Miss Whitaker Opens Her Heart Review

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Sarah Whitaker and her Aunt sail from England to Australia to live with her father on a sprawling sheep ranch. When she arrives, Sarah learns of her father's untimely death. Sarah learns how to live in a land filled with exiles from England and how to manage a sheep farm despite many obstacles and challenges. Her heart becomes hardened and she feels like she can't trust anyone. Sarah gets upset when a new neighbor, Daniel Burton, purchases the land next to her. As Sarah gets to know Daniel, her heart begins to open, but can she look past Daniel's troubled past?

Miss Whitaker Opens Her Heart is one of my top favorite books by Jennifer Moore. Moore was able to describe the wilds, beauties and landscaping of Australia in such a way that I almost felt like I was in Australia. I also loved the characterization of the characters. All of the characters had flaws, but you were still able to move past them and into the story. The story was descriptive and engaging. I was so engaged that I read it within a day. I would highly recommend this story for all regency readers. To learn more, click here.

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