How I Earn Gift Cards

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Earning gift cards online can help alleviate some of your expenses and can become an extra way to provide for your household. Here are some of my methods:
  • Online Surveys: I take surveys while I am watching TV or a movie (usually after the kids are in bed) through Harris Polls, SurveyU, ERewards and Tellwut. Each survey you take earns you points that you can put towards gift cards or other rewards. SurveyU is by far my favorite.
  • Crowdtap: Crowdtap has surveys, samples, discussions on various brands. I've been a member of Crowdtap for a few years and I like it. I earn a $5 amazon gift card at least once a week.
  • Blog Giveaways: Blog giveaways are a great way to earn/win gift cards. I like to enter low to moderate entry blog giveaways. The odds are more favorable. I share blog giveaways that I've entered for my readers in case they want to enter them too (check out my link here). Usually a company will sponsor a blogger to post about their product and sometimes sponsor a giveaway to their readers. Sometimes the giveaway will offer additional entries if you tweet about a giveaway or share it on social media, I always go back and enter those additional entries for the duration of the giveaway.
  • Facebook Giveaways: Sometimes a brand or company will offer a giveaway on a facebook post. I used to think that they were unwinnable and too high, but I've been entering them a lot this year and so far have gotten a $250 Ebay Gift Card, Boden Shirt, and a $25 Winco Gift Card.
What are some ways you earn gift cards?
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