Wants vs. Needs

Thursday, May 17, 2018

As I was sorting laundry, I heard my 2-year old daughter yelling, "I found money. I found money." She had pulled my wallet out of my purse and found a few dollar bills. I think she was excited because I always tell my kids when they want to go out to eat that we don't have money to do that. I really mean we don't have money in our budget to do that and we have food at home. It's hard for kids to understand the value of money, budgeting and saving. If we immediately met our wants, there wouldn't be enough for the necessities. Some people also over-justify their necessities by living in bigger houses, more expensive clothes, expensive or over-abundance of food, and etc. It's important for adults to show self-control over spending as an example to children.

What are some examples of things you are teaching your children?
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