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Friday, October 13, 2023


The Girl and Her Noble Steed

Written by Kirthana J. Fanning

Illustrated by Travis J. Hill

Age Range: 8+ | 100 Pages

Publisher: Kirthana J. Fanning LLC (2023) | ISBN-13: 9798988194125

Publisher’s Book Summary: Embark on a remarkable journey with an orphan girl determined to conquer a thrilling race. Overcoming obstacles with the power of prayer, she’s joined by a cantankerous farmer and his singing, dancing miniature donkey.

Together, they defy the odds, showcasing the strength of faith, courage, and friendship.

Prepare yourself for an unforgettable adventure that will leave you inspired and wanting more in…

‘The Girl and Her Noble Steed’, the first book in this series. A tale of resilience, hope, triumph, and answered prayers.

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Kirthana J. Fanning is a children’s book author who is passionate about empowering young readers with God’s word and inspiring them to live boldly in Christ. Her stories are full of adventure and lessons that will help young minds grow and flourish. She believes that sharing God’s love and miracles through her writing will leave an indelible mark on the world, one heart at a time.

With two decades of experience as a television producer and writer in Southeast Asia, Kirthana uses her expertise to craft stories that will help young people navigate through life’s challenges with faith and grace. When she’s not writing, Kirthana volunteers as a remote youth fellowship leader and lives in Massachusetts with her husband and two huskies.

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Life Is What It's Called -What inspired you to write The Girl and Her Noble Steed?

Kirthana J. Fanning - From my childhood, fairytales have held a special place in my heart. Yet, I couldn't help but notice that while these stories were enchanting, they often lacked a strong foundation of Christian faith. The first three versions of "The Girl and Her Noble Steed" were not faith-based, and this realization weighed on my heart. I prayed earnestly, seeking guidance. It was during this time of reflection and prayer that God laid upon my heart the conviction that I needed to create faith-based books. This divine calling became clear to me, and I knew it was His will for me.

With this newfound purpose, I set out to craft stories that would not only captivate young minds with thrilling adventures but also impart essential life lessons, teaching them to have unwavering trust in God and the belief that with Him, anything is possible. My goal was to provide my goddaughter, my nephews, my future children, and all the young readers out there with tales that would inspire and nurture their faith.

Life Is What It's Called - What themes run through The Girl and Her Noble Steed?

Kirthana J. Fanning - "The Girl and Her Noble Steed" weaves several themes throughout its narrative. Faith and trust in God are central, as characters rely on divine guidance in the face of challenges. Courage and perseverance shine through the protagonist's journey. Friendship and loyalty are exemplified in the bonds between characters. Divine guidance is a recurring motif, emphasizing God's involvement. The story brims with adventure, urging young readers to explore their own lives. Valuable moral lessons promote kindness and compassion, and the tale instills belief in miracles, highlighting God's boundless power.

Life Is What It's Called - What ages will most like The Girl and Her Noble Steed?

Kirthana J. Fanning - "The Girl and Her Noble Steed" is primarily targeted at children between the ages of 7 and 12. This age range encompasses early readers who are just beginning to explore chapter books to older children who can enjoy more complex narratives. Here's a breakdown of the age groups that will likely appreciate the book:

Ages 7: Younger readers in this age group will enjoy the story's engaging characters and simple plot. The book can serve as a great introduction to chapter books and can be read aloud to them by parents or caregivers.

Ages 8–10: Children in this age range are likely to appreciate the story's deeper themes and character development. They can read the book independently and relate to the protagonist's adventures and dilemmas.

Ages 11–12: Older children will find "The Girl and Her Noble Steed" to be a captivating read that explores faith and courage in a more profound way. The book can spark meaningful discussions about faith and trust in God.

Life Is What It's Called -What will kids like most about The Girl and Her Noble Steed?

Kirthana J. Fanning - "The Girl and Her Noble Steed" will captivate children with its fascinating adventures and enduring friendships. The story emphasizes faith and belief in miracles while teaching important moral lessons. It's a triumph over all odds that teaches children that no dream is out of grasp and that a miracle is simply a prayer away.

Life Is What It's Called - How is The Girl and Her Noble Steed different from other books on the market?

Kirthana J. Fanning - Amidst the bustling world of children's literature, "The Girl and Her Noble Steed" emerges as a radiant symbol of faith. It fearlessly weaves the themes of unshakeable trust in God, belief in miracles, and divine guidance, setting itself apart from the rest. This narrative not only sweeps readers into thrilling adventures but also imparts deep-seated lessons in kindness, compassion, and altruism. Its focus on the bonds of family and friendship adds another layer of depth. In the vast realm of books, this one stands as a distinct and influential choice for families in search of Christian faith-centered, morally enriching tales for their children.

Life Is What It's Called -What writing projects are you working on next?

Kirthana J. Fanning - I'm now working on a special Christmas book as well as the sequel to "The Girl and Her Noble Steed."

Life Is What It's Called -What do you want readers to know about you as an author?

Kirthana J. Fanning - As an author, I'm not just a wordsmith flinging tales into the literary wilds. Behind each whimsical story lurks a wellspring of thought and a hearty dose of imagination. My goal? Well, it's simple. I want to bring a smile to your face while planting little seeds of wonder and wisdom in your mind. Why, you ask? Once upon a time, I was a wide-eyed dreamer lost in the maze of growing up. But then God found me, and I found peace and comfort in his love. Now I'm on a mission to remind kids that they're amazing. I want every child to know that they are special and important, and that God loves them very much. So, let's open a book, read, and journey together.


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The Girl and Her Noble Steed: Book Giveaway

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