Falling for Felicity Review and Author Interview

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

 About the Book

Escape with over 20 Historical Romance stories 

  • Horses, animals and love, oh my! 
  • Happily ever after 
  • This sweet historical romance collection contains over 20 original historical romance novellas from best-selling authors.
All proceeds benefit animal rescue All Seated In A Barn. Don’t miss this limited edition box set, featuring some of your favorite authors.

A few of the stories included...

  • Floods and Foes by Julie Daines: When Beatrice’s dog pulls a man from the flood, she is shocked to find it’s the man who betrayed her.
  • A Heart's Quest by Julia Ridgmont: Can Camilla, a mail-order bride, help an anguished father and his little girl overcome a tragedy and catch a killer?
  • Sir Jack and Lady Jill by Anneka R. Walker: When Sir Jack loses his memory, can Lady Jillian convince him to love her before it returns?
  • The Duchess Contract by Samantha Hastings: Lady Selina marries for convenience. As she gets to know Theophilus, she wants a new bargain…for love.
  • Falling for Felicity by Tiffany Odekirk: Felicity is determined to free the fox. Her older brother's best friend joins the hunt, jeopardizing everything.
  • The Stable Master's Son by Julie Wright: Clara must distract Holden from hindering her sister’s engagement. She doesn’t count on falling in love.
  • Miss Bird’s Desperado by Brittany Larsen: A disfigured recluse finds love when his guard dog becomes smitten by an adventurous pastor's daughter.
  • Love Among the Brambles by Rosalyn Eves: When a prickly widower takes on a practical governess, neither expects to bond over kittens.
  • All of Beauty by Kaylee Baldwin: When Rosalie falls for Theo Bradshaw, she doesn't realize he's the detective investigating her brother.
  • Walking Lady Guinevere by Mindy Burbidge Strunk: Mariah hates dogs. But could a simple walk in the park change everything?
  • May the Best Earl Win by Gemma Stuart: His manor house, a noble title—to love Bethany, Lord William Cottrell has to choose or lose it all.


Life Is What It's Called -What inspired you to write Falling for Felicity?

Tiffany Odekirk - Falling for Felicity is part of multi-author anthology Horses, Hounds, and Happily Ever After written to benefit the animal charity All Seated in a Barn. As such, I needed to include an animal in my story. I was thrilled about this because my favorite writing buddy is my dog Max. I guess you could say my dog inspired this book!

Life Is What It's Called -What do you hope readers will like most about Falling for Felicity?

Tiffany Odekirk - I hope readers will fall in love with my characters! I am a character-driven writer, so my characters are very important to me. When a reader feels like they are in a character’s head and they just can’t stop thinking about the story, that’s when I know I’ve done my job.

Life Is What It's Called - In what ways are you similar and different to Felicity?

Tiffany Odekirk - Great question! I’m similar to Felicity in that I am a very loyal person. I’d do anything for my family and friends. Felicity is more outspoken and daring than I am, though. She isn’t afraid to chase a fox in the dead of night, but I would be terrified.

Life Is What It's Called - What did you like most about working on this collaboration with different authors?

Tiffany Odekirk - This was my first experience working in collaboration with other authors, and I loved it! It was so much fun to be given then same theme and see how we all came up with unique stories.

Life Is What It's Called - What are you working on next?

Tiffany Odekirk - Right now, I’m working on my second book in the Haven for Love series. Summerhaven was book one and Winterset (Ollie’s story) will be book two. This book is a bit different from anything I’ve ever written, and I’m finding the writing process both enjoyable and challenging. Wish me luck!

Life Is What It's Called -What do you want readers to know most about you?

Tiffany Odekirk - I want readers to know that I’m so grateful for them! If it wasn’t for my readers, I wouldn’t be able to do what I do. I mean, I guess I could write, but stories aren’t nearly as satisfying to tell without an audience. Also, I love hearing from my readers. Kind emails, comments, and posts help motivate me.

Life Is What It's Called - How is writing historical fiction different from contemporary romance?

Tiffany Odekirk - Writing historical fiction is different from writing contemporary romance because it requires a different type of research. Everything from how fast and far a carriage travel in one day, to how to properly introduce one person to another, requires research. Good thing I love history and searching through sources, but stopping to look up information does have a tendency to slow down the the actual writing process sometimes!

Falling for Felicity tells a sweet, wholesome romance story, during the Regency time period in England, in a new way. I liked that Felicity was adventurous and stood up for what she believed in even if it bucked social standards for that time period. The characters were interesting and engaging in how they interacted with each other and their actions. I felt like the story was well-written and entertaining. A must read for Regency romance readers. I look forward to seeing more books and novellas by Tiffany Odekirk.

Check out Falling for Felicity in the anthology Horses, Hounds, and Happily Ever After here.

Please note that I received a free copy to review, however, this is my honest review. This post contains affiliate links that help support this blog.

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