How to Get Potting Soil, Garden Stakes and a Gallon Watering Can for a Dime

Friday, October 19, 2012

Home Depot's Lawn and Gardening Department has a Zombie Mulching Game (make sure you like the page and allow the app to have access) on their Facebook Page. It's kind of fun and enjoyable if you enjoy running over zombies in an orange truck and mulching them. After you get a thousand zombie points, you can get a coupon off any purchase over five dollars, 2500 points equals ten dollars and 5000 points equal fifteen dollars.I used each of my coupons in different transactions. Here's what I got with my coupons:

Tomato Plant - $3.48
Green Bean Seeds - $1.49
Squash Seeds - $1.00
Plus Five dollar off coupon from Zombie Game = $.97 total cost

27" Deck Planter - $10.97
Plus Ten dollar off coupon from Zombie Game = $1.05 total cost

Scott's Moist Advantage Potting Soil - $7.97
4 Garden Stakes - $3.92
1 Gallon Watering Can - $3.20
Plus Fifteen dollar off coupon from Zombie Game = $.10 total cost

A few tips:
  • Mulching one zombie = 3 points
  • At the stat page, sign up to be a garden club member. This will allow you to kill Zombies with double amount of points (6 pts per zombie). I did this after I reached the $5 coupon mark so you might have to wait until you reach that mark.
  • The x2 symbol allows you to get double points.
  • The star symbol will allow you to hit barriers without penalties.
  • The magnet symbol draws zombies to you.
  • When it says you earned enough points for a level of coupon, don't go to the coupon instead finish playing the game. Some people were complaining that they lost points when they went to the coupon instead of finishing the game.
  • Depending on your internet speed it can take a while to get enough points, but it's $30 worth of lawn gardening care for next to nothing. 
Start mulching those zombies!!

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