Flower Arrangement

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I made my own wedding bouquet. The thought came to me that making your own bouquet would be fun and it was. I went to Pat Catans, a local craft store and got a "fresh cut" looking stem holder, which consisted of Styrofoam, and plastic stems, ribbons, and flowers. Picking out the flowers helped me decided on a color scheme. While in the store, I grouped flowers together that seemed to work together and held them like a bouquet to help me visualize what it would like. Once I got home and started working on the bouquet, I used wire cutters to help me cut the flowers to the right length. It was then a matter of arranging the flowers onto the Styrofoam. It was pretty fun and inexpensive (compared to paying someone else to do it). If you need a bouquet or flower arrangement, why not try it yourself?

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