Preschool Learning About Flowers

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

We had a week where we discussed flowers and spring time. We talked about when flowers grew, the
weather in the spring and what flowers eat and drink. Here are a few of the things that we did to discuss flowers and spring:

  • I drew a picture of grass, a flower stem and a circle above the stem. I thought it would be cute to put finger prints around the circle to make flowers. My kids didn't like the idea of sticking their fingers into the paint so I pulled out some q-tips and they used those to paint flower petals and rain. I would highly recommend investing in washable paint. It's easier to clean fingers, clothes, furniture, etc.
  • I also printed out the Spring Flower Petal Counting Sheet from ABCs to ACTs blog, you can get it here. I laminated it so we can reuse it again and again. The kids liked the bright colors, placing the petals on the flower and taking turns counting.
  • We also reread Curious George Discovers Plants. My kids love Curious George and if we can tie in a book to what we're learning about it helps them understand the concepts more.
  • We had also download some preschool flower cutting sheets, patterning sheets and more, but I can't find the link or papers that we worked on. There are numerous educational blogs and sites where you can find free materials for learning.
What are some of your ideas for Spring time learning activities?

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