcome here.

"The characters are very endearing and the dedication to family and God, inspiring. There is so much of real life challenges portrayed, the whole story felt real. . . . This is a great book for older Young Adults to read, as it is for Adults."

Wishful Endings - Excerpt

Ahead of her, Sam walked toward the yard gate, oblivious to the jealousy that oozed through her veins. Between Butch, Jules, and Mrs. Payton—due home in a couple weeks for Christmas—Sam had a real family. A real family with a real home.

A home now under more threat than they realized.

In addition to getting her Wildfire work done, Kimberly had spent late-night hours since she’d arrived scouring the six months’ worth of financial documents Jules had given her, looking for a way to free up the cash they needed.

"I loved the story and even got a few laughs out of it as well. . . . I finished this book all in one day. It was so good that I couldn't put it down. Plus, it made my cold afternoon go by faster. I love a good story like that.

I highly recommend."

Becky on Books - Review

"A Girl’s Guide to the Outback is a cute, sweet, and funny read. . . . Ms Kate does do a good job of showing how paralyzing their fears are, though, and allows them to work through them, giving us a very sweet HEA in the end."

"What great spunky and sassy characters! They were magnetic and completely drew me into the story. I loved that there was not only the primary romantic couple but a secondary one as well! . . . The accents were cheery and adorable, reading about the cattle and sheep 'stations' (ranches to all you Americans) goings-on and just living day to day life in the sunny Outback 'Down Under'.

All in all, a fun and romantically recommendable book!"

"A Girl’s Guide to the Outback is a hilarious, inspirational rom com, and you’re going to love it! . . . I’m not going to spoil this completely adorable book for you because I know you will love it, and I want you to discover all of the swoon-worthy, heart-wrenching, heartwarming, and inspiring moments yourselves. Not only are the main characters well-developed, but the supporting characters also are. . . . A Girl’s Guide to the Outback is a Christian romance book, and I found moments of deep wisdom within its pages."

"One thing I love about Rom-coms is they are fun and light. That's one of the things that sometimes bothers me too. But The Girl's Guide to the Outback doesn't only include lightness and humor, it also contains a meaningful vein of faith, trust, dealing with fear, and following God's path for our life. . . . This slow-burn romance is a mixture of sparring fun and uplifting change and put me through many emotions. I was most pleased with the thread of inspiration it instills."

". . . it had moments which made me smile . . . . I found a compelling story about seeking out the personal truths in all our journeys and owning those truths even if it means making radical changes in our lives."

Splashes of Joy - Review

"I really enjoyed this interesting story from author Jessica Kate. . . . The cast of mixed characters give a lot of flavor to the story. There are many times you will find yourself laughing, and there are some sad moments a[s] well. The Christian lifestyle was weaved throughout the story in a somewhat subtle way. And it had a sweet ending. . . . If you are looking for a humorous, sweet yet crazy read, this is one you will love."

"A Girl's Guide to the Outback penned by Jessica Kate is such a delightful read. Parts are filled with humor but there are serious undertones which the author blended perfectly. . . . I became involved and invested in this novel because the story is fascinating, moves at a great pace and I loved the setting. I like that this novel is suitable for all ages which is why I highly recommend it."

"Jessica Kate imbues the story with wit and humor all the way, adding an element of pure fun. But that doesn’t mean things don’t get heavy, as emotions spike and relationships go sideways. And even though things don’t work out the way they were expected to, the end of the story is satisfying enough to make any reader melt in her seat.

A Girl’s Guide to the Outback is a humorous story filled with life, laughter, and a whole lot of cows, perfect for those who love clean romance with a little bit of comedy."

"What a cute book! I loved the setting and I loved getting to know the characters in this book. They had depth and personality. This author is great at creating scenes that I can easily visualize in my mind and I love how it all played out so vividly."

Remembrancy - Review

"I enjoyed Jessica Kate’s debut novel, but she’s outdone herself in The Girl’s Guide to the Outback. Kate’s sophomore release felt much more rom-com to me than her first book, yet there was still some wonderful depth to the story amidst the humor. . . . I adored that there are two romances in this book (Jules and Mitch are the second couple) and the peek into a lesser-known side of living in Australia."

". . . while this starts off as a hate/love, romantic comedy, there is so much heart and depth to it. . . . This is an absolutely adorable, heart-warming, and light-hearted read with serious messages throughout. The writer’s style was easy to follow and she moved the story along more and more. So much so that I found it hard to put this book down. It was just **THAT** good! Even when the writer threw in a realistic, heart-stopping, and shocking tragedy – I had to keep reading.

"I am giving A Girl’s Guide to the Outback a very well deserved five plus stars. I have already highly recommended it to my friends. Readers who enjoy a sweet romance will not want to pass on this one. I loved it!"

Don't forget to enter the giveaway at the end of this post...

A Girl's Guide to the Outback
By Jessica Kate
Christian Contemporary Romance
Paperback, Audiobook & ebook, 368 Pages
January 28th 2020 by Thomas Nelson

How far will a girl go to win back a guy she can’t stand? This funny, sweet, and romantic story proves that opposites do attract—and that God has a sense of humor.

Samuel Payton is a passionate youth pastor in Virginia, but below the surface, he’s still recovering from the blow of a failed business and insecurities he can’t shake. His coworker, start-up expert Kimberly Foster, is brilliant, fearless, and capable, but years of personal rejection have left her defensive and longing for a family. Two people have never been more at odds—or more attracted to one another. And every day at work, the sparks sure do fly.

When Kimberly’s ambitious plans for Sam’s ministry butt up against his risk-averse nature, Sam decides that obligations to family trump his work for the church. He quits the ministry and heads home to Australia to help his sister, Jules, save her struggling farm. As Kimberly’s grand plans flounder, she is forced to face the truth: that no one can replace Sam. Together they strike up a deal: If Kimberly comes to work on Jules’s dairy farm and lends her business brains to their endeavor, then maybe—just maybe—Sam will reconsider his future with the church.

As Kimberly tries her hand at Australian farm life, she learns more about herself than she could’ve ever expected. Meanwhile Sam is forced to re-evaluate this spunky woman he thought he already knew. As foes slowly morph into friends, they wonder if they might be something even more. But when disaster strikes the farm, will Sam find it within himself to take a risk that could lead to love? And will Kimberly trust God with her future?

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About the Author

Australian author Jessica Kate writes inspirational romances with wit, sass, and grit. Jessica is a screenwriting groupie, cohost of the StoryNerds vlog and podcasts, and her favorite place to be—apart from Mum and Dad’s back deck—is a theme park. She has traveled North America and Australia, and samples her favorite pasta wherever she goes—but the best (so far) is still the place around the corner from her corporate day job as a training developer. She loves watching sitcoms with her housemates and being a leader in a new church plant.

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February Giveaway Listing (low to moderate entry)

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

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Adoring Abigail Blog Tour, Review and Giveaway

Monday, February 3, 2020

Captain Robert Wilkins has never aspired to grandeur. So when the returned war hero unexpectedly inherits the vast estate of Cattersley from his great-aunt, he feels woefully inadequate in his new role. Out of place in his lavish surroundings, his first glimmer of hope comes when he happens upon a lovely trespasser in his gardens.

Words have never come easily for Abigail Rutherford, and she prefers the solitude of exploring the gardens at the neighboring country estate to engaging in uncomfortable conversation. But when she unexpectedly encounters Captain Robert Wilkins in her place of solace, she is surprised at the immediate ease she feels in his presence. Soon her brightest moments are those spent with the captain. But even as their friendship grows into something more, outside forces have other plans for the two. Mr. Mead, the handsome vicar, has also taken a liking to the quiet and timid Abigail and he will stop at nothing to ensure she becomes his wife.

Review - Adoring Abigail was a dramatic romance. Abigail has a speech impediment, which makes her a vulnerable character in the story due to her lack of comfortably associating with others and her Grandmother's own lack of understanding. Her speech seems to improve as the story moves along as you get to know her character, it becomes less noticeable. I really liked that small shift that the author made. It was brilliantly done. Captain Robert Wilkins and his family are very likeable characters as well. The story moves along pretty quickly and was a fast read. It's a good romance with enough dramatic tension that you will want to continue turning the pages. To learn more about Adoring Abigail, click here.

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