Vacation Races Virtual Race

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Vacation Races just announced their virtual race series. A virtual race allows you to participate in the race, from wherever you are and wherever you want to run it. I think that's pretty cool, it allows you to pick your own venue. Registering for the race will allow you to run it on any trail you want or any treadmill and provide the motivation for you to actually run (because who really wants to waste the registration fee?).

For the $35 entry fee, you get an entry, a shirt and medal (you can also opt out of the shirt or the medal to save money - although part of the reason I like races is the shirt and the medal).

The virtual races in Vacation Races series will be:
4/22 - Earth Day
5/24-26 - Memorial Day
7/4 - Freedom Run
8/25 - National Park Services Birthday
11/27 - Turkey Trot
12/31-1/1 - Resolution Run

To help motivate you to run, the medal won't be shipped until you report your time!  

There's also awards for the race too! Here are a few of the categories:
Furthest From Home
Most Trash Collected on Run (by weight)
Highest Elevation Run
Lowest Elevation Run
Warmest Run
Coldest Run

To find out more information, visit the website here.
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