Review of Lady Emma's Campaign

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

During her season in London, Lady Emma avoids forming an attachment with anyone other than Captain Sidney Fletcher in Jennifer Moore's Lady Emma's Campaign. When Captain Fletcher becomes captured, Lady Emma stows away on her brother's ship to rescue her love. She quickly learns that war is far different from anything she has ever experienced.

Lady Emma reminds me at first as the typical sheltered regency heroine. Her circumstances and choices throughout the book help her to become a stronger, resilient and more likeable heroine. I love that Moore allows the reader to see the character develop and change. I also love that most of the settings in this book take place in Spain (also a little different than most regency romances). Moore paints a vivid war front scene through her descriptions and imagination. Lady Emma's Campaign is a fun read and I encourage those of you that like clean, adventurous regency romances to check it out at your local library or buy it for your collection through Amazon.

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