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Monday, June 27, 2022

Cassidy Edgemont has been dead for four years. At least, that is what the world has been led to believe. After becoming unwittingly entangled in a group called the Coalition, known for using fake news to generate political unrest in the United States, Cas was offered a devastating choice: stage her own death and join her rescuers, the guardians, or risk the wrath of the organization she betrayed. She chose death.

As an invisible government operative, Cas has been living in Paris with no complications—until her family pays an unexpected visit to the European city, changing everything. They think Cas is dead, and she has to keep it that way. But when a bomb is detonated nearby and fake news incites riots in the city, Cas recognizes the mark of the Coalition.

Donovan, a fellow guardian, is summoned to join her in Paris to attempt to untangle the intricate web linking Cas’s past with the recent bombings. But as the threat level escalates, Cas must again make an impossible decision: face possible exposure to her family in her race to uncover the truth or risk the loss of innocent lives.

Traci Hunter Abramson was born in Arizona, where she lived until moving to Venezuela for a study-abroad program. After graduating from Brigham Young University, she worked for the Central Intelligence Agency for several years, eventually resigning in order to raise her family. She credits the CIA with giving her a wealth of ideas for suspense novels as well as the skills needed to survive her children's teenage years. She has gone on to write a number of bestselling suspense novels that have consistently been nominated as Whitney Award finalists. She considers shoes an optional accessory which became evident when she won her first three Whitney Awards in 2013 (Code Word), 2014 (Deep Cover), and 2016 (Failsafe). Safe House won Whitney Awards for both the mystery/suspense category as well as 2017 Adult Novel of the Year. She added two additional awards in 2019 (Mistaken Reality - best mystery/suspense and Sanctuary - Adult Novel of the Year.) She currently lives in Virginia with her family where she enjoys sports, travel, writing, and recently retired from coaching high school swimming.


Life Is What It's Called -What inspired you to write this story? 

Traci Abramson - I had met the main character, Cas, in previous guardian books, and I knew that I wanted to tell her story. Originally, I had planned to set it in Sarajevo, but my research trip was cancelled because of Covid. When I sat down to write this one, it was shortly before the George Floyd riots. After that incident, I saw the impact that the media, especially the rampant amount of misinformation, was fueling the problems, I integrated a piece of those challenges into my plot. 

Life Is What It's Called - What did you learn from writing this story? 

Traci Abramson - Because I was writing characters of color, I took extra care to chat with friends who came from similar backgrounds to my characters. It was interesting how appreciative these friends were that I would take the time to listen to their experiences to make sure I was as authentic as possible while writing Not Dead Yet. 

Life Is What It's Called - What do you think readers will like most about this story? 

Traci Abramson - I think readers will really enjoy the interaction between the main characters and how much they come to appreciate and respect one another. The cameo appearance of Cole Bridger from Heirs of Falcon Point was a fun addition, and there is a fun shout out to a couple of my favorite authors. And then there's the food. Donovan loves his food, and several readers have mentioned that reading this book made them hungry. You've been warned! 

Life Is What It's Called - How is this similar and different to the other guardian books? 

Traci Abramson -The main similarity between Not Dead Yet and the other guardian books is the desire by the main characters to protect others. This one did have quite a few differences though. First, the main love interest is another guardian. Also, this is the first time any of the guardians have had to deal with the potential of being found by their family members and others from their past. Even as I wrote the book, I didn't know how the story would resolve itself in the end. 

Life Is What It's Called - What writing projects are you working on now? 

Traci Abramson - Right now, I'm co-authoring another Falcon Point suspense novel with Sian Ann Bessey. This will be the second in the series that spins off of Heirs of Falcon Point. The first, The Danger with Diamonds, will release this October. 6. 

Life Is What It's Called - What do you want your readers to know most about you? 

Traci Abramson - That's a hard question. People who follow me on social media already know a lot about me. I'm pretty open, except when it comes to my former career with the CIA. I write because I love it, and I'm as eager to discover the stories as anyone who reads my books. Shoes are an optional accessory, sort of like earrings. I don't wear earrings very often either. And even though I'm far from perfect, I do my best to create a positive environment for everyone around me. 

Life Is What It's Called - What authors inspire you and why? 

Traci Abramson - I have such a long list for this question. 
  • Booker T. Washington - I love the way he encourages everyone to become a contributing member of society and the way his love for education is so contagious.
  • Jane Austen - Her stories are timeless and have become a way for so many people to connect.
  • Sarah M. Eden - I don't know if I've ever met an author who works so hard despite facing constant challenges. And she is such a quiet supporter of so many others. 
  • Sian Ann Bessey - Sian is so humble and yet so talented. And she has become one of my greatest cheerleaders when I need one the most.
I could go on, but I will say that my favorite part about being an author is the people. Other authors in the writing community inspire me in how they support one another, and the readers who continue to ask for more make all the hard work worthwhile.

Not Dead Yet engages the reader in an exciting and suspenseful read. The main characters dodge dangerous thugs as they try to unravel the mystery of who's out to kill Cassidy and why. The author creates villains that fuel the media with misinformation to cause confusion and to mask other nefarious schemes. The story is well-told with a quick pace that's just right for an adventure and suspense read. The main characters were likable and the romance between them develops at the right pace - not too quick and not too slow. I really enjoyed the character Cassidy who seemed to understand characters around her, cared about those she loved, and knew how to stand her ground when needed. I would like to see her in more books. This novel is part of the Guardian series, but it could be read as a standalone or along with the series. Overall, I found it to be a fun read for the summer. To learn more about Not Dead Yet, click here.

Please note that I received a free ebook to review, however, I shared my honest opinion. This post is in coordination with the publisher and author. This post also contains affiliate links. The giveaway is run by the publisher.


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