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Thursday, April 15, 2021

Anduron, 1498 The king and queen are dead, murdered by one who will stop at nothing to rule. But the young princess—Rosemund—has survived, spirited deep into the forest by her parents’ most trusted advisor. There, she finds refuge in a small cottage and a new life, one in which she must play a role that will ensure her survival. Soldiers are combing the countryside, searching for the lost princess, and they will not rest until she is found—and executed. 

 Rosemund’s strength grows as she trains for battle and endures the hardships and dangers of peasant life. When chance brings Maxwell, a young man from the nearby village, into her life, Rose finds in him an ally and a friend. As her sixteenth birthday approaches, the time has come for Rose to reclaim her birthright, and in a court controlled by a vengeful new ruler, she must play a deadly game of politics in order to seize the throne that is rightfully hers. 

I found The Crown of Rosemund to be an enjoyable read. The story was clean and wholesome. I think it's a book that teens to adults would enjoy reading. The romance and action in the story was light and very appropriate for YA. The author does a good job at pacing the story and writing moral lessons into the story like giving to others, looking beyond differences, and standing up for what's right. The author also does a good job at describing action and the setting. As a reader, it was easy to visualize the story as it played out. The characters were engaging, interesting and likable. Rosemund learns to find her inner and outer strength in this book, which makes the story an inspiring read and motivating to strength yourself even if it's hard or difficult. To learn more about The Crown of Rosemund, click here.

Author Interview

Life Is What It's Called - What inspired you to write The Crown of Rosemund?

Michele Ashman Bell - I love reading and writing stories about strong women. I love the story of Esther in the Bible and the story of Joan of Arc, real women who did remarkable things and changed history, because they were brave enough to stand and be the person they needed to be at that moment. I believe that women of all ages have these moments throughout our lives, moments when we have to dig deep, and find the strength and courage to do whatever it takes to face a challenge head on. That's why I wrote this story. I want women, of all ages, to read this story and be inspired by Rosemund. 

Life Is What It's Called - What do you hope readers will get from this story? 

Michele Ashman Bell - I hope they first and foremost, are transported to another place and time and that they are enthralled with Rosemund's story. I hope they are inspired and encouraged to find their inner warrior and that they understand they are royal by birth and can do great things. 

Life Is What It's Called - If you could meet in person one person in the story, who would it be and why?

Michele Ashman Bell -  Eek! This is so hard. I love how Rosemund grows and becomes strong and brave. I love when she embraces her female side and presents herself to Maxwell for the first time dressed as a woman. I love Maxwell too. He is a constant in Rosemund's life. He supports and encourages her but he is also honest and will tell her when something isn't right. But I think the character who would be the most fun to meet is Riker. He is unpredictable, clever, and a little bit of a rascal. I think it would be fun to hang out with him but also probably dangerous because he's very spontaneous and a little crazy.

Life Is What It's Called - What writing projects are you working on now? 

Michele Ashman Bell - I have a Victorian Christmas story I'm hoping will get accepted for publication. I absolutely love the story. I just finished the first book in a contemporary trilogy about three sisters. I am getting very attached to these characters and it starts getting a little weird when I miss them after I finish writing the book. 

Life Is What It's Called - What are some of your favorite authors to read? 

Michele Ashman Bell - I have so many friend/authors who have captivated me with their stories and it would be impossible to name them all but I love Sian Bessey, Traci Abramson, Karen Tuft, Sara Larson, Allison Hong Merrill, Julie Coulter Bellon, to name a few. Anything by Heather Moore, Sarah Eden, Stephanie Black, Nancy Campbell Allen. This is just the tip of the iceberg. So many great authors. Jane Austen, I simply love her use of words. 

Life Is What It's Called - Why is writing important to you? 

Michele Ashman Bell - I had a moment in third grade when my teacher read the book, "Elmer and the Dragon" to our class and I felt as though I was in the story, visually seeing it and experiencing it. It was such a magical feeling for me and from that point on I couldn't read enough. I loved all the Laura Ingalls Wilder books and, same thing, felt like I was on the prairie with Laura and Mary inside the wagon. In fourth grade my teacher said I had a tendency to daydream and predicted I would do well at creative writing. Creating stories that touch people's lives is such a privilege. And I still feel magic when I write a story, which is basically me seeing the story in my imagination and just writing what I'm watching, like a movie and then, having a reader read the story and have their own movie play in their head. All because of our imaginations and innate ability to create. Creating magic. That's why writing is important to me. 

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