Becoming Lady Lockwood Review

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Becoming Lady Lockwood by Jennifer Moore tells the story of recently widowed Amelia Becket who was married via proxy. Amelia is excited about her new found freedom to manage more easily her sugar plantation in a man's world, avoid matchmakers and chaperones. Sir William Drake arrives in Jamaica by orders from Amelia's father to take Amelia to England. Drake wants to disprove her marriage to his brother and prove she's a fraud. Amelia finds an adventure of a lifetime overseas with storms and battles. Amelia and Drake fall in love over their adventures, but will their circumstances allow for it?
Jennifer Moore's Becoming Lady Lockwood is not the typical regency romance. I loved that she was able to tell a clean romance with many adventures and a few twists. I found this story captivating, entertaining and I loved the character Amelia Becket. The character, Amelia is not the typical regency heroine and doesn't swoon at obstacles or hard work. The true regency era might have shun Amelia's spirit, but she's a great heroine for today's audiences. I encourage you to check out Becoming Lady Lockwood at your public library or buy it on Amazon.

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