Lehi, Lehi, What Do You See? Learning Activities with Jacob and Bees

Monday, August 27, 2018

I did a homeschool preschool lesson with kids using my book, Lehi, Lehi, What Do You See?. I read the whole book to my kids and then flipped back to the pages about Jacob seeing bees. I explained to my kids about how Jacob and his family were commanded by the Lord to go into the wilderness and travel to the promised land. I further explained that it was hard for them to travel in the wilderness, live in a tent and sometimes go without food. I went on to explain that Jacob's family continued to do what the Lord commanded and eventually were blessed by reaching a land that they called Bountiful. The land had many fruits and bees that produced honey. I told them that sometimes we go through hard times and the Lord blesses us for our efforts. After the mini-scripture story lesson, we did some activities related to bees. Here's what we did:

 1. I created a B for Bees Tracing Page. My 4-year old traced the letters on the page and worked on practicing coloring in the lines. For my 2-year old, I pointed to the letter B and made the B sound. She then colored the paper.

 2. I created a finish the pattern sheet. My 4-year old practiced cutting out the pattern pieces and glued them on. With my 2-year old, I stated the pattern and helped her figure out what went next. She glued on the pieces by herself.

 3. I created a sheet with six beehives on it. My 4-year old and 2-year old put bee stickers on the hives that corresponded with the number on the hive. I purchased the bee stickers on Amazon and you can find them here.

4. I created different colored beehives and bees. My kids worked on matching the colored bees to the corresponding beehive. This helps them work on sorting skills and understanding their colors.

5. We worked on placing beehives in order by size from biggest to smallest.

6. I cut out a hive shape, bee shape, bee wings, stripes for the hive, door for the hive, stripes for bee via construction paper. I cut a straight line a few inches of a blank construction paper. My kids glued the hive to the blank construction paper. My kids then assembled and glued a bee together and glued it onto a Popsicle stick. The bee on the stick could then be placed in the slit in the construction paper and "buzz" around the hive.

You can download a free printable pack of the bee learning activities that we did by clicking here. This also includes a pre-writing/cutting page and a hive that you can laminate to create a lacing card.

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