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Thursday, October 24, 2019

"Papa, would it be okay if we put a candle in the window so Mama can find her way home?"

John's (Darin Southam) family is struggling to face Christmas without his loving wife. However, six-year-old Emily is full of faith. Even though her older sisters try to gently lower her expectations, the young girl truly believes her mother will visit on Christmas Eve. In fact, she is so certain her mother will come that she puts a candle in the window to guide her mother on her journey home. Before she passed away, their mother made sure the most cherished holiday traditions would still be there—beautiful handmade dresses, new patent-leather shoes, and a lovingly crafted doll for little Emily. But on the way to a Christmas Eve celebration, the doll is lost, and Emily is heartbroken. Emily and her grieving sisters need their mother more than ever. Inspired by true events, A Candle in the Window is a beautiful reminder that our loved ones never leave us and prayers really do get answered especially when you have the faith of a child.

Review: I watched this movie with my three year old daughter and as I was watching it I was struck with some of the similarities with Emily and my daughter in the way they have straight-forward faith. I didn't realize the impact the movie was having on my daughter until half-way through my daughter said that Emily's mother was going to come. I remembered the conversation we had the previous day when she asked when she would see her grandmother again, who had recently passed away a few months ago, and kept asking when we would be resurrected again and see Jesus. Needless to say at the end of the movie, my daughter was in tears and sobbing when the mother didn't physically show up for Christmas. This was a really sweet Christmas story, but if your family experienced a loss recently you may want to wait for awhile before watching it. I liked the symbolic nature of the candle in the window. At one point, the girls talked about how the candle would help their dad see in the darkness. I think the girls and his faith in Christ helped the father see past his grief in order to help his family. The light and hope also helped the daughters to see through their own grief. This is a good reminder of Christ for the Christmas Season that he brings hope and helps us through the dark moments in our lives. To learn more about A Candle in the Window, click here. A Candle in the Window is based on a book by Michelle Ashman Bell and you can learn more here.

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