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Tuesday, April 2, 2024


Nemesis and the Vault of Lost Time
Written by P.J. Davis
Illustrated by Thomas Peacock
Ages: 8+ | 234 Pages
Publisher: Philaments | ISBN-13: 979-8990031616

Book Summary: “…it’s hard to prove the world’s most important substance is missing when no one knows it’s gone.”

“Substance? What substance?” asks thirteen-year-old Max Kellerman. “Why time itself!” exclaims the strange professor who Max meets in the back of his uncle’s bookstore. In fact, he says, time is being sucked out of every living person by invisible thieves and stored away in a deep, dark netherworld.

Could the professor possibly be right… or just plain crazy?

It depends on whether Max can unravel the mysterious clues in the tattered manuscript the professor leaves behind. With the help of his best friends Derek and Samantha, Max begins a quest to find this dark realm and to discover its hidden secrets. But with the time clock ticking and the professor gone missing, Max uncovers a truth he never thought possible.

Max must unravel the mysteries of Nemesis to save not just his world, but the very fabric of time itself.

Available for purchase here.

"Absolutely LOVED this book. While reading I felt like I was in the story. It’s a great story for kids but also a fun read for adults as well!"
— Goodreads Review

"Nemesis and the Vault of Lost Time is fun, for both kids and adults."
— Goodreads Review

"...makes for a great bedtime read-aloud for your kids while getting caught up in the adventure yourself. It’s such a fun and whimsical book that can bring the family together both young and old."
— Goodreads Review


PJ Davis lives in the tiny mountain town of Brevard, North Carolina overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains. He lives there with his wife, youngest son, three sleepy cats and three noisy ducks. For his day job, he names things, such as companies, products and services. he even named the town’s annual White Squirrel Festival.

PJ is a nickname, short for Phillip John, which is the type of long, formal-sounding name that parents use when they are really mad about something you did and for which you are about to get into serious trouble. As a child PJ was a bit like his book character Max, and also suffered from ACHOO syndrome, along with bouts of intense curiosity and daydreaming. Growing up, almost all of his questions started with “what if…”, which drove his parents crazy.

For more information, visit his website, Twitter, Facebook, and/or Instagram.


Tom Peacock is an artist extraordinaire with an extensive background in illustration and graphic design. His work as an agency art director and subsequent roles in marketing and art direction make him an in-demand talent. Tom is not a native of North Carolina but got there as soon as he could. When not drawing, off roading or selling mountain real estate, Tom can be most likely be found in the woods.

Life Is What It's Called - Where did you get the inspiration for Nemesis and the Vault of Lost Time?

PJ Davis - It started with a feeling of empathy for the main character Max, who’s this kid that’s sort of lost in his own thought bubble. I could relate to how that internal world can lead to isolation and misunderstanding at school and in life in general. So I started to write about him, explore the character and let it play itself out with all of his ruminations and imaginations. Then I just followed the threads of his thoughts to see where it took him, and it took him to some pretty interesting places.

Life Is What It's Called - What was your writing process like for this book?

PJ Davis - I would describe my process as inspired fits and spurts. When the ideas flow, they really flow. It’s almost like I’m a witness to the writing and there’s an internal dictation going on that I can barely keep pace with. But then the story will suddenly turn cold and just sit there for a while. So I typically let it do just that… sit. And then I come back and tinker a bit and see if I can pick up the trail again. Sometimes I ask the story what it wants to say, as if the story itself is a person. My goal is to get out of the way as much as possible and let the story tell itself. So it comes in waves, ebbing and flowing. Then there’s the more tedious process of synthesizing it, reviewing it, sending it to my editor for input, and doing the revisions and fine tuning. So it’s both inspiration and dedication, there’s no cutting corners.

Life Is What It's Called - What is your favorite part about writing books for kids?

PJ Davis - My favorite part of writing middle grade fiction is the anticipation that comes with knowing who I’m writing for – those bright, bubbly, and unbridled young minds. In fact, I write with a very specific mental image of my intended audience. For this book, I pictured a ten or eleven- year-old boy coming up to my table at a future book signing alongside his mother. He asks questions about my book that even I don’t have adequate answers to. Why? Because he’s so fully invested in the story that he’s made this new world his very own. And when that moment arrives, I’ll know that my goal in writing this book was absolutely accomplished. 

Life Is What It's Called - What are you working on now?

PJ Davis - I have a strong suspicion that Max, Derek and Samantha will be back. There is some unfinished business they’ll need to attend to, and the forces at work are still very much at work. For a clue, look at the last illustration in the book at the very end… and stay tuned! 

Life Is What It's Called - What is your favorite book?

PJ Davis - Tough question as probably most would agree. But in terms of impact, I would say The Twenty-One Balloons by William Pene du Bois. I have a soft spot for fantastical adventures and this book about a man’s globetrotting visit to a remote island of millionaires really captured my imagination. I was in fifth grade at the time and it helped spur a love of reading and misadventure.

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