Willowkeep Review

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

In Julie Daines' book, Willowkeep (A Regency Romance),Charlotte Darby struggles to take care of her sister and her self in a rough seaport town called Hull. Charlotte's life changes when a solicitor arrives to tell her that she has inherited a vast estate from her late Uncle, Willowkeep. Willowkeep is a different world and Charlotte relies heavily on the estate's steward, Henry Moreland. Moreland is captivated by Charlotte, but he knows that his status and lack of wealth stands in his way. Charlotte faces some tough decisions and wonders how she can manage it all.

I was on the library waitlist for this book a long time and was excited when I finally was able to read it. Willowkeep started off slow, but then Daines hammered her characters with problems. It almost seemed like too much at once, but life is sometimes like that. I enjoyed some of the minor characters as much as the major characters. Willowkeep has kidnappings, adventure, mystery, intrigue, romance and even the ghost of Ann Boleyn. It's a fun and enjoyable read. To learn more, click here.

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